AI Transformation Of Humanity | Nano + Micro Robots In Vaccinated + Unvaccinated Blood | There Are Solutions

AI Transformation Of Humanity | Nano + Micro Robots In Vaccinated + Unvaccinated Blood | There Are Solutions | Patricia Harrity

 We are observing the “hacking of humans” as described by Noah Harrari when he celebrated his vision which also includes the end of the human spirit.  Changes are now showing in the blood of those who were coerced into taking the covid jab and perhaps surprisingly to some, these changes are being seen in the blood of those of us who resisted the jabs. ‘Microscopic self assembling technology is draining  life force out of our blood cells while assembling networks of filaments and nanochips’ according to Dr Mark Trozzi who cites the work and findings of Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD who has been studying the contents of the Covid-19 injections and has extremely important findings and solutions that we all need.

Intentional Contaminants in Our Air, Water, and Food

Dr Mihalcea explains that the covid-19 injections include key building materials for this nano-tech wiring of humans; as well as the unnatural white rubbery “clots” being found in victims and these key invasive elements are also transferred to  un-injected individuals. More material for this assembly might be provided by proteins that are made by our own bodies in response to genetic  elements of these same injections. Yet more of the materials being assembled within us are intentional contaminants in our air, water, and food.

Dr Milhalcea’s findings go beyond the mRNA, DNA, spike proteins, ribosome frame shifting, and other important toxicity science which Dr Trozzi himself has been sharing in detail over the past four years, however, with Dr Mihalcea’s findings ‘we are also getting important, up-to-date insights into nanotechnologic invasive elements of the covid-19 injections and she shares profound visuals from her microscope, along with other laboratory analysis, patents, and sound theories‘ according to Dr Trozzi who can be seen in this fascinating interview with Dr Ana.

Who is Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea?

Dr. Mihalcea, MD, PhD is the President of AM Medical LLC, an anti-aging clinic dedicated to the reversal of all diseases and also an Award-winning Author of the book “Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity” She is also the founder of Tru Blu Medical, developer of Blue Light Wellness wraps .

Perhaps more importantly to some, Dr Ana is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with a PhD in Pathology with over 20 years of clinical experience is also extremely qualified in clinical and laboratory research, as well as microscopy and her field of research is C19 vaccine shedding, therapeutic approaches including metal detoxification and disabling self-assembly nanotechnology.

Dark-Field Microscopy 

Dr Ana uses a technique called dark-field microscopy to analyse the blood of her patients. Like many other clinicians, over the past few years she has been noticing peculiar anomalies in the blood, including the presence of filaments, tiny blinking lights, and the stacking of red blood cells (known as ‘rouleau’ formation).

Dr Tess Lawrie has recently featured Dr Ana in a substack article and informs us that in an article by Dr Mihalcea she reports that she is now detecting these structures in the blood of unvaccinated people as well as in those who took the shots and ‘Mysterious rubbery clots are being found in people’s blood vessels since the rollout of the so-called ‘Covid-19 mRNA vaccines’. She believes that this is due to ‘shedding’ – the spreading of nano-scale components from injected to non-injected people.

Dr Ana says “People ask all the time – if the blood findings in C19 unvaccinated blood are as bad as I say they are, then why are not more unvaccinated people having problems. I can clearly say they are. C19 unvaccinated individuals are describing symptoms of fatigue, palpitations, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, new onset endocrine dysregulation, menstrual irregularities, headaches, EMF sensitivity and many other problems that they just did not have before the C19 vax rollout. Often people are sensitive enough to feel significant symptoms when exposed to C19 injected individuals.” (source).

What is causing the rubbery clots?

Unvaccinated live blood showing filaments, light sources, and stacks of red blood cells.

Dr Tess Lawrie says that another concerning phenomenon that has been observed since the rollout of the Covid jabs – at first by embalmers who have been pulling them out of the blood vessels of the deceased, and more recently in the living, by people working in catheterisation laboratories (cath labs) – is the presence of fibrous, rubbery clots.

Dr Ana explains that these abnormal clots appear to consist of amyloid or prion-like proteins:

  • Various proteins can form amyloids, which are ordered aggregates of protein fibrils. Some amyloid proteins are associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD).
  • Prions are infectious proteins. The protein molecule may misfold, creating a template that enables self-replication. CJD is an example of a prion disease caused by an amyloid protein.

While the rubbery clots look like amyloid protein and behave like prions as they are clearly able to grow, Dr Ana’s investigations suggest that they do not form spontaneously from naturally occurring amyloid proteins. Rather, she believes that synthetic hydrogels are also involved. In the field of synthetic biology, which aims to fuse humans with technology, hydrogels are used, for example, in the development of biosensors and brain-computer interfaces. They are also used in the dark, science-fiction world of bioweapons development.

Methylene Blue Effects Against Micro Robots and Rubbery Clot Development – A Possible Solution?

Dr Ana Mihalcea believes that Methylene Blue (MB), offers hope.

A serious concern with the rubbery clots that are developing in people’s blood vessels is that they cannot be dissolved with conventional blood thinners. Interestingly, however, hydrogels appear to bind very strongly to the MB molecule, and MB can be excreted through the kidneys. Furthermore, MB is currently being studied as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders in which both amyloid proteins (e.g. beta-Amyloid and alpha-Synuclein) and prion proteins are involved.

A number of studies have found that MB dissolves and prevents amyloid and prions from aggregating, and can reverse amyloid that is already present. Dr Ana therefore decided to investigate whether MB could dissolve these unusual rubbery clots. Because of concerns that the clots are starting to form in people who have not received the Covid-19 shot, in one experiment Dr Ana drew two samples of blood from an unvaccinated person. She added MB to one sample and left them to stand overnight. A rubbery clot developed in the blood sample that had not been treated with MB, while in the sample that contained MB, the clot was more than 90% smaller. In a follow-up experiment, after the patient had been taking MB orally for a few weeks, much less of the hydrogel polymer was found in the blood. Source

Could MB help us to rid ourselves of the rubbery clots and nanotech ‘robots’ forming in our blood? Dr Ana believes that it may help; however, it is not only solution.

Metals and synthetic polymers!

As if amyloids, prions and hydrogels were not enough, spectral analysis of the clots revealed the presence of metals (copper, zinc, and selenium), as well as polyamide proteins used in the manufacturing of nylon! No wonder these rubbery structures are so resistant to normal methods of dissolving blood clots.

EDTA is a substance that is able to ‘chelate’ or bind strongly to metals. In this case it could be used to remove the metal contaminants, which may become the semiconducting antennae of nano-biosensors. Metals also act as a catalyst that makes the polymer aggregates grow faster and bind together more strongly, so removing them may help to break down the clots. Source

Hope and Healing.

Whether or not one has received the Covid-19 shot, we are all at risk of this contamination by nanotech components that have been shown by Dr Ana to combine with naturally occurring molecules in our bodies to build potentially lethal structures. Thanks to her understanding of nanotechnology, Dr Ana is developing treatments that offer hope and healing. Three treatments that have shown promise in removing nano-structures from the blood, restoring the natural microscopic appearance of the blood, and potentially dissolving the rubbery clots include:

  • EDTA infusions to chelate metals and regenerate the red blood cells to prevent clotting.
  • High-dose vitamin C to prevent clots and restore the electrical conductivity of the blood.
  • Methylene Blue to clean up the amyloid hydrogel and act as a powerful electron donor. Source

  Dr Ana Mihalcea has a series of videos where she explains her findings, I have shared two episodes from the series for you to watch that I personally felt covered the topics discussed here, but I would certainly recommend watching the series if you have time.

Self Assembly Nanotechnology Live Blood Darkfield Microscopy: A Review in Images.

Dr Mihalcea discusses the mechanism of self-assembly nanotechnology in live blood in the video below which is episode 13 in an extremely informative series The video takes us through a review in images, where Dr Ana ‘discusses the patterns seen that are repeated and can be verifiably understood as construction sites and presence of the technology in the blood.’

Artificial Intelligent Transformation Of Humanity – Nano and Micro Robots In Human Blood

In a follow up to episode 13 where Dr Mihalcea discusses the mechanism of self-assembly nanotechnology, this episode she dive into the nano and micro robots seen in live blood and how they are guiding self-assembly of the filaments and structures in the blood. ‘They also become part of mesogens, liquid crystals for biosensing and remote-control applications.’

Thankfully Dr Mihalcea also has solutions, as demonstrated by before and after images of her patients’ blood, where you will see how gentle remedies have returned people’s blood to normal.  Artificial Intelligent Transformation Of Humanity – Nano and Micro Robots In Human Blood.

A Second Look at Methylene Blue.

I must reiterate, I am not giving medical advice, but would simply recommend readers to do their own research into the subject and to possibly feel that there is hope out there that we can all, jabbed and unjabbed, heal from the crimes committed against us. Methylene Blue may not be suitable for everyone, and may be contraindicated for individuals on certain medication, this is not my department and I am not therefore qualified to advise.

However, the video below from the Real Health Podcast, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Hunninghake, MD, and Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD, are also speaking about MB and are revisiting the topic to address the themes of some of the nearly 400 questions and comments received after a previous episode about Methylene Blue, including how methylene blue works, how to take it, and general suggestions for dosing.


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