All Covid Jab Deaths Are Murder or Suicide

All Covid Jab Deaths Are Murder or Suicide

Dr Vernon Coleman - MB ChB DSc

Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. That’s the title of my book on vaccination which I wrote a dozen years ago and as far as I know no one has ever complained about the accuracy of the title. They’ve probably moaned about it. But they haven’t been able to disprove it because it’s right.

And, of course, no vaccine in history, or indeed no drug in history, has been as dangerous as the covid-19 jab. No prescription product you can think of has caused as much death, pain, and misery. The people who promoted it and gave it – often forcing it on people – should be serving lifetime sentences in prison – without any chance of parole.

In America the covid jab has become part of an irresponsible and unscientific vaccination programme. Parents who allow their children to be jabbed should have their children removed from their care. Why the hell do they allow people to jab dangerous drugs into their kids without at least asking them what they are doing, why they are doing it and what evidence do they have that it might be doing more harm than good? They only invented covid-19 because they decided the flu wasn’t frightening enough – though actually the official statistics show that some years the original flu kills more people than the newly marketed, rebranded flu has killed.

And yet today the useless and toxic covid jab has become part of the routine untested vaccination programme used on small children, and the authorities are killing infants and toddlers faster than ever. Have you noticed how the bastards have been targeting individuals at the two extremes of life – the very old and the very young – expensive to look after and easy to get rid of.

The covid jab buggers up the immune system so that the body can’t respond to other infections. And it’s an mRNA jab which I believe affects the DNA and can lead to gene mutations and cancer. There’s already evidence about the cancer of course. I’ve dealt with that before.

So, despite all the evidence insane, money grabbing doctors are giving the stuff to toddlers, patients in hospitals, school kids and pilots. You can’t enter USA unless you’re stupid enough to have agreed to be given an injection that will probably kill you. I sometimes think Djokovic must be the only sane tennis player in the world. Those who have the covid jab voluntarily are committing suicide. Those who are given it involuntarily are murdered.

Now in the USA they want the covid jab to be given annually.

Paediatricians in the US are told to give five vaccines at once – using both arms and both legs. Under fives are being given a fourth covid jab. Kids under five get 42 vaccinations. It’s mass murder. What do they think causes Sudden Infant Death syndrome? No one has ever tested to see if it’s safe to give all those injections to a growing kid. Look at the sole of your shoe and you will find all the scientific evidence proving that it’s safe to give children all these drugs.

Meanwhile, sudden deaths are commoner than ever. Asthma and COPD are rising dramatically, and they’re blaming air pollution or wearing the wrong sized shoes or not eating enough broccoli.

Sports stars and entertainers are dropping dead so fast it has become fashionable. Over 130 Canadian doctors died after being jabbed.

In the US the VAERS results published officially show that there have been 34,725 cases where the patient died after a covid jab. It’ll be more than that by now. And remember only about 1% of vaccine side effects is reported. So far, in the US, 121 children under 16 have died after being jabbed. Those are figures which would make any serial killer drool with envy.

And before any stupid pro-vaxxer complains that the VAERS results are unreliable let me remind you that there is a disclaimer on the VAERS site saying that giving false information can lead to a fine and imprisonment. And if you look at the reports it’s obvious that most were written by despairing doctors.

It’s a kill shot. There can be no doubt.

But the pro-vaxxers, supported by the media, constantly refuse to debate vaccination because they know they’re wrong and would lose any debate.

The World Health Organization declared that anti-vaxxers are among the top threats to global health – a statement which should go straight into the top ten really stupid remarks made in the 21st century. I’ve experienced censorship for decades because I have consistently told the truth about vaccines and vaccination. No one has ever found factual errors in any of the many statements I’ve made.

Long before the fake pandemic and the fake vaccine were introduced in 2020, I was banned all around the world for telling the truth about vaccines.

So, for example, the following paragraph appeared in 2011 in my book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof.

‘The power of the pro-vaccination lobby is powerful and far spread. When I wrote a short-lived column for the Oriental Morning Post in China the editors were at first reluctant to publish a column I had written criticising vaccination. Eventually, the editors printed the piece (simply because I refused to provide an alternative). After the column appeared, my book publishers in China wrote to tell me that the Chinese Government had informed them that they could no longer publish my books. My publishers in China had produced four of my books, all of which had sold very well, but they had been told by the Government that only `medical publishing houses' could in future publish books concerned with health care. Other Chinese publishers who had shown great enthusiasm for publishing my books suddenly changed their minds.’

Anyone who has looked at the evidence knows that the covid-19 jab (which doesn’t do what the Government and the medical establishment said it would do, but does do what I said it would do) is the most dangerous medical intervention ever produced. Everyone responsible for its production and promotion should, and eventually will, be arrested.

But no one will debate with me. The BBC has a rule about never allowing anyone to question vaccination – they know that the facts show that vaccination doesn’t work and is dangerous. And they’re frightened that I will make vaccine supporters look like idiots.

That tells you everything, doesn’t it?

If the pro-vaxxers thought they were right and I was wrong they’d jump at the chance to make me look like a fool.

But their constant refusal to debate in public proves that they’re wrong and we’re right.

Instead of an open, live debate politicians and journalists who are pro-vaxxers will censor me and libel me. That’s all they’ve got – censorship and abuse.

If you want to know about vaccines and vaccination read my book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof. When the book first came out it cost £20.

Today, the paperback costs £3.99 and so does the eBook edition. It is, I believe, the most widely read book on vaccines in the world.

And here’s another thought.

I can’t prove this but I wouldn’t put anything past the bastards flogging these very expensive, very profitable jabs.

When there is another fake pandemic there is going to be another fake, pseudoscientific, fake vaccine. Another piece of mRNA junk.

So how does anyone in the world know whether the next semi-compulsory jab will mix well with the first semi-compulsory jab.

What are the odds that when the two combine the patient will drop dead in 24 hours?

I can’t say that will happen.

And the pro-vaxxers can’t say it won’t.

Thank you for listening to an old man in a chair. May God be with you. Paraphrasing the words of Rick of the excellent TruNews, I promise to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. Please share this with everyone you know. YouTube banned me a long time ago and I am totally banned from all social media for the curious, modern crime of telling the truth. But you can find me on – where I’ve been sharing truths since long before the evil Google and YouTube were born.

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