A Pandemic of Cognitive Dissonance

A Pandemic of Cognitive Dissonance

American Thinker

John Green

We’re facing yet another pandemic. It’s not a [fake] viral outbreak. This crisis is a mental disorder outbreak -- rather like mass hysteria. The outbreak has spread worldwide, but fortunately only affects those of a leftward political persuasion.

The condition is cognitive dissonance. According to Medical News Today:

Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort a person feels when their behavior does not align with their values or beliefs. It can also occur when a person holds two contradictory beliefs at the same time. (Emphasis mine)

Condemning America for its past use of slavery while helping companies profit from the current use of slavery -- and calling oneself woke for doing it -- is an example of cognitive dissonance.

Unfortunately, the only known treatment is talk therapy. However, the leftist preference for screaming and cancellation over debate and reason renders them resistant to treatment. In addition, the availability of treatment is limited, as many therapists are also sufferers.

The infection rate among leftists is nearly 100 percent.

Many members of the “gay” community live in a constant state of grievance. They complain about intolerance towards themselves, while we indulge their month-long orgy of “pride” every year. Is there such a thing as mad-gay? Because that’s what the majority seem to be.

While we’re on the subject of the gay community, why do they call themselves queer -- while asserting that their lifestyle is perfectly normal? Does “queer” have some definition in another language that means something other than abnormal?

Why do feminists claim they’re fighting for female rights while they promote male superiority? They support the political movement that advances the notion that men have a right to participate in women’s sports, use women’s bathrooms, and be incarcerated in women’s prisons. A well know self-proclaimed champion of a women’s rights recently bowed to a man in drag -- and was celebrated for doing it.  Claiming women are equal, while showing subservience to a man seems like a bit of a disconnect -- no?

Why does BLM demand equality for blacks by asserting that blacks are superior to other races? Don’t they see that the term they condemn -- “all lives matter” -- is a declaration of equality? When Congress, the FBI, and numerous others took a knee before BLM, did their leadership ask everyone to rise in the name of equality? How can they assert that their lives matter, while claiming that all others are irrelevant -- in the name of equality?

Why do the climate fanatics want to save the planet for our children, while ensuring that there won’t be any children to enjoy it? All their planet-preserving measures involve starvation and destitution.

Why do pro-choice advocates demand complete authority over their bodies, but only with regards to childbearing? Is the “my body, my choice” mantra suspended when the government mandates that we submit to an experimental drug treatment? If no baby is killed, is their position actually “my body, Joe Biden’s choice”?

Why do progressives claim to represent science while denying reality? Doesn’t the science of biology and animal behavior say anything about human sexuality? How many genders do progressives claim to recognize? The number grows by the day. I believe we’re in the range of 60 human genders now (note that “boy” and “girl” are not on that list). The science must be evolving. Has the party of science supported any of these claims with scientific evidence -- before they impose this alternate reality on us?

For that matter, why has the progress that progressives promised actually delivered regression? Are racial relations better now than in the 1980s? Is our electric grid more stable than it was in the 1960s? Are we better able to keep baby formula in the stores than we were in the 1950s? Do the progressives really want progress, or stagnation and decay?

Why does Antifa rail against fascism, while using beatings and intimidation to force their opponents into submission? Do they even understand what fascism is? Or is their cognitive ability as limited as Joe Biden’s?

How can liberals claim to respect liberty while they attack our right to free speech, self-defense, religious worship, and free association? They say they love liberty. But they promote subjugation. That’s a bit of a disconnect, no?

How can leftists claim to be patriots while they destroy America’s foundation -- brick by brick? They have attacked the family, our personal freedoms, the rule of law, and our economic prosperity. Yet accusing them of being unpatriotic will send them into an apoplectic rage. They’re working to destroy that which they claim to love. Are they deranged, self-destructive, or merely dishonest?

Why do Democrats claim to stand for democracy, as they undermine any semblance of self-governance? Does anyone doubt their desire for one-party rule? Have they sought to nationalize elections, pack the courts, persecute opponents, and eliminate debate (both in public and in Congress) to advance democracy? Or do they hold “contradictory beliefs at the same time”?

When one examines the assertions of those with leftward political leanings, there can only be two explanations -- mental illness, or malice. The Left has built an ideological belief system based on alternate realities and conflicting assertions. It is a house of cards which is inherently flawed and will eventually fall. This begs the question: Are they mentally ill, or are they trying to destroy western civilization?

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