9/11 And The Bowling Ball

9/11 And The Bowling Ball

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

The easiest way to explain 9/11 to someone I have found over the years, was to ask a question:  If you stood on the top of the tower and dropped a bowling ball off the edge versus the tower dropping, each floor hitting one after the other, as was suggested with the  "pancake" theory;  which do you think would hit the ground first?

Most people would obviously say the bowling ball, falling freefall speed would hit the ground first rather than a building collapsing floor by floor hitting resistance while collapsing each floor as was suggested in pancake theory.

When you tell them that bwoling ball and collapsing building would have hit the ground at the exact same time, as the towers fell at freefall speed; people understand that the pancake theory is obviously false.

The only way for them to fall at freefall speed is to have the structure blow each floor out in a perfectly timed way as is done in a controlled demolition.

In the video below they discuss the concept of free fall speed vs each floor hitting the next and use a bowling ball in experiments to prove the pancake theory to be false.