9 Deceptive Patterns Behind the Deep State Use of an Emergency Crisis

9 Deceptive Patterns Behind the Deep State Use of an Emergency Crisis


Paul Philips | inewparadigm.com

Keeping the masses in a constant state of fear through a deceptive indoctrinating mainstream media with the help of manipulative paid-off leading politicians and their stifling politics are essentials in establishing the Deep State shadow-government’s manufactured emergency crisis scenario.

It’s all part of the PSYOP controlling the masses:

The Deep State and their war on the control of our minds: When the psycho-spiritual is controlled on the battlefield every aspect of the enslavement duly falls into place.

Bearing this in mind, during the use of an emergency crisis declared by the Deep State, there are a number of recurring deceptive patterns planned to entrap the masses. Power, profit and political gains for the Deep State’s total global domination agenda are the ulterior motives:

Not an exhaustive list, but here are 9 recurring deceptive patterns during the result of an orchestrated emergency crisis PSYOP.

Emergency Crisis Psyop

1 – Crisis management team meetings associated with people in high places construct assimilations for training drills based on the idea of an imaginary emergency crisis. Not long after the crisis happens for real!

For examples, do you think it was mere coincidence that Event 201 preceded the covid-19 pandemic? And what about the 7/7 London bombings training drills? The latter imaginary crisis handling scenario had occurred only days before it happened for real in the same area! -Yes, I know this happened a while ago, but it should not be forgotten and is just as relevant as ever in principle.

“This is how they will CANCEL the 2024 election” Whitney Webb exposes the WEF plan – Redacted

In the above video researcher Whitney Webb exposes the recent assimilations, training drills carried out by U.S intelligence agencies in anticipation of a devastating cyber-attack. Is this an indication that a devastating cyber-attack will happen for real? Will it be a false flag used to cancel the November 2024 U.S general election, allowing the Democrats to stay in power…?

2 – When the crisis is declared democracy is suspended: Unelected bureaucrats step in with their authorised top-down waves of order/instruction; mandated protocols in the name of an emergency.

3 – Using fake props and settings to manipulate the collective perception of the masses into believing the constructed theatre of illusion, the “bogeyman” causing the emergency crisis can have alternative explanations, or be fake or grossly exaggerated as it is rigged by design…

4 – In line with 3, a number of claims made in support of the official line do not stand scrutiny as they are riddled with irreconcilable errors, contradictions and inconsistencies. Take for instance the climate change “crisis.” There have been many climate change predictions that never came true.

However, the fear mongering mainstream media propaganda machine is in full-swing. While bought off and controlled purported “experts” chant the official line’s mantra; manipulating data, abusing science, distorting facts or downright lying, or making things look even more scarier while many have no idea that this is going on.

5 – Reactions to 4: Those aware and savvy enough to see right through the false official line may be met with officialdom censorship and gaslighting, or ridicule from the compliant and gullible mind-controlled masses unquestioning in their blind following…

6 – Lack of evidence to support the official line is a classic example of the Emperor has no clothes. As in the case of fake diseases. None of these diseases and their claims stand scrutiny.

For example, COVID-19 has never really been shown to be purified, isolated and identified. No proof for its existence the whole house of cards should have come tumbling down, but unproven diagnostic testing with inherently false positives continually rolled out with mega-sales on test kits. -How can any diagnosis, case, treatment, COVID statistic or crisis handling report have validity based on something that was never proven to exist?!

A massive deception in the crisis theatre of illusion PSYOP is the “one disease or syndrome equals one micro-organism causation” lie. Don’t fall for this. There is no disease. No contagion.

As in a number of cases such as AIDS and the zika virus, the causes could have been explained without a “virus.” Immune compromising poverty, toxicity, abnormal child development and related circumstances would have sufficed.

7 – While the Deep State and their associates act under the guise of “we care for you” claiming the crisis orders/mandates are “for your own good,” in actual fact, their solutions cause more harm than good.

That’s because the it was never really about solutions. Ultimately, it was about manufacturing a crisis based on false circumstances to bring about controlling agendas; making huge power, profit and political gains; hitting the masses on multiple levels…

Example: The COVID-19 vaccine was never about promoting health. It was about destroying health while using the deflecting distraction of blaming ill-health on an “epidemic” instead of the real causes: poverty, environmental toxicity, depression, stress and the harmful medical treatment … as the mega-bucks roll in for those criminals using fairy-tale stories to cover up their crimes.

8 – Besides the appointed handlers the Deep State and their associates hold the masses accountable, telling us to do our bit towards fighting the crisis when they are the ones who caused it to begin with.

Example: They tell us that we must contribute to getting inflation down during a financial crisis when they are the ones who caused it by excessive money printing…

9 – The crisis is never resolved. Fake diseases, fake wars, fake climate change, fake money and engineered financial crises, etc. will continue until the masses wake up and push back against these same old scripted PSYOP agendas.

Source: iNewParadigm

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