Americans War Against US Government | 47% of American Citizens Believe A New Civil War Likely

Americans War Against US Government | 47% of American Citizens Believe A New Civil War Likely

Americans realize that their warmongering elites want to prepare them to be the next cannon fodder. Public (dis)trust in the US governmentis so bad now that US citizens are more likely to go to war with their own government rather than any foreign adversary.

Drago Bosnic

A national poll (conducted by Marist Poll) in late May showed that a staggering 47% of American citizens believe a new civil war is likely to happen during their lifetime. 

The populace also deeply distrusts the mainstream propaganda machine, as evidenced by previous polls showing that nearly 40% of Americans don’t trust their media in the slightest.

And who could possibly blame them? The American people have been lied to for decades, with warmongering politicians tricking them into supporting wars and foreign meddling that only exacerbated world problems, which would often come back and bite the electorate in the US itself. 

Now, many Americans believe that the corrupt federal institutions are trying to push for a global confrontation in order to take away their constitutionally guaranteed rights and basic freedoms.

American citizens find the possibility of military conscription (known as the draft in the United States) a particularly concerning prospect and a bad omen of the troubled times going forward.

Such fears grew exponentially on June 14, when the House passed an amended version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which now includes a provision that will automatically register all American men aged 18-26 with the Selective Service System. In other words, this is the restitution of the pre-Vietnam War draft policies and will effectively end the much-touted “all-volunteer force” (AVF) approach that was dominating the strategic thinking in the US military and most other global thalassocracies during the (First) Cold War, continuing throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

However, with the interest to serve in most NATO militaries plunging to its historical low, the draft seems to be the only solution for this problem. [Do not comply] It’s broadly equivalent to the conscription that still exists in many countries, including Russia and several major NATO member states. Somewhat ironically, US politicians and the Pentagon often ridicule conscription-based militaries, claiming they’re “ineffective”. However, this approach is far more suitable than just registering untrained men for the draft. After all, Russian conscripts have at least basic military training, unlike American draftees. This is a quite radical change to the aforementioned AVF approach and the only logical explanation is that the US is preparing for a major war. And once again, as is the case historically, there’s bipartisan support for this initiative.

For instance, prominent Democrat representatives such as Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) cosponsored the NDAA. Namely, while she, a “proud feminist”, previously advocated the expansion of draft registration to both men and women, her latest proposal included automatic registration of men only. Quite interesting to see politicians ignore their own purported ideological convictions, particularly when it comes to sending other people’s children to war. One could even argue that the Kiev regime’s policies are slowly finding their way to the political West. And indeed, even the Pentagon argues that the only way to fight a near-peer adversary such as Russia is to reinstate the draft, as evidenced by the US Army War College’s publications now trying to prepare Americans and justify the draft as manpower shortages persist.

In one of its essays (PDF) published last year, the Pentagon stresses the need to learn lessons and draw conclusions from the NATO-orchestrated Ukrainian conflict. In a subsection titled “Casualties, Replacements, and Reconstitutions”, the authors argue that “large-scale combat operations troop requirements may well require a reconceptualization of the 1970s and 1980s volunteer force and a move toward partial conscription”. Apart from being yet another indirect proof of the enormous casualties among the NATO-backed Neo-Nazi junta forces, it’s also a bad omen for the Americans who’d be drafted into the US military and sent off to fight a country like Russia and/or China. As a result, those same Americans who have been lied to all these decades aren’t exactly keen on fighting, especially not for the very government lying to them. [A government that also has blatantly tried to kill them with covid deadly injections]

The rhetoric pushing for the reinstatement of mandatory service has been ongoing for years. Some of the latest statements by high-ranking officials only exacerbate the fear of general conscription in the US and other Western countries. In mid-June, Chris Miller, the former acting Defense Secretary, publicly suggested that the draft should be reinstated. Just days later, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), a Washington DC-based think-tank, released a report in which they conducted several wargame scenarios that included conscription for a large-scale conflict with China. The DoD (Department of Defense) regularly did the same in the pre-Vietnam War era. CNAS and similar think tanks are deeply integrated with the Pentagon, which leaves Americans worried about the possibility of such scenarios becoming reality.

Interestingly, the CNAS report argues that “(mobilizing) a force of 100,000 new recruits within 200 days would be nearly impossible under current cultural conditions, insisting that (the Internet and social media present a significant obstacle, ostensibly because it allows people to share unfiltered information). In other words, this Pentagon-linked think-tank wants to shut down your Internet access in order to make it easier to send you to war with nuclear-armed superpowers. However, CNAS went further than that, suggesting that “any significant draft could only succeed if the public knew they could face real punishment if they refused to comply”. The authors also made a particularly curious argument that older draftees should be targeted first, as they’re more likely to push back against such mandates.

Despite years of the mainstream propaganda machine’s “Russia losing” fantasies, dozens of millions of Americans have access to Telegram and similar platforms, showing the brutal realities of modern warfare.

Coupled with the atrocious casualty ratio of the US/NATO-backed Neo-Nazi junta forces in Ukraine, Americans realize that their warmongering elites want to prepare them to be the next cannon fodder. Public (dis)trust in the US governmentis so bad now that US citizens are more likely to go to war with their own government rather than any foreign adversary.

Less than 20% of Americans support a return to the pre-Vietnam War era draft, simply because they don’t see a point in going to war for the US in its current state. The so-called “woke” policies and similar end-of-civilization degeneracies are the main culprit.

Most normal people (known as “conservatives” and “radicals” to the liberal extremists in power) find the system utterly repulsive, particularly now when the so-called “woke mind virus” is slowly drifting away into the realm of pedophilia and similar mental disorders and sexual deviations. Thus, who in their right mind would go to war so that so-called “transsexuals” can dance naked in front of their kids (including preschool children and even toddlers)? In fact, it can easily be argued that the vast majority of normal people would take up arms or at least turn their guns away from the “evil Russians and Chinese” who aren’t actually forcing them to do anything and point them at those who do – the US government composed of deeply corrupt warmongers, war criminals, plutocrats and child traffickers (among many other things).

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