An Early Preview of Flu Season or VAIDS Season

An Early Preview of Flu Season or VAIDS Season

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My tipster just emailed me the following:

I know you focus on the big picture, but sometimes reading a local take on things makes people start to think about what is also probably starting to happen in their own community.  This one’s an eye opener!!

I currently live in San Diego so I see the local news here.  Just saw this today on the local TV and in the SD Union Tribune paper.

One high school (Patrick Henry) is reporting about 1000 students out sick with flu symptoms on Wednesday out of a total student body of 2600. That’s over 38% out ill.  It is the week after homecoming, but more students were out sick on Wednesday than on Monday.

Now a second local high school (Del Norte) is reporting 300 students out of an approximate 2500 student body also out with flu symptoms.  A person at Rady Children’s Hospital said he’s been there for 34 years and never seen this kind of volume of flu patients coming in for treatment in October.

The county tracks its flu season starting on July 1st each year.  So far they have confirmed just 1000 cases, But, 304 of those cases are from their most recently available week of tracking.  This compares to a 5 year usual average weekly rate of just 22 cases for this time of year.  So, it looks like the huge flu season we’ve all been expecting and predicting would arrive earlier than usual has done just that, at least in San Diego.  Coincidentally, San Diego was one of the most aggressive school districts in the nation in REQUIRING students get vaccinated….perhaps Vaccine damaged immune systems?  Of course the experts are blaming it on last years’ lockdowns limiting exposure and thus limiting natural immunity to common viruses.  You be the judge.

Keep in mind, these are relatively healthy, young high school aged students getting sick.  Wait until the weather gets worse forcing people to stay primarily together indoors where this can begin spreading to the less healthy and elderly.

Surge of respiratory illness pops up at Patrick Henry High, Rady ER inundated – The San Diego Union-Tribune (

Suspected respiratory outbreak at Patrick Henry High School |

This is an excellent and most terrifying example of what is to come since high schoolers are one of the healthiest and most virile demographics so imagine what the older DEATHVAXXED Tm demographics are in store for?

As this substack has been warning for quite some time, expect this upcoming cold and flu season to cause terrible surges in mortality across all ages.

This slow kill bioweapon does not discriminate with its VAIDS payload.

Do NOT comply.

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