$749,387 Pentagon Contract Debunks The Lie About "Independent" Fact-Checkers

$749,387 Pentagon Contract Debunks The Lie About "Independent" Fact-Checkers

Henry Makow

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$749,387 Pentagon contract debunks the lie about "independent" fact-checkers - the Pentagon has funded fact-checkers under a program to mark independent journalists as disinformation.

Documents expose the so called „independent" fact-checkers. The so called disinformation fighters are nothing more than well-paid employees working under a $749,387 program funded by the Pentagon.

A U.S. company called News Guard, self-proclaimed as independent fact-checkers, received generous funding from the U.S. Department of Defense last year, a contract with the U.S. military has revealed.

The company in question, founded in 2018, evaluates media outlets that publish investigations related to the US government, Covid, the war in Ukraine, the attempted coup in Venezuela, and marks them as „dangerous" sites that spread misinformation, are unreliable and violate journalistic practices. Therefore, they should be avoided by readers and advertisers.

News Guard has signed a contract with Microsoft to provide a free fact-checking service to users of the Microsoft Edge browser. Anyone who wants to check whether a site is dangerous can install the News Guard extension for free on their computer’s browser or buy the application for $4.95 per month on their mobile phone, the company’s website states. The company also provides a free extension for Google Chrome.

In addition, News Guard specifies that they provide their services to social networks, search engines and Internet providers around the world. Thus, any site that is flagged by News Guard as disinformation will be treated by social networks and search engines as dangerous and „disinformation“.

One of the advisers to the News Guard fact-checkers is Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA, former director of the National Security Agency and former principal deputy director of National Intelligence. Another News Guard adviser is Don Baer, White House communications director during the Clinton administration.

The company that promotes itself as non-political, trustworthy, unbiased, transparent is violating its own rule of transparency. It turns out that the News Guard fact-checkers received $749,387 in funding from the US Air Force which was not declared by News Guard on the company’s website. However, information about the Pentagon contract can be found in the US government’s federal contract registry.

Information obtained from the US federal contracts registry shows that the News Guard „independent“ fact-checkers were awarded a $749,387 contract by the US Air Force (September 7, 2021 – December 8, 2022). „Misinformation Fingerprints“ is stated in the description for the contract.

r/conspiracy - $749,387 Pentagon contract debunks the lie about “independent” fact-checkers - the Pentagon has funded fact-checkers under a program to mark independent journalists as disinformation


The company’s website mentions such a Misinformation Fingerprints program aimed at combating misinformation, but not the $749,387 Air Force contract with the US Department of Defense. All that News Guard has disclosed is that they received $25,000 from the US State Department and the US Cyber Command a year earlier – the federal contract notice was published by News Guard on August 8, 2020, and the aim was to combat Covid-related misinformation. There is no information on the News Guard site as of the publication date of this investigation about the $749,387 contract with the US Air Force, awarded next year – 2021.

Why has the Pentagon paid $749,387 for a free extension?

The question that arises logically is why the US Air Force paid such a hefty sum to News Guard to use their services, when the extension can be installed completely free of charge on Internet browsers? Why did fact checkers receive $749,387 in US taxpayer money under a one-year contract with the Pentagon, and why didn’t they announce this money and this federal contract with the US military on their website?

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