36 Million Set Aside For Vaccine Injuries For The Next 2 Years In Canada

36 Million Set Aside For Vaccine Injuries For The Next 2 Years In Canada

Gee, I wonder why? Let's do some math...

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The Canadian Independent wrote this up here and Byram Bridle wrote it up here.

The Canadian Independent | LOOK: The Liberal government’s 2024 federal budget includes another $36 million over the next two fiscal years for the Vaccine Injury Support ProgramYou can see the budget at the link below. https://budget.canada.ca/2024/report-rapport/budget-2024.pdf…Read more3 days ago · 15 likes · 2 comments · The Canadian IndependentCOVID Chronicles
The Government of Canada is Betting $36 Million Taxpayer Dollars That Vaccines Are Not Entirely SafeIt has been two years, eight months, and twenty-six days (999 total days) since the administration of my employer, the University of Guelph, locked me out of my office and laboratory. I spoke truths about COVID-19 when much of the world was not ready to hear them. As the University of Guelph still expects me to work, I would like to have access to my wo…Read more · Dr. Byram W. Bridle

In addition to the vaccine injuries allocation of Canadian taxpayer dollars, the first thing I noticed is in the ‘Housing Accelerator Agreements’ section on page 46, Table 1.1. This is important since the downfall of the Canadian economy is interlinked with all things COVID - including the shots and the injuries imposed. Some people are now disabled and cannot work, afford their home or groceries.

I am not sure why these particular numbers caught my eye, but look at the difference in allocation between Ottawa, ON and Victoria, BC. If you break these numbers down by home, each home gets ~5,407.98$ in Ottawa, but only $2,060.77 in Victoria. I guess the building materials in Ottawa are more expensive, eh?

You’ll also notice that ‘the Province of Quebec’ gets $900 million bucks with no house number allocated. According to this budget, technically, that $900 million could go to say… one home? Here’s a chart I made using their public data to show the discrepancies between how much is allocated per province. Quebec sure gets a lot. Poor Manitoba and Yukon.

They have set aside 7.3 million over 6 years to fight both antisemitism and islamophobia. They want to reduce hate, of course. Creating societal tension, promoting drug use (including narcotics) and poverty is an excellent way to do that, although, you already know that, right? Also, allowing pro-terrorist rallies in major city centers is an excellent way to alleviate hate.

And last but not least, the 36 million (19 and 17, 2024-2025 and 2025-2026, respectively) for injuries as part of the Vaccine Injury Support Program from vaccines for 2024-2026. There was no money allocated prior to 2024, and none allocated after 2026. By the way, since the population of Canada is 39,042,602, this is less than $1 per person, per year, technically, even though it sounds like a lot.

You might also be interested in knowing that the Canadian government is blaming the soaring cost of groceries in Canada on “Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine”. See page 139. They also blame COVID and they write antagonistically about “Canadian grocery companies” “making record profits”. They don’t, however, blame themselves or their massive failure during the COVID era to actually protect Canadians by say: not locking them up, not freezing their bank accounts, not arresting them, not shutting down their small businesses and not terrorizing countless numbers into injection submission, injury in some cases, and depression. For YEARS.

Everyone knows why they can’t afford to buy groceries now. Everyone knows why they can’t afford rent anymore. Your budget is abysmal, and reflects your willingness to maintain the destruction of a once powerful and economically stable nation, where every citizen loved each other in strength and prosperity.

I love my country of Canada. I won’t stop telling the truth about where it needs to go.

It’s simple.

Do what the citizenry demand. The people are YOUR bosses.

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