Alien UFO Psy-Op

Alien UFO Psy-Op

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Everyone from whistleblowers to the White House is suddenly talking about aliens…but why?

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Late last week it was widely reported that the United States government had recovered an intact alien spacecraft from a crash site.

The supposed revelation comes from one David Grusch, a “former” military intelligence agent, who turned “whistleblower” and told the press that this supposed craft “distorted time and space”, was “bigger on the inside than the outside” and made some rescue workers ill.

Just today, he added more to the story, claiming the Vatican has known about this since WWII, and they helped Mussolini retrieve a downed UFO.

Now, assuming none of this is true, it’s not an especially noteworthy incident in and of itself. After all fringe figures coming forward claiming to be “whistleblowers” does happen, and they often tell ludicrous stories with no supporting evidence.

These can occur organically or be staged by agencies of the state, and either way the press is always happy to give them air because a) they are distracting and b) they discredit real “conspiracy theories” by association.

But that’s not what appears to be going on here.

For starters, Grusch wasn’t just given space in the media, he was given at least a small amount of credence by them. They allowed him to talk without mockery or even much questioning.

I mean let’s compare and contrast the coverage of a man claiming a literal TARDIS exists to the coverage of doctors claiming covid vaccines are dangerous or masks don’t work.

Corporate “fact-checkers” seemed to have missed a gimme here, don’t they?

More than that, the UFO psy-op didn’t even start with Grusch. The Biden administration was actively feeding the UFO story for months before he came forward.

In June 2021 the US intelligence community released a report claiming it knew about unknown flying objects in US airspace.

In January of this year the Pentagon released files claiming they knew about 247 “unidentified aerial phenomena” in US airspace in 2021 alone.

Then in February Biden announced a new taskforce to study these UFOs.

What’s noteworthy here is the way the press have picked up the UFO ball and really run with it. It’s everywhere and, again, not in the “ha, idiots believe in aliens” way. They are actually taking it seriously, or at least pretending to. And, again, this attitude pre-dates the “whistleblower”.

In February, the Guardian ran an opinion piece from the head of the British UFO Research Association, headlined “Most UFOs – like the Chinese spy balloon – can be explained away. But what about the other 2%?

Then, in April, Live Science asked simply, “Are Aliens Real?”.

Later that month it was revealed that six different “UFO whistlblowers” had already spoken to members of congress (presumably Grosch was one of these six, the other 5 remain unnamed).

In May, the journal Popular Mechanics – inveterate, if not shameless,  9/11 truth “debunkers” – published a piece headlined “6 Solid Reasons to Actually Believe in Aliens”. Later that month, NASA’s UFO taskforce released its findings publicly.

Then – would you believe it –  the day after Grusch first published his claims, there was a “UFO crash” in Las Vegas Nevada which made international headlines.

And the day after that The Hill reported that inside sources claimed “that UFO information was inappropriately withheld from Congress”

Today the Independent endeavors to answer the question that should be on everyone’s lips, “Why everyone is talking about UFO sightings, even though there is still no hard evidence”, while Fox News is hosting interviews with Navy pilots discussing “credible claims” of UFO sightings and calling them a “daily occurence.”

Even voices from the alternative right/conservative sphere, people who you would expect to be somewhat skeptical, have climbed on this bandwagon.

The refrain is that these headlines reflect the US “admitting” something they previously denied, or that this is leaking out against the wishes of the government (or the globalists who control said government).

This is nonsense. Governments don’t “admit” anything – even undeniable physical realities like buildings falling at terminal velocity. What governments do is use the language of “admission” to seed narratives.

Never has this been more obvious than right now.

Consider that Grusch has already been allowed to testify in front of the house of representatives. A privilege never afforded to any serious Covid skeptic or 9/11 truther.

Consider also that Mr Grusch’s former lawyer was Charles McCullough, the first ever Senate-appointed inspector general of the US intelligence services from 2010-2017.

He’s being given the biggest platform in the country, while represented by “former” intelligence officials.

Is that how you treat a whistleblower who is embarrassing you or endangering secret plans?

No, it’s how you treat an asset who is part of a story you want the public to hear.

Clearly, this is a narrative roll-out.

The real question is: Why?

And, honestly, I have absolutely no idea. A distraction maybe, but it’s a weird card to play when we already have “climate change” and a “special military operation” on-going, not to mention residual old pandemics and incipient new ones.

No, the distraction argument doesn’t really hold water, but neither do the standard explanations of money or power. What legislation can UFOs force through? Who could seriously try and levy an alien defense tax?

It’s  possible Grusch is a “suicide bomber” of the type we are all familiar with, who will ultimately self-destruct  and be shown to be a charlatan, along with “revelations” that he’s a covid skeptic, climate denier, 9/11 truther or other “conspiracy theorist” – thus making truth movements look foolish, and humiliating anyone who endorsed or believed him.

But even that’s a stretch right now, given the sheer amount of mainstream endorsement he’s got already.

There’s only one other angle I could possibly think of, but it’s pretty out there.

In the Alan Moore graphic novel Watchmenspoiler warning, I guess – the villain’s master plan is to end the Cold War and save humanity by staging an attack on earth by a pan-dimensional alien life form. His theory is that proving aliens exist and mean us harm will unite the world against a common threat and prevent the US and USSR nuking us all into oblivion.

… given the current level of globalist insanity can we totally rule out that some WEF focus group has  wargamed that idea and decided it might work?

would it actually work?

Who knows, the world stopped making sense a long time ago.

Do alien life forms exist? Have they been coming here and crashing their spaceships for the past 70 years or more?

I don’t know, but I’m fairly doubtful.

But I do know that – true or not – it would never be in the news if it wasn’t serving a purpose. And I know that basing any of your opinions or beliefs around what the US government – or any government – tells you is both irrational and historically illiterate.

Governments all over the world might suddenly claim that aliens are real…but they all claimed the pandemic was real, too.

How far will they take this story?  I don’t know, but I will leave you with this:

Early this month SETI staged an exercise where they mimicked an alien transmission to Earth from Mars. Highly noteworthy, given the historical power of exercises to predict the future.

The supreme irony in all of this is that from now on we so-called “conspiracy theorists” are going to be trying to convince our normie friends that aliens don’t exist.

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