All Out War With Russia Fits The NWO Agenda Of Depopulation • And Both Sides Are In On It

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US and Russia both are in on the covid  scam together.  War with Russia is part of the plan.

Russia appears ready to strike the US with nuclear weapons  /  Arsenio Toledo

Image: Russia appears ready to strike the US with nuclear weapons

(Natural News) Ben Armstrong and Alex Jones have warned that Russia is preparing to strike the United States with nuclear weapons.

Armstrong, host of “The Ben Armstrong Show” on The New American, noted that Russian media is openly talking about nuclear strikes.

“Russia keeps acting like they’re preparing – and verbally saying so – to strike America, and we here in America don’t seem to care,” he said during an episode of his show. Armstrong added that while this may indicate to some people that Russia isn’t going to attack as it ruins the element of surprise, he pointed out that this isn’t always the case.

“That’s completely opposite of what we know about world history,” he said. “Many times, evil people, just in general, tell you what they’re going to do, especially when they know that people don’t even believe it anyways.”

Alex Jones, during an episode of his show on InfoWars, also warned his viewers that they are facing a level of danger so intense “it’s probably 100 times any level of danger I’ve ever felt.”

“We’re in grave danger, you’re in grave danger,” said Jones. “This whole decadent facade is being swept away by design, and the fools that have gone along with it have no idea how much grave danger they’re in.”

Russia-US nuclear war could cause five billion deaths

A study published in the journal Nature Food predicts that a full-scale nuclear conflict between Russia and the U.S. could spark a global famine that could cause five billion deaths due to starvation in the years immediately following the conclusion of the nuclear conflict.

The risk of a direct conflict between both nations is believed to be higher today than at any point since the Cold War due to the outbreak of open conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the latter of which is receiving billions of dollars worth of military hardware from the United States. (Related: Russian political scientist warns “nuclear war is coming” if the West keeps escalating conflict in Ukraine.)

Russia and the U.S. combined own roughly 90 percent of the global supply of nuclear warheads. If nuclear war does break out between the two powers, the study conducted by scientists from Rutgers University estimates that it would slash global average caloric production by 90 percent within four years after the nuclear exchange.

“In a nuclear war, bombs targeted on cities and industrial areas would start firestorms, injecting large amounts of soot into the upper atmosphere, which would spread globally and rapidly cool the planet. Such soot landings would cause decadal disruptions in earth’s climate, which would impact food production systems on land and in the oceans,” reads the study.

“Nuclear war would primarily contaminate soil and water close to where nuclear weapons were used. In conclusion, the reduced light, global cooling, and likely trade restrictions after nuclear wars would be a global catastrophe for food security.”

“The data tell us one thing: We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening,” said Alan Robock, a professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers and a co-author of the study.

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Watch this episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” as host Ben Armstrong discusses how Russia is preparing to attack America.

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