Algorithm a Data Tool • Biased + Manipulated

Algorithm a Data Tool • Biased + Manipulated

Helena Glass | The Nationalist Voice

How Deep is the Illusion?   Population counts are an algorithm.   Death rates are an algorithm.   Market values are an allusion.   There is no supply & demand.   Climate is an algorithm.   Polls are restated by algorithms.   Our military lies incessantly about well – everything!   Every single statistic is an algorithm.   Science cannot even agree where the term came from. Some say it is Euclid c. 300 BC and others attribute the term to Muhammad al’Khwarizmi of the 9th century.   Today, algorithms operate our monetary supply, our trade, our dating, video games, phones – everything…

Including, most importantly, our elections. “Harvard’s Shoshana Zuboff, describes algorithms as the emergence of surveillance capitalism that organizes economic behavior in an “information civilization.”   IE – CONTROL.

But the algorithm has to be created by programmers and engineers based on input data provided them by a client.   It is an inherent quality of all humans to have bias.   It is in our genetics before we are introduced to the environment or society.   Each singular event structures our brain.   No two events are ever exactly identical for two people.   When I describe my mother or father, I have bias that is dissimilar to my siblings.

Therefore, ALL statistical algorithms are built on bias instead of factual, actual numbers.   I took Statistics in college – it was purely mathematical and all data used was factual.   Numbers don’t lie…

For example:    the Bureau of Labor Management tells us the unemployment rate and the hiring stats by category.   So does ADP Payroll.   Last year, ADP was shut down for three months so they could redo their algorithm to make it more compatible and compliant with BLM…   Because – they were not.   Meaning actual payroll data did not match the algorithms used by BLM…   Oops!   Highly important when the WH Handlers began messing with the economy.

Today, that same Fed wants us to believe that according to algorithms, the US inflation rate is 4%.   Here’s how they manipulated that data statistic:   Using a base year of 2021.   Inflation increased 4% compared to 8%. Of course the fact that housing, food, utilities, gas, and retail increased 50% to 150% in 2021 and 2022  –  was NOT data input and somehow an algorithm calculated the inserted data to a net net inflation of 8%.

Loaded with that information, The Federal Reserve determined that the cause of inflation was employment.   Therefore, to reduce inflation – we must reduce employment.   EXPERTS!  That is stating that we NEED unemployment, aka poverty, in order to curb higher prices…

The Fed uses fake algorithms to make economic decisions that impact Americans, such as raising interest rates based on false payroll numbers, or mandating vaxes based on fake trials using fake data, and predesigned algorithms of ‘death rates’.   This absurdity mimics the height of Jon Rappaport’s Matrix – everything is fake. Even ‘experts’.

We have expert diversity directors, expert censor Tzars, expert Climate analysts and now our aged decrepit Congress has appointed the oldest and least of them to analyze – AI.   Chuckie Schumer leading the pack.   He claims that he has worked with some of the ‘leading experts and thought leaders’ to advance AI because China does.

“Thought Leader”.  Apparently, thought leaders are experts in ‘thought’.   They think more than everyone else…. Their PhD dissertation was titled – Thought Leaders Will Rule The World of Thought.   Thought is an expertise.

Nina Jankowitz, the wannabe Censor Tzar – actually was found at a talent agency billing herself as an actress. She wanted to sing in Broadway musicals.   But her expertise was ‘Censor Tzar’.

Algorithms are Experts.

Science has determined that data implanted into a web of circuitry, chips, and steel makes the outcome – Expert.   And everyone is told the data is fact.   But it isn’t. Data can be a tool – but it is NOT a Master.   An algorithm can be manipulated after the fact, altered with new data, new opinions, new bias. But it is neither a Statistic or a Fact.

Recently, a Twitter user was blackballed by the Twitter Algorithm Police for using Maine Coon in a tweet.   A Maine Coon is a breed of cat. The breed originated in the state of Maine. The cats are larger than normal house cats and are considered valuable hunters.   The algorithm thought the term was racist…

The most rabid allusions to be generated by the new algorithm expert is the rewriting of history.   The concept that embraces this idea is that history was written by biased persons – and an algorithm is a computer generated model incapable of bias.   OUCH!

Therefore computer algorithms can rewrite, edit, and redline all books, essays, and articles – to such an extent that some are advocating for The Bible to be rewritten by an algorithm.   The Bible.

Did you ever see the movie The Book of Eli?   Denzel Washington played a character who had possession of the Last Bible on earth.   The movie takes place in a world that has been destroyed by Power and Chaos. Eli is compelled by God to deliver this book, The Bible, to a colony for preservation.

Along Eli’s journey he meets all the bad guys in a lawless world – and one in particular who will do anything to own this Last Bible.   IF AI were to rewrite the Bible, this would be the outcome.

Algorithms have a place.   But the Human Element is inserted. The Human Element may have an Agenda. The Human Element may have Bias.   AND, the Human Element has the power to manipulate and restrict data in the entry to create the algorithm for the purpose of Control.   And Yet, the Trap is that without the Human Element, the algorithm has no SOUL.

Source: Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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