All Enemies Foreign And Domestic… and WEF

All Enemies Foreign And Domestic… and WEF

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Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss

By now anyone with some level of awareness must surely must be able to see there is an agenda at play here which has no intention of stopping. This pernicious agenda, the great work of ages, has waited hundreds if not thousands of years to reach the point of fruition which by my reckoning is not that far off. As the saying goes the new boss is the same as the old boss and new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has proven that fact in less than 48 hours of his selection. It matters not who is in charge, the anti freedom, anti humanity and anti love agenda will power on with seemingly no opposition. Or at least none in the visible realm.

The prospect of war gets ever nearer and Rishi is just the next man to ensure that happens.

All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic and the supposed protections against them

In today’s world if you as much as thing or suggest the wrong thing online through any main social media platform within minutes you feel the full force of the dark empire we find ourselves against. Whether that be calling a boy a girl or the suggestion you may be attending or supporting a freedom rally you are noticed, tracked and often now get a knock on your door with agents of the state suggesting you “correct your behaviour” or else you’ll be sent off for reprogramming.

This begs the question if the average person can be noticed in seconds with the technical power of say Facebook Or Twitter then what is being tracked and seen by the UK security services who have tools and technology beyond our wildest dreams. The answer is probably everything.

The UK security services will absolutely know what our leaders, politicians, secretaries of state, mandarins and even royals are up to. It’s not that hard today where all communications are at some level tracked and stored. To make matters worse in the old days the security services had to do actual groundwork and follow people around, go through their bins and plant James Bond style bugs in cars and offices to get hard data and hard evidence of wrongdoing. Today the enemies of this land openly tell you what they’re up to and in the case of Klaus Schwab. even brag about it with apparent impunity. This speaks volumes about the level of power they believe they hold.

The truth to the question is the UK security services know what’s going on and as it’s part of a pre approved agenda they are being told not to act. They may not even be under UK control. It may be worse in that the services we pay for to protect us may in fact have been turned against us and we haven’t realized. That said, I think that fact is becoming more obvious every day. That would be a very sad day and one of the biggest crimes imaginable. Those sworn to protect us have let us down.

Klaus and the WEF have indeed infiltrated the UK. The selection of Rishi Sunak as their UK Prime Minister is an obvious and open example of this fact. The public know it, the WEF know it and I’m 100% sure the security services know about it. It’s not about Rishi being coloured, Indian or rich. It’s about who pulls his strings and who he is loyal to and why nothing is being done about it. He cannot have two masters and he definitely won’t have.

What should be happening?

If all worked as it should then by now MI5 and MI6 should have alarm bells ringing. They will have all the evidence of who is answering to who, who funds who and what for, who is compromised and who is a danger to the UK. They should be liaising with the police and army and when the time is right they should be arresting and detaining anyone they suspect is compromised and a hostile agent the UK. Politics should be suspended, the dangers removed, a full audit of UK political actions for the last 50 years and a mechanism installed to replace the current toxic and corrupt self-serving system and individuals with a fresh lot of clean and morally good decent people to deliver a safe fair and effective form of government for the benefit of all. The fact the army and police are not acting speaks volumes about who they work for. There are many good soldiers and many good police but all the time the top brass are on the square or photographed in compromising situations they will never act. The UK has so obviously and openly been infiltrated by the WEF it’s laughable. And supposedly MI5 employ people of high intellect to stop such an infiltration.

If ever there is a time for the first officer to relieve the captain and let the force do it’s job it is now. I hope that somewhere out there there are good serving officers discussing the UK problems, veterans seeing the problems and considering solutions or maybe good solicitors or barristers who can suggest legal ways not known the common man where those sworn to protect us can be compelled to fulfil their oaths or be removed from their jobs, tried in a court of law and any appropriate punishment dished out.

These are dark times and the fact our protection systems are not working should be worrying us all.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

Good men. Now is your time.

Peace to everyone.

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