1 In 9? There Is No Such Thing As ADHD

1 In 9? There Is No Such Thing As ADHD

ADHD: Ritalin, Cocaine, and the Fraudulent Pharmaceutical Physical and ‘Psychological’ Torture of Children


Gary D. Barnett

“The degree to which the psychiatric community is complicit with abusive parents in drugging non-compliant children is a war crime across the generations, and there will be a Nuremberg at some point in the future”
~ Stefan Molyneux

I will step away from my normal correspondence in order to address a purposely-generated problem that has reached heights of abuse so extreme as to have grossly compromised one in nine children in this country. This intentionally manufactured problem is insanely egregious, and has caused irreparable harm due to the administration of psycho-stimulation drugs prescribed to mostly children, and in many (most) cases, has destroyed their ability to think, function normally, live active and fulfilling lives, and to exist without devastation of their health, mind, body, and soul. I am speaking of what is dishonestly labeled as ‘ADHD,’ or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity ‘Disorder,’ a bogus scam meant only  to achieve wealth, power, and control of a large segment of the young in society, without any physiological evidence whatsoever.

I was first introduced to this State-supported atrocity 25 years ago, when the government (‘public) school system attempted to erroneously ‘diagnose’ and drug my granddaughter with what is the equivalent of cocaine on steroids for a non-existent ‘disorder.’ She was only 6 years old at the time, but I was able to get her out of the heinous ‘public’ school system and into a private school that did not promote (force) the drugging of children. This began my research efforts into this collaborative and criminal government’s fascist partnership with pharmaceutical companies targeting kids.

This was (and is) in essence, a domestic false flag operation targeting the young, with a multi-dimensional agenda that could at the same time disturb the mental capabilities of a large swath of the youngest generations. This of course, would lead to a compounding effect over time, breeding a more obedient and a less intellectual population. It could cause additional health-related problems for life, serve as a control mechanism based on the compromising of brain and motor functions of the young through central nervous system damage, and could easily lead to a much more compliant society so as to enhance the ability to manage and regulate large numbers. This is all based on the greatly enhanced wealth of the few, gaining governing power, and a higher level of control over the collective herd of the dumbed-down masses.

There is no such thing as ADHD! Period. No brain condition, no brain damage, ‘mental’ or physical, no physiological evidence whatsoever exists, or has ever been demonstrated to prove that any cause dishonestly referred to as ADHD is valid. None.

What has been proven and is obvious, is the horrible damage done due to the administration of harmful drugs, especially to the bodies and minds of the not fully developed, and immature young. The so-called (illegitimate) ‘treatment’ for the fake ‘disorder’ called ADHD is Ritalin, a most devastating and mind-altering drug to be certain. The properties of Ritalin as opposed to cocaine are staggeringly similar, and in fact, are two sides of the same coin, except that Ritalin has longer lasting adverse effects. Cocaine is said to be plant based, while Ritalin is said to be chemically based. In simple terms, and from a comparative analysis, the differences are few. Ritalin is the immediate-release form of methylphenidate, and is classified as a central nervous system stimulant or psychostimulant. in fact, it has been classified as a Schedule II drug, which is in the same class as cocaine, Vicodin, methamphetamine, methadone, hydromorphone, Demerol, OxyContin, fentanyl, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin.

Ritalin’s side effects, and many are not even listed here, are astounding. They include allergies, hives, swelling, extreme heart problems, psychosis, circulation problems, increased blood pressure, mood changes, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, inability to sleep, fast heart rate, heart arrhythmia, no appetite, extreme weight loss, nausea, vomiting, pain, headache, dizziness, disorientation, aggression, hostility, paranoia, and loss of coordination. This is in addition to possible permanent brain damage. All of these side effects can also be enhanced to even more dangerous levels when other drugs, anti-depressants, and even over-the-counter ‘medications.’ are co-mingled. Given the massive prescribing and administration of drugs for everything and everybody today, the risks are astronomical. Also, the risk of dependency (addiction) is great as well.

The incidence of diagnosis of this bogus ‘disorder’ has increased steadily year after year. Since 1997, and just up to 2017, the increase in stated cases rose by approximately 145%. The rate of diagnosed cases by that time were over 11% of children under 12 years of age. In addition, more cases are said to be dramatically increasing in older children and adults, opening up much larger markets for higher profits for the murderous pharmaceutical companies.

This is an abomination, as it is the literal destruction of a large percentage of children. Much of this criminal medical scam is based on fear of one’s child being ‘different,’ which should be applauded, instead of suppressed. Today’s parents are much at fault (or most) for allowing the State and its partners in crime, to dictate how their children should be raised and drugged to suit the perverted mores of the ruling class’s idea of societal collective mediocrity. There is another degrading aspect to this dilemma, as parents today, many who have been ‘forced,’ (due to voluntary support of the State) both married couples and single parents, to work outside the home, leaving their children to be raised by the evil governing and schooling systems. This in my mind is the abandonment of family for the sake of material survival, which would never have been prevalent if government instead of family had been abandoned.

Every child, every human in fact, is different from every other. We are unique as individuals, and that uniqueness should be cherished. Wants, needs, intelligence, interests, personality, desire, energy levels, talents, hopes, and dreams, are destroyed when all attempt to stifle individual excellence in favor of conformity. When the individual is sacrificed for the so-called ‘good’ of the collective crowd, an inferior society will be the result, and independence, strength, self-ownership, and self-responsibility, will be discarded in favor of  sameness, universal attitudes of victimization, boredom, and depression.

This is why the drugging of society, especially the current and future generations of the impressionable young, are targeted by this fascist and criminal State. The older generations still exist in large numbers, but their lives are not long for this world. In two generations only, all will dramatically change. If the young are fully controlled due to indoctrination, AI, technocratic design, drugs, and propagandized from birth, the controlling element of this world will have an easy time eliminating all dissent, while creating an entire society of drone-like mannequins accepting of their own dependency and enslavement.

There is a reason that the young are being dumbed down and targeted from every angle, manipulated to never question false ‘authority,’ to forget and eliminate tradition, to abandon family, and to hate everything and everybody. The State and its criminal partners fully understand the path they are taking in order to achieve its goal  of creating a kept and indifferent society of slaves. The medical fraud, including the toxic and fatal poisoning by lethal injection of bioweapons called ‘vaccines,’, and the extreme drugging of youth, including the ADHD and Ritalin crime, is just one aspect of this terror being inflicted on society.

To stop this deadly assault, parents have to once again become parents, instead of worthless, pathetic, dolts worried more about their phone, games, and constant personal desires that run completely counter to the well-being of their own children.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
~ Dr. Suess

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