America Sold: The Most Heinous Crime In American History

America Sold: The Most Heinous Crime In American History

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Roger Landry (TLB)

Today one of the biggest issues for those of us who are awake, involved and willing to speak out, is the ever increasing stranglehold on power over We The People being exercised by what is supposed to be a Government Of the People, By the People and For the People. Today due to assumed pandemic emergency powers America approaches a dictatorship … but not quite. And even as what we are told was the worst global pandemic in global history fades from most of our realities … we witness a government unwilling to relinquish said power. It has been stated many times that once a government is granted additional power/s, it will not relinquish them willingly and must be pushed into doing so by the power of the people. Witness reality today!

But how many of us are truly aware of the real power of We The People as it actually exists today in America, in our Constitutional Republic, run in a democratic fashion. Is this power and authority in fact reality? Have we been lied to on a scale beyond the realm of what a vast majority of us would even consider possible. Is there a reason that a ‘deep state’ holds so much power over us? Is there a reason why a Federal Reserve (a non-government entity) controls the purse strings of America. Is there a reason why so many choreographed disasters and false flag events have been used throughout modern American history to shape our thoughts and fears, and push us in directions we would not have voluntarily moved?

What I present here is a breakdown of the most heinous actions even taken against We The People, and this will become evident as you go deeper into this publication. I find this to be a subject far too few Americans, even those who consider themselves awake, are even aware of. When I try to discuss this with those who are unaware, the push back is phenomenal, the term conspiracy theorist is tossed about freely and the lights go out in their eyes. People just don’t wish to believe this is real. Far too many refuse to believe that this country could have ever been saddled with this much tyranny, or that our government today perpetuates this tyranny fully aware that it has to lead to the inevitable demise of this country.

After you have read this preface please watch this outstanding video series that has been available for all to see for over a decade. If this topic is new to you … prepare yourself for the ultimate shock. If this is a topic you are somewhat familiar with … this information is a great resource to help awaken others.


Tyranny has been on a long and patient path to dominance in America. In 1871 when the USA became a wholly owned Corporation, NOT a Republic (Via the act of 1871) the Constitution was TOTALLY subverted and replaced! America was sold right out from under We The People (FACT)!

We do not live in a Republic and we are ruled over (not governed) as assets of this entity through stealth and subversion by the owners of this corporation (those who we call the elite). This is not a theory or a guess, but a reality never taught in our schools or mentioned in our history books. If you need to hide something from the people for 150 years, then by it’s very nature it cannot be advantageous to the people, and must border on eventual or ultimate catastrophe. This is the mechanism that opened the door for ultimate tyranny in America, and it has advanced at an ever increasing pace since that traitorous action.

Voting will not and never has done anything to correct this heinous tyranny, hidden so very well in plain sight from We The People, it will take the repeal of the act of 1871, the repeal of the Federal Reserve act, and much more. This will NOT be rectified at the ballot box alone, it will take a mass awakening of We The People and a unified push back against the entrenched and institutionalized tyranny … or it will never happen at all …

What I present here for you is a very thorough explanation of the tyranny that precipitated the most heinous crime (America Sold) ever committed against the American people … The video series was originally published in 2012, and still stands as one of the most thorough explanations available.

Mark Hafner talks about the history of the Act of 1871 and the Corporation of the United States, and how it has effected the sovereignty of the people of the Constitutional Republic of the United States ever since.








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