A Proud Boy Challenges the Jan. 6 Committee • Willing to risk prosecution for two 20-year felonies to prove that the Democrats and prosecutors are lying about January 6

A Proud Boy Challenges the Jan. 6 Committee • Willing to risk prosecution for two 20-year felonies to prove that the Democrats and prosecutors are lying about January 6

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A previously unnoticed Proud Boys member, Robert Fussell, has shredded conspiracy theories about January 6 pushed by the House January 6 Select Committee and federal prosecutors

Journalist Carter Walker of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster Online newspaper punches far above the paper’s fighting weight. Walker reported on July 7 that Robert Fussell revealed himself to be the third Proud Boys member that the federal prosecutors were trying to find in their conspiracy theory of a “seditious conspiracy.”

That means that Seattle’s Fussell volunteered to be indicted for seditious conspiracy. Why would he do that?  To prove that the Democrats and prosecutors are lying about January 6, 2021, Fussell is willing to risk prosecution for two 20-year felonies. The Lancaster paper reported:

Robert Fussell, of Seattle, revealed his identity and role because, he said, evidence cited by federal prosecutors is being mischaracterized. Should the entire private chat logs of the senior Proud Boys planning council be publicized, it would undermine the government’s case, he said.

Fussell, who uses the pseudonym Rex Fergus, is referenced in an indictment as one of three members of “upper-tier leadership” of the Proud Boys “Ministry of Self-Defense,” which allegedly planned the group’s actions on Jan. 6. He is not named in the indictment, as he has not been charged with any crime.

So Fussell believes the falsehoods by Democrats about January 6 are so deceitful he is willing to risk going to jail for up to 40 years by identifying himself.

Coincidentally, these revelations are also confirmed by new revelations of an undercover FBI agent reporting that the Proud Boys never planned to enter or attack the Capitol. The Gateway Pundit reported that a whistleblower leaked FBI notes to them. See Text Message 1 , Message 2 , Message 3 , Message 4 , Message 5 , Message 6 , Message 7. The agent reported to his handler that the Proud Boys actually de-escalated the crowd.

Meanwhile, Fussell revealed one of three key conversations among the Proud Boys’ Ministry of Self Defense leadership team. The second of three chats is over 400 pages of messages on communication ‘app’ ‘Telegram.’ Fussell suggested to Lancaster Online he will release the rest.

The actual chat messages from the Proud Boys’ leadership team demonstrate:

  • The Proud Boys, even their appointed leadership team, had no plans about January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., other than to protect demonstrators from ANTIFA and BLM violence.
  • As late as December 27, 2020, the leaders are debating whether to hold protests in their own local state capitols rather than joining the announced demonstration at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. announced on December 19.
  • Thus, as late as December 27, the Proud Boys had not decided whether they were going to D.C. at all.
  • The response to holding local events is striking. In your author’s words, the response was “whatever…”
  • In other words, there was no goal to do anything at the Capitol or in D.C. The leadership didn’t care if any Proud Boys came to D.C. or not, or stayed in their own states, because there was nothing in particular planned for D.C.
  • There were no plans to interfere in the counting of Electoral College votes.
  • The leadership chats are amazingly rambling and unfocused, demonstrating no goal to actually get anything done in Washington, D.C. on January 5-6, 2021.

Remember: Proud Boys have always been focused on allowing demonstrators to engage in free speech. They typically do not carry the message themselves. They are mainly ticked off at leftist violence. Videos show the Proud Boys focused on ANTIFA and chasing them away.

  • There is no discussion of the Electoral College or Congress counting votes.
  • There is no effort to recruit anyone else to show up on January 6 or any leadership role with regard to other demonstrators.
  • The leaders mainly debate how not to get stabbed by ANTIFA and BLM counter-demonstrators, including those whom leftists stabbed in November or December joking that they don’t recommend it, and discussing clothing that would protect against getting stabbed.
  • The Ministry of Self Defense was created to try to organize Proud Boys who attend rallies and events. (As Aaron Wollkind explains, originally a drinking and sports-watching fraternity, the Proud Boys consists of the “party boys” and a small number of “rally boys” who started defending the right of free speech at conservative events.)
  • The MOSD is clearly explained as responding to the total lack of structure among the Proud Boys.
  • The chats emphasize that MOSD means self-defense. Tarrio strongly instructs Proud Boys must not go looking for trouble, must stick together, and defend demonstrators and one another.
  • Enrique Tarrio emphasizes in the chats that the Proud Boys must be peaceful.

Even the prosecution’s Third Superseding Indictment includes the admissions:

13. From at least in and around November 2020, TARRIO used his platform as the leader of the Proud Boys to publicly post statements in response to the projected results of the 2020 Presidential Elections, e.g.

a.  On November 6, 2020, TARRIO posted a message that read, “The media constantly accuses us of wanting a start a civil war. Careful what the [f---] you ask for we don’t want to start one… but we will sure as [f---] finish one.”b. On November 12, 2020, TARRIO posted a message that read, “[F---] Unity. No quarter. Raise the black flag.”

c.  On November 16, 2020, TARRIO posted a message that read, “If Biden steals this election, [the Proud Boys] will be political prisoners. We won’t go quietly… I promise.”

Even the aggressive talk is clearly defensive, with no plans to start any trouble.

31. On December 20, 2020, PERSON-3 posted a message to the MOSD Leaders Group that stated, “I am assuming most of the protest will be at the capital [sic]building given what’s going on inside.” In response, TARRIO posted a video chat, which would take place on December 21, to discuss the MOSD and January 6.

In other words, as the indictment admits, there was no focus on interrupting the Electoral College count. The Proud Boys were just guessing where most people would be expected to be. A couple like Biggs made angry, violent statements. But the group did not agree with those.

One reason this is such a breakthrough is that the FBI and prosecutors have imposed gag orders on January 6 Defendants and their attorneys. The “Protective Orders” prevent the public from knowing how baseless the prosecutions about January 6 really are.

Many have heard that the FBI and courts are withholding over 14,000 hours of video. The “Protective Orders” are why. Actually, the number is much higher by now.

Hiding behind these gag orders, Congress and prosecutors misrepresent the facts. I have seen those documents and videos as an attorney who formerly represented Proud Boys and Oath Keepers defendants. I can tell you that the cases are “fraud on the court.” But I cannot show you the documents or videos.

Yet Fussell has his own copies. He did not receive the documents or videos through or from prosecutors. Therefore, he has no restrictions on his use of his own documents from his own phone. Fussell has blown the lid off January 6.

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