1928 Paper On The Cause Of Influenza

1928 Paper On The Cause Of Influenza

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In 1928, Volney Cheney MD published a paper on the cause of influenza1. Cheney stated that germs could not possibly be the cause, because he was never able to infect healthy people with the bodily secretions of sick people.

Cheney induced influenza in people successfully, by promoting acidosis. He achieved this by administering ammonium & calcium chloride salts. He was able to resolve the influenza with a sodium bicarbonate solution. Others have also resolved influenza & other febrile disease with sodium bicarbonate2,3.

There is evidence to show that a change in relative humidity and temperature has an effect on the pH of the respiratory tract4. Could people with an already high ‘acid load’, be more susceptible to developing ‘influenza’ in response to changes of atmospheric conditions, which further acidify the membranes of the respiratory tract? This could explain why some people are ‘immune’ to influenza, because they have a low acid load.

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