2021 - 2022 • 1598 Athletes Died From Cardiac Arrest

2021 - 2022 • 1598 Athletes Died From Cardiac Arrest

Athletes are dropping like flies from heart attacks and other "unknown causes" since introduction of the Covid CLOT SHOTS

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(Natural News) The news is too huge and too widespread to be labeled “misinformation” as athletes around the globe are dropping dead from cardiac arrest like never before, by the thousands. Perfectly healthy athletes in every arena, on every court, on every field of play, simply dying out of the blue from heart failure, and the media won’t dare mention the Covid clot shots they almost all received prior to the headlines of “died suddenly.” All ages are affected, from middle school and high school to college and professional, nobody is ‘immune’ to the deadly clot shots, that create millions of microscopic vascular clots that strain the heart and lead to sudden death during rigorous sports.

From 1970 to 2020, 1312 athletes died from cardiac arrest, but from 2021 to 2022, 1598 died from cardiac arrest – can you say Covid “clot shot” effect?

Government reports reveal the Vaccine Holocaust is well underway. Now the new boss of Twitter is revealing the same, and says it’s “certainly worth further investigation,” as the number of cardiac arrests for athletes over the past two years, since the Covid jabs began, is 30 TIMES the average from the last 50 years. Do the math.

That’s right, since 1970 and up until just before the China Flu pandemic, about two dozen athletes suffered from cardiac arrest worldwide each year. Now, thanks to the clot shots, about 800 healthy athletes are dropping dead from heart failure yearly, and this is just the beginning of the vaccine apocalypse. Wait until the “boosters” kick in.

More than two-thirds of athletes who get jabbed for Covid and then suffer cardiac arrest die from that heart attack, data reveals. Therefore, people who do not take the Covid vaccines are not “anti-vax” but rather “anti-early-death.” It’s actually the people who get the jabs and push the jabs and make the jabs that are “anti-science” because they simply will not examine the data or look at the clinical trials that reveal the Fauci Flu stabs are lethal.

One of the most important aspects of “science” is the source of the data

Think about it, if three-fourths of the entire population of the planet had taken ivermectin instead of Covid vaccines, and healthy people, including thousands of athletes, were dropping dead from cardiac arrest after medicating, mainstream media and the CDC would be going absolutely crazy pointing the finger at the medicine, but because this is the case with the deadly clot shots for Covid, it’s just “conspiracy theory.”

Yet, it’s not just people assuming or pointing the finger now, because autopsies of the Covid jabbed who are dying from “unknown causes” are really dying from strange rubbery vascular clots and spike protein clogging of the arteries. The data is already obvious, because more people are dying from vaccine violence (Covid clot shots) than from opioids, gun violence, and vehicle crashes totaled.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg of headline articles about athletes who “died suddenly” from cardiac arrest or from “unknown causes”

CBN: More reports emerge of young athletes dying suddenly

At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead

Old Dominion basketball player collapses, clutches chest

Vaccines are decimating NFL players – wave of deaths

Former super bowl champion dies suddenly riding bicycle

Google search trend “died suddenly” reaches all time high last two months

Soccer player dies suddenly age 22

Five football players died after collapsing on field

Former UCF football player dies suddenly age 25

Soccer player dies in Dubai suddenly on field after heart attack age 35

Soccer player age 29 dies after being vaccinated for Covid

NCAA college football star lineman Mississippi State Sam Westmoreland dies unexpectedly age 18

Former college football player dies suddenly age 25

Former UCF football player dies suddenly from cardiac arrest while jogging

Former Jaguars player dies suddenly after suspected heart attack

MMA rising star Victoria Lee dies after Covid vaccine from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Peer-reviewed letter documents over 270 sudden cardiac deaths in US athletes post-Covid vaccination

Indiana high school athlete dies suddenly from cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac deaths up to 80 athletes with no symptoms or family history of heart disease

CBS news reports sudden cardiac arrest now leading cause of death in young athletes

Avoid the clot shots like the plague. There is simply NO other explanation for all these healthy athletes having heart attacks on the fields and courts. These folks are in excellent cardiovascular condition as most of them eat clean, exercise, and stay conditioned for sports. We are seeing “died suddenly” headlines everywhere, for football, soccer, mixed martial arts, high school sports, and more. It’s insane.

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