A Brazilian Patriot In The Concentration Camp

A Brazilian Patriot In The Concentration Camp

The Gateway Pundit  /  Richard Abelson

4 people are said to have died at the “Lulag” concentration camp

1,159 political prisoners have been taken to Federal Prison in Brasilia for “terrorism”.

This shocking open letter reaches us from a Brazilian patriot, describing the evil set-up on Sunday and horrendous  conditions in Lula’s concentration camp.


On Sunday, 8/1/2023, you saw images and news from the leftist media stations of the “Storm on the National Congress”. It was a giant set-up for us law-abiding citizens, who were fighting for our Freedom, for clean elections and for our beloved Brazil.

We are Brazilians, who were betrayed by those who should be defending us. We went to the government quarter on Sunday, not to break or destroy, because we are peaceful Christians, elderly people, women, children, Indigenous people and decent, law-abiding men.

We left our homes all over Brazil to come and defend our Constitution, which has been torn and trampled on by the Brazilian “Justice System” who released a criminal from prison and had him elected.

How can we accept a Communist criminal  in power, if we didn’t vote for him?

We wanted to see the source codes of the election software, because we’re pretty sure we’ve been robbed.

Then came the persecution, the arrests and torture of those who spoke out about the election fraud. We spent 70 days camped in front of the Military HQ, because it was a way of protesting and we felt safe there.

The Armed Forces embraced us (we thought).

But then the persecution began. An Indian Chief and Pastor Jose Acacio Serere Xavante was arrested and abused, Pastor Fabiano Oliveira, and many others who are still in prison.

But the corrupt media that attacks us now, never reported any of this. They sent the police several times to take us out and arrest us, but the Armed Forces did not allow it.

People started to arrive from all over Brazil. By Sunday, we had more than 8 million people protesting in Brasilia. We wanted to march to the Federal District in Planalto as we always did, in peace.


Much to our surprise, hundreds of strangers showed up and joined us, wearing Brazil jerseys, like we do. They started screaming and smashing their way into the Federal buildings, with sticks and weapons, breaking everything. We started screaming for them not to commit vandalism. But they didn’t listen.

To our surprise, some of these people were already inside the restricted areas and government buildings. How did they get in? Even police officers were breaking things!

We filmed it all. We have proof.

Has any Authority ever clarified who the people were and why they were already inside the building before the alleged "Bolsonarist invasion"? pic.twitter.com/h2L33YsKqt

— The Rio Times (@TheRioTimes) January 12, 2023

So, we ran back to the Military HQ. But, the trap was expertly prepared. The corrupt left-wing press, who never reported about us or the persecution we experienced at the hands of the Supreme Court and this illegitimate government, started showing images of these communist infiltrators breaking everything.

That was the plan, to be able to arrest us and call us terrorists. They are the real terrorists, who destroyed, set fire and vandalized everything.

We weren’t just betrayed by the Left, because we already knew that. The biggest betrayal was by the Armed Forces, because they lived with all of us and know us and what we are like.

We returned to the camp and were shaken by what they were saying about us, calling us terrorists and threatening to arrest us…

We are hard-working people, housewives, law-abiding citizens. Many were there with their families. We cry a lot.

At night we saw the Army surround the base. We thought they would protect us from arrest. Some of the Generals said they were going to a meeting and left.

We tried to sleep. At 07:00 am, on 1/9/2023, the Base Commander spoke to us with a megaphone and said: “You have 1 hour to dismantle the camp and vacate the area. Buses are waiting for you. Go in Peace!”

We started to leave, sadly but orderly. When we got to the buses, we saw that they were not our buses, but we were forced to get on board. That’s when we became prisoners.

Then our torture began. They drove around the city for almost 3 hours, showing us off as trophies. Just like a Communist dictatorship.

Almost everyone had to stand, because there wasn’t room for everyone to sit down. We let the elderly and wheelchair users sit, and stayed standing. We asked them to stop the bus because people had to go to the bathroom, but they didn’t respond… So people had to go to the bathroom right there.

Sweaty, tired and in pain, we arrived at the Federal Police Academy, where they put us in a gym, with room for not even 500. We were 1,600 people, packed like sardines…

Many stayed on the patio outside. It was like a Nazi concentration camp. We suffered mental and physical torture because they didn’t give us food and water all day. A lady died on Monday afternoon because she didn’t get water. That night, a man died

Isso é desumano, devastador, criminoso e precisa parar imediatamente. @alexandre é um psicopata. Ele não tem sentimentos, pois até o pai dele estava apoiando as manifestações. Por pouco não prendeu a madrasta e o próprio pai.pic.twitter.com/MZnIVLrPFU

— Allan Dos Santos  (@allanldsantos) January 12, 2023

Then they gave us bread and water. Elderly people, women, people in wheelchairs. Children were separated from their parents and taken away. Can you imagine how their parents feel?

We are being treated worse than criminals or dangerous drug smugglers. What kind of country is this? Where the real criminals are in government, starting with the new Ministers, who each has at least 10 cases of corruption. Are we, who left our homes to fight for the freedom of our beloved Brazil, going to be left to suffer and die?


— The Rio Times (@TheRioTimes) January 12, 2023

Now, they are going to send us to prison along with dangerous criminals. Maybe some will be released (probably the elderly).

We will all be registered as Terrorists, our lives will be destroyed, because we will never again be able to work or leave the country.

Everyone is wondering… Where are the conservative politicians? Where are the representatives of the Churches? Where is the Bar Association? Not even lawyers are getting through to us.

Honestly, it would be better to shoot us now and take us out of our misery. When we pray, they tell us to shut up. The suffering is so great…

And when we read here on the Internet, that they are calling us terrorists, it burns like a fire in our heart, because everyone knows that we are not terrorists.

Many conservative politicians are being cowards and condemning what we are accused of having done. … But we did not do it! There are videos on the internet.

They know we are innocent… It was a set-up. The videos are there to prove it.

But, they don’t want to see. We are alone and abandoned, we have only God left.


So we ask the World, the International Human Rights community to help us!

They have killed many of us, but none of this is reported.

Many people have this innocent blood on their hands, especially the ARMED FORCES!


I hope you receive divine justice. Cowards!

To the Brazilian Armed Forces: Never again may you sing the Brazilian National Anthem and fly our Flag. You do not deserve it!

-A Brazilian patriot in the concentration camp

#WATCH | Steve Bannon heading for court, says elections in Brazil were stolen.

Via @karascannell pic.twitter.com/zAt48VrmCD

— El American (@ElAmerican_) January 12, 2023

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