A New World Order of total insanity

A New World Order of total insanity

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Other sustainability goals sound like a dream: “No Poverty” for example. Interestingly however, the owners and members of the WEF all have one thing in common:

they are astronomically rich, mainly because they have been robbing humanity for decades.

They go, for example, into different nations of the world, and steal all their natural resources, through destructive mining. They keep all the profits for themselves, while the native populations are forced info slave labor, to mine the treasures of their own land for the enrichment of these foreign intruders.

Similarly they buy up every industry in the world, transferring all wealth towards a handful of their own mega corporations, while destroying millions of people whose small businesses cannot compete with these monstrous giants.

And what about the money system, that is designed to keep the people in perpetual poverty, while most of the tax money disappears into the pockets of these superrich people, who themselves never pay one dime of tax?

These are but a few examples of a deep and pervasive worldwide web of systematic oppression of humanity by the elites.

It’s by abusing humanity for their own enrichment, that they gathered their astronomical wealth in the first place. And now they claim to have the noble goal of ending poverty?

How do they intend to do that? By installing a universal income that will keep the entire world population 100% dependent on the rulers. Global well fare. But in return the people will own nothing, have no freedom or rights, no voice or opinion, as they will be perfect slaves of these elites, who will own everything. This supposed “utopia” is outlined in a psychopathic article written by the WEF for Forbes.com.

The article describes how a citizen of the New World Order of the WEF expresses her happiness about this new state of the world. She says how wonderful life is without owning anything, and what a dream the world has become, now that everybody is locked up in Smart Cities. At the end of the praise report she does, however, share a concern about the lack of privacy:

“Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me. All in all, it is a good life.”


This is the goal of this one world superstate: full totalitarian control, where every breath, heartbeat, hormonal activity, human interaction (think sexuality), feeling, thought and even the most intimate, personal of all: our dreams, will be recorded.

Forcing you to eat fake food

Another “sustainability goal” of the WEF is “Zero Hunger”. While it sounds beautiful, in reality it means destroying the grass fed beef industry, and replacing wholesome natural meat with genetically modified (= unhealthy) plant protein and lab grown “meat”, created by the elites.

Bill Gates works closely with the WEF, and he is buying up all farmland in America, while constructing factories where synthetic meat will be grown.

Meanwhile more than a hundred of the largest food production and distribution plants in America all burned to the ground, the past few years. In 2022 more than fifteen of the leading food companies saw their headquarters go up in flames – all during the same week!

We can of course tell ourselves that this is a meaningless coincidence. Well… all major food plants in the USA burn down, right when the WEF talks about ending the current food supply, and making all of humanity dependent on their new synthetic foods. Indeed, nothing to see here, folks.

Like when they launch a bioweapon on humanity, suppress all the cures for the pandemic disease, and then “save the world” by injecting everybody with toxic, experimental, DNA altering substances, with undisclosed ingredients.

In The Netherlands the government is demanding all farmers to kill much of their livestock. The government threatens to seize the land of farmers that refuse to destroy their animals.

Why would any government demand such outrageous insanity? As traditional farming is strategically eliminated, the population becomes totally dependent on the artificial foods created by the financial elites.

New “food factories” are being built, to replace traditional farming. Instead of growing crops in natural soil, where the produce becomes rich in nutrients thanks to the sun, they want to grow it in factories, without a trace of sunlight. Everything must become totally artificial.

In Australia growing your own food is being demonized, supposedly for “biosecurity” reasons, and in the UK the government is claiming that gardening increases heart disease. People are told they should wear a face mask while working in their garden.

Zero hunger” is all about making the entire world population dependent on artificial, GMO food provided by the rulers.

WEF is similar to ancient rulers

world domination klaus schwab

In short the WEF is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, hiding the most nefarious agenda that has ever threatened humanity, under the white coating of magic trick words like “sustainability”. They establish world dominance, and enslave humanity, while claiming to “improve the state of the world”. That’s exactly what the Roman Empire claimed:

“We share our higher civilization with you, by forcing all of you to submit to us. We steal all your rights, freedoms, and possessions, and make you slaves that pay high taxes to us. This is the best thing that ever happened to humanity!”

The WEF is in no way different than the ancient rulers. They may use different words, but the plan is the same.

The insane plans
of the World Economic Forum

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Just how dangerous are the plans of the World Economic Forum, who is aiming to establish world dominance? Here is a short list of some of their goals, that are openly discussed on their own official websites, and in their videos, books and conferences. Any online research will reveal countless sources for all of this.

Make ongoing vaccinations the condition to partake in society, with vaccine passports and digital ID’s. Banking, internet, working, shopping, gathering, etc. is only be available to people who are up to date with the latest booster injection.

Base society on a social credit score: citizens who behave perfectly, are rewarded. Those that step out of line, are punished. Practical example: posting something on social media that criticizes the government will lower your score.

Make masks, screens, and social distancing permanent. Populations must remain in a perpetual state of fear, to justify a vaccination-based world.

Please note that every existing virus is patented, meaning all these diseases are man-made.

Redefine free speech as ”hate speech”. Train humanity to despise everyone diverting from the prescribed narrative. Label every information that is not in line with the official storyline “disinformation”.

Govern the internet, so only the prescribed narrative will be available to the world. Delete all the millions of posts and websites that criticize, question, and disprove the official stories.

Limit human interaction by telling everyone to work, shop, school from behind their screens. Isolate humanity behind their devices where they are bombarded 24/7 by the propaganda of the rulers.

Install a universal income, and don’t allow anyone to gather wealth. Being rich is a privilege for the elites. The peasants must be kept poor and dependent on the ruling class.

Use weather warfare technology to cause droughts, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, etc. Blame it on climate change, which is then used as the excuse to further lock down, rob, and control the population.

Seize all private property from all the citizens of the world. Everything must be rented from the elites: homes, cars, equipment, tools, even clothes. Nobody may own anything. The goal is total dependency on the rulers.

Make everyone dependent on controllable, and trackable electric cars. Electric cars are perfect for enforcing lockdowns. Broadcast a signal that disables all vehicles, and the world will not be going anywhere.

People using vehicles with combustion engines will be limited in their movements, as they will have a maximum allowed CO2 “footprint”.

The WEF is preparing to launch a raft the size of Brazil into the sky, to block the sun from illuminating the earth. Casting a perpetual shadow over the earth is needed, they say, to combat “climate change”.

Decrease the number of small businesses through pandemic and climate lockdowns, and transfer all wealth to mega corporations that are not required to cease operations.

Remove all personal rights and freedom from humanity under the guise of “we are in this together” and “the greater good”. Create hostility towards people standing up for rights and freedoms, by labeling them “selfish”.

Install a one world digital currency that will be controlled by those in power. Banking services will only be available to people who have the required vaccination status and social credit score.

End the natural family by pushing the LGTBQA+ agenda. Make unnatural sexual relationships the norm, and project healthy families as “weird”. This is needed to reduce the world population.

Close off all wilderness areas, so humanity no longer has access to wild, unspoiled nature.

Lock everybody up in Smart Cities, where their every breath is monitored. Nobody can leave the city without required vaccination status or social credit score.

Replace reality with virtual illusions in the MetaVerse. Promote the virtual realm as being “better” than enjoying reality.

Fill the world with billions of surveillance cameras, drones, drone bugs, and satellites that will monitor every move of every soul on earth 24/7. All in the name of “public safety”.

End original humanity and make everyone a cyborg, that can be monitored and controlled from the cloud by artificial intelligence.

Replace the majority of jobs with artificial intelligence. Doctors, lawyers, drivers, teachers, preachers, etc. can all easily be replaced by A.I. Naturally the A.I. will be programmed and controlled by the rulers.

Position millions of 5G towers (in the future 6G, 7G, etc.) to insert thoughts and feelings into the population. Make 5G the central nervous system of every society.

Replace healthy grass-fed beef by synthetic meat, created in factories. Grow genetically modified plant protein, and large numbers of engineered bugs, to feed the people.

Discourage and eventually forbid people to grow their own food, so they depend entirely on the supply by the elites.

Introduce early euthanasia when people no longer produce money. Encourage all elderly to commit suicide, to make room for the next generation, so they will not become a “burden to the global economy”.

All these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of the inhumane plans of the World Economic Forum. Their books, websites and conferences reveal much more, along the same lines.

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