Truth11.com is an independent media site, dedicated to the truth, and true journalism.

We have been reporting the truth for 18 years.  
My motivation as an independent journalist is the truth.  

We need the truth to navigate our lives in positive directions.

We need the truth to be able to defend ourselves against lies, corruption and attacks on humanity.

We need the truth to know ourselves, our real history, our real power and potential.

We need the truth to know our enemy and  how they work against us. We need to study every move made to keep the truth in full focus.

Keeping up with the onslaught of propaganda and physical attacks on humanity is a full time job.  

By working full time as independent journalists, we understand the big picture, keep focused on the truth and have the freedom to report it.

Armed with the truth, united we stand.  

Dylan Eleven
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We post a lot of articles on Truth11.com, the FOCUS section allows us to place a focus on certain articles.

All articles are important on Truth11.com. FOCUS articles are NOT more important, they are put in this section for different reasons.

The article maybe a big picture understanding, or a clear example of a subject.  

FOCUS articles are also ones that should not be missed,  a place for new visitors to start or for those who want a shorter list of articles to read and still gain a big picture understanding of our world.

The FOCUS section also takes a sampling of subjects to ensure we post a focus article in multiple subjects.

Our search engine searches our new articles on our new platform. Over 1100 articles so far.

The previous 13,000 articles are being added to this search engine soon.

We have all of these articles and you can contact us to pull any article you wish that was on our old site thst you donnot see here already.   We will get the article from our archive and post it on the new site here and send you the link.

You can also access some of these previous articles in the temporary solution of the way back machine snapshot of Truth11.com on 04/21/2022.   This can be found in the ARCHIVE section.

The truth is told very well with images.  A picture says a thousand words, and memes a few more.   These pages have lots of memes and images that focus on the truth.

Videos that are focused on the truth.  Multiple videos accessible on pages that you can scroll through.

A great archive of all documents we have posted in articles individually.  Available as a scrolling list you can download directly from.

Truth11.com moved here on 04/21/2022.
Not all 13,046 articles from the old site before this date are available yet as an archive.

Thanks to the people at wayback machine we have a snapshot of the site on that day.
This is a temporary workaround.

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RSS readers are a great way to read offline.  Go online, load them up, then read offline.  We provide the full article in our RSS feed.

We have made 13 films over the last 17 years. We are currently working on our 14th film.
Our films discuss the truth in a clear way, each with its own style and set to music.

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True journalism reports the truth.  Today the only way to report the truth is to work independently from mainstream media.

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We have posted 14,000+ articles on Truth11.com.

All information is reported on the fair use system.

My goal was and is to create a news site that does not focus on the person who wrote the article.   I do not focus on myself either.   But rather a clear focus on the content.  

This is to provide a simple experience for the reader.  As the subject matter is enough to focus on.

We do not have advertising  on Truth11.com for this same reason; Distraction free reading with a focus on what is being said.

My format in each post is to list the site I found the article, the person who posted it on that site, the  person or persons who wrote the article, the date, and the article, with a link at the bottom to the Original Article: URL.

For the same reasons of distractuon free reading we do not add bios of authors or  links to their books for sale.

In addition we only include links to other articles if we have read them and researched each link.  We do this so you are presented with information and links we have researched. We do not want to send you somewhere that we do not know or necessarily agree with.

We also often change the title to be more descriptive of the point of the article.   We do this as some titles are misleading, some are not descriptive enough and some use terminology and language or sensationalism that does not fit with our focus.

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