10 Secrets of Government Schooling

10 Secrets of Government Schooling

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Jason Christoff

1. The government school system was invented by wealthy capitalists to produce an army of reflexively obedient order followers, who were slave like in their approach to life.

2. The most famous public school teacher in the world, wrote a book regarding the history of the government school system, in order to warn parents about it.

3. Within the Education Department in the United States, during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, worked a lady named Charlotte Isberyt. She was shocked when she found out that the foundational national policy for education was “limited learning for life long labor“, The goal was to make the children stupid.

4. With every successive year, the goal of the education system in the western world IS to make the children more dumb, more dependent and more incapable of critical thought.

5. Currently in all western government school systems the children are purposely being sexually confused, in order to trigger a depopulation event. As the government uses documented mind control tactics against the children, in order to sexually confuse them, the resulting depopulation trend is designed to appear voluntary and a matter of natural evolution. The elimination of targeted segments of a population, through government policy, is called eugenics.

6. In Canada, as is the same around the world, the sex-ed curriculum was instituted by a known pedophile named Alfred Kinsey. When I state that Kinsey was a psychopath, I use that word in the clinical sense only.  


7. The goal of communism IS NOT a world of equality and equity for all citizens. The goal of communism is the ultimate ruling group’s coup, where the entire wealth of the society is stolen by the ruling group…. under the guise of equality for all. Communist indoctrination, which is always organized by very rich powerful groups, is now the only thing being taught to children in the government school system, within western countries.

8. The goal of turning a society upside down, as to facilitate its complete collapse, is based on an ancient middle eastern philosophy. Today this ancient philosophy is infiltrating our children’s education with completely unfounded ideas that are based on the children learning to hate themselves. The children are taught that the earth itself (climate) is being destroyed because they exist, walk and breathe…which is a documented lie. The children are being taught that their breath (carrying viruses) can kill their grandparents, which is a proven lie. The children are being taught that there are more than 2 genders, which could be the biggest lie parading today in plain sight. With critical race theory, white children are being taught to hate themselves for just being white, while non white children are being taught to hate the white children. It’s a religion of hate and lies running the government school system today. This “turn everything on its head/inversion agenda” is based on a very old religious INVERSION doctrine.

9. In Canada, 20 years ago, a man by the name of Ben Levin updated the sex ed curriculum for all students in the province of Ontario. It was pushed back upon by psychologists at the time as, “proven ways that sexual predators groom their child victims“. Ben Levin was soon after charged with sex crimes, admitting in a recorded RCMP sting that he had already had sex with his two daughters and dreamed of having sex with his grandchildren as infants. The next Premier of Ontario (lock down/communist specialist Doug Ford) simply brought these sex ed polices back into play.

Ex-Ontario deputy minister claimed to have had sex with his own daughters in online chats, court hears
‘[Levin] essentially boasted about having achieved sexual contact with all three of his children and successfully gotten away with it as had his wife’

10. During the lockdowns many of the schools purposely (and by ruling group secret decree) upgraded the power of their wifi systems without alerting parents. This is for reasons that are too long to describe here but the type of wifi in our government schools is extremely dangerous. The real reason this “new wifi” is being installed in and around our children is being purposely hidden from the public.

To learn about the dangers of these wireless systems go to the video in this link:


There are many more reasons that should motivate parents to start understanding the act of unschooling, which has now doubled across Canada in the last year alone.

Source + to learn more about unschooling from Jason Christoff: https://courses.jchristoff.com/e/BAh7BjoWZW1haWxfZGVsaXZlcnlfaWRsKwiwdbNhAwA%3D--562d17614913229c253ab62fb28c0358184b1b08?skip_click_tracking=true

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Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

One example of one high school class was told to me by a close friend.  They know of two teenagers who are in school now who identify as a different gender than they were born with.  These two teenagers are in a class of 30 kids at high school.  In their class, out of 30 students, 2 identified as the gender they were born with.  The other 28 all are stating they are transgender.

I was obviously shocked at the numbers, I thought they were about to say 2 were transgender, not the other way around. This is one class, one example, not a big survey and it may be an anomaly class, but the very fact that one class could have 28 out of 30 kids questioning their identity shows the level of confusion that is being caused, at least in this one class.

They have created confusion in kids when they are going through a confusing time.  This is a time they need guidance and good advice.  Not more confusion.

Another part of the depopulation agenda.