35,618,602 Victims Dead From the Covid-19 Vaccine

35,618,602 Victims Dead From the Covid-19 Vaccine

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Dutch researchers say there have been 3 million excess deaths in 47 countries during 2020-2022; this could be 35 million globally

A bombshell study [above] was recently published in BMJ Public Health by a group of researchers in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Analysing data from 47 Western countries, the researchers found there had been more than 3 million excess deaths since 2020 and covid vaccines may have helped fuel the rise.

Welcome the Eagle has taken averages from the Dutch study and extrapolated them to get an indication of what excess deaths globally could be.  He calculated 25.8 million.  However, through previous estimations, he believes the global excess deaths to be closer to 35 million.

Using all-cause mortality reports from the ‘Our World in Data’ database, Dutch researchers discovered that the total number of excess deaths in 47 countries of the Western World was 3,098,456 from 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2022.

They published their findings in BMJ Public Health which was then described in a Telegraph article titled: ‘Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths.’

Researchers from The Netherlands analysed data from 47 Western countries and discovered there had been more than three million excess deaths since 2020, with the trend continuing despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures.

They said the “unprecedented” figures “raised serious concerns” and called on governments to fully investigate the underlying causes, including possible vaccine harms.Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths, The Telegraph, 5 June 2024

“During the pandemic, it was emphasised by politicians and the media on a daily basis that every covid-19 death mattered and every life deserved protection through containment measures and covid-19 vaccines. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the same morale should apply. Every death needs to be acknowledged and accounted for, irrespective of its origin,” the researchers wrote.

You can read the Dutch study published in BMJ Public Health on 3 June 2024 [above] and we’ve attached a copy of The Telegraph’s article below.

Welcome the Eagle has attempted to extrapolate the Dutch researchers’ findings to the rest of the world “on the back of a fag packet,” as we say in the UK.  His broad estimate comes to approximately 25.8 million excess deaths worldwide.  

We should remember that with all calculations which use broad assumptions comes the risk of broad errors.  For example, not all countries are equal, particularly when it comes to mass covid vaccination campaigns, which are certain to have significantly contributed to excess deaths in highly vaccinated countries in recent years.

The differences between countries are demonstrated in the graphic below from Our World in Data showing cumulative excess deaths from 1 January 2020 to 3 June 2024.

Our World in Data: Estimated cumulative excess deaths per 100,000 people during COVID-19, 3 Jun 2024

Having said all that, Welcome the Eagle’s exercise is interesting and gives us food for thought.  We are grateful that there are people who are still keeping a watchful eye on global excess deaths and the fallout from mass covid injection campaigns.  Although by extrapolating averages from the Dutch study Welcome the Eagle calculates 25,8 million excess deaths globally, by other methods he is estimating global excess deaths to be higher at 35 million.

Source: https://expose-news.com/2024/06/07/3-million-excess-deaths-in-47-countries/

Original Article: https://davidicke.com/2024/06/08/dutch-researchers-say-there-have-been-3-million-excess-deaths-in-47-countries-during-2020-2022-this-could-be-35-million-globally-2/

Bombshell Study: 3 Million Excess Deaths In 47 Countries – What about the other 188 countries?

Welcome the Eagle | Substack.com/@welcometheeagle88

A new study out of the Netherlands is getting a lot of buzz, thanks to Sonia Elijah and other freedom fighters.

Read more: Bombshell Study: 3 Million Excess Deaths In 47 Countries, Sonia Elijah, 4 June 2024

After reading Sonia’s article and the study I was wondering how this would extrapolate out to the rest of the world.

How about just some cocktail napkin math using the averages from the study?

I scraped down the Dutch study’s money shot and added a column for country population (yellow):

I used the cumulative averages to extrapolate out the other 188 countries or basically the other 7 billion people. Here is my money shot and a PDF download so you can see all countries beyond my truncated list displayed here.

For inquiring minds this Dutch study extrapolates out to approximately 25.8 million dead (excess) globally.

Let’s extrapolate the EudraVigilance data from a visual I recently presented from my EudraV series HERE.

What is the relative proportion of 50,648 deaths against a population of 491,959,134 to 8.11 billion people?

835,347 dead souls is the relative proportion to the current world population per Worldometer.

Now factor in an under-reporting factor:

  • Steve Kirsch’s 41x = 34,249,219
  • Denis Rancourt’s math = 17,000,000
  • OpenVAERS 26x = 21,719,017
  • Jessica Rose’ 31x = 25,895,751
  • WelcomeTheEagle’s 88x = 73,510,520
  • Harvard Pilgrim Study’s 100x = 83,534,682

Yikes! I think the Holocaust was seen in the rearview mirror long ago. Something else I said long ago and even before Rancourt’s explosive 17,000,000 assertion was that we were in the ballpark of 35 million back in September of 2023.

Read more: 35,618,602 Victims Dead From the Covid-19 Vaccine. Is This a Genocide Yet? Welcome the Eagle, 20 September 2023

Talking to Denis myself on Twitter (now X) Spaces, Denis said he was coming out with some new data that covered more countries as well as southern hemisphere countries and his numbers were going to also approach approximately 35 million.

However, Rancourt said his results also include hospital protocol deaths, lockdowns and whatever other social maladies that have contributed to excess in all-cause deaths.

I think it’s all semantics, but one thing I think we can all agree on is this was a manufactured scamdemic. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a eugenics program planned for decades, conceived for centuries. You can listen to my conversation with Rancourt HERE.

35,618,602 Victims Dead From the Covid-19 Vaccine. Is This a Genocide Yet?

Some VAERS URF philosophical debates...

This analysis is based on the VAERS Under Reporting Factor (URF) study known as the 2010 Harvard Pilgrim Study aka The Lazarus Report. It is very interesting that immediately after this study was published, CDC made a gargantuan change to VAERS where “Only primary/Initial reports are published”. It’s very important to understand this Harvard Pilgrim Study did not have to contend with this paradigm shift we deal with today. What’s worse, it seems like most of our so called experts do not even recognize this paradigm shift even exists?

I want to be exact as I can on what this actually means and what the VAERS system was doing prior to 2011 with respects to adding follow-up data. Exactly speaking VAERS would append follow-up data to initial reports. They would NOT delete initial reports to add or create a new appended report with a different VAERS ID#. I will mention that Dr. Jessica Rose in her Oct 2021 Critical Appraisal of VAERS Pharmacovigilance - IPAK paper seems to believe that VAERS deletes reports to then add new info/report when a victim subsequently dies? I don’t know if she still feels this way or if I even understand here paper correctly? I did a critical appraisal of her critical appraisal here, just click the image:

click to launch video

So any who, here is the up close print where CDC tells us five times that only initial reports are published, contrary to Dr. Rose’s opinion.

I wonder how many victims are now since DEAD, but were alive when reports were submitted? How many reports started out as Office Visit or Emergency, but are now a seemingly permanent disabilities in reality? I know many people in react19.org who would now like their reports upgraded to serious or permanent. God bless them but that won’t happen. It’s super super rare.

So what do you think, do you think we can take the almost 18K dead and double the count based the information available? Do you think any hospital CEO’s got a Fauci memo stating if you must file a VAERS report, at least make sure the victim has a heart beat when you hit the submit button? Brain dead people are still alive so you don’t need to report them dead anyways.

I have also studied the pre-2011 VAERS reports and explained the data “addendum” process here.:

VAERS biggest paradigm shift in 2011 everyone missed!

I probably said this in one hundred of my five hundred Bitchute videos, but who’s counting? I guess I will bury this factoid here and wait for a celebrity analyst freedom fighter to catch on. So check out blurb #4: “Since January 2011, only primary reports are included in the data.”

Doubling the death stats, based on the paradigm shift of 2011 is still conservative even before we begin attempting to calculate a URF for the following reasons.

  1. There is still about ~50 clearly dead victims per the summary narrative, because the “died” box is not checked off. See Here.
  2. There is at least 100-150 Covid vax deaths in the UNKNOWN VAX TYPE. The clue is in the lot# and/or the summary narrative.
  3. The bundled deaths on one report. There is as many 1,500-2,000 more deaths if we could ethically unbundle.

By CDC’s own admission VAERS had received 19,476 DEATH reports by March 1, 2023 when they stopped making these alerts:


I conservatively doubled Kirsch’s 41x for all the reasons listed above but for shits and giggles (nobody is laughing) let’s extrapolate this 19,476 deaths up to March 1.

What if we apply a URF of 88x instead of 82x to 19,476 CDC’s March 1st benchmark? From here forward I want the world to know this as The Eagle’s URF based on doubling Kirsch’s URF and adding a few points to compensate for the Tom Foolery the troglodytes at CDC are pulling with these Vegas card tricks.

~1,400 fetal demise, stillborns, spontaneous aborts, etc.. but NOT classified as death. Kids in the womb is a big debate, kids out the vag canal for a month are struggling to be counted as a person, and pretty soon you might not be counted as a person if you haven’t grown pubic hairs or hair on you chest. Seems like they want to abort everybody?

Source: https://welcometheeagle.substack.com/p/bombshell-study-3-million-excess