Anecdotals Documentary • Vaccine Violence Is Real And The Vaccine Holocaust Is Happening Now

Anecdotals Documentary • Vaccine Violence Is Real And The Vaccine Holocaust Is Happening Now  /  S.D. Wells

Vaccine damage from spike protein jabs is inducing wave of health carnage across the globe

(Natural News) “Some people are not fine!” says a Covid-vaccine-damage victim emphatically in the new movie “Anecdotals” about people who are now suffering paralysis in different parts of their body from the Wuhan virus clot shots. These severely damaged vaccine-violence victims are assuring their audience that this is not political, and that they just want everyone who’s injured by these dirty jabs to get the treatment and help they deserve, including themselves.

Vaccine-violence victims are suffering from paralysis of their face, their legs, and some their senses, including going blind. This is happening to perfectly healthy people just days or weeks after getting mRNA gene-mutation, vascular-clotting, prion-creating injections.

These vaccine-injured people are testifying that their government lied to them and said the Covid injections were “safe” and “effective,” but they’re really experimental, dangerous, and ineffective. Parents have lost their children to these medical exploits. It’s quite the shame and they’re having trouble even telling the world about it without breaking down into tears and dismay on camera.

Dementia-ridden Resident Biden promised the world that… “the vaccines are safe, I promise you, they are safe and effective”

The fake President, the regulatory agency heads at the FDA and CDC, and the pharma-bought scientists at the World Health Organization all lied and repeated the same old false mantra they’ve been saying about every vaccine ever created; that they’re “safe and effective.” Well, saying that 100 or 1,000 times doesn’t make it so, just follow the science and the testimonials of thousands of vaccine-injury victims, and you realize how dangerous these Covid jabs really are. No wonder they offer them for free, even though it’s really tax-payer funded when it all comes out in the wash.

Covid-jab-victims are suffering intolerable nerve pain from the shots. As their vascular system, central nervous system, cleansing organs, heart and brain are all clogged up with toxic, virus-mimicking protein prions, critical systems are malfunctioning, breaking down, and failing. That’s why Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is so common now. It’s the new name for vaccine damage and vaccine-induced sudden death. Mass media and the medical industrial complex calls it “unexplainable.”

The data is anecdotal, based on thousands of personal accounts, including cases documented by physicians, cardiologists, immunologists, and even coroners and embalmers. Vaccine violence victims and their parents are testifying to the damage in front of committees, agencies, medical boards, researchers, regulatory heads, and more, to try to get the message out there that the medical industry is completely IGNORING these folks who are suffering immensely from the faulty, dangerous, dirty jabs.

Vaccine violence is real and the vaccine holocaust is happening now

Vaccine damage data is blaringly obvious, showing disturbing trends about this tsunami of critical injuries happening after mRNA vaccination, and much of it is reported to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (and similar reporting systems in countries around the world). Yet, these reports really only reflect about 10% to 20% at best of the REAL numbers of vaccine-violence victims and their plights.

We must all spread the word and make sure these folks are heard and get the treatment they deserve, while protecting others from incurring the same. Let’s help put a stop to this ridiculous claim that the Covid jabs are “safe and effective.” Anyone claiming that now should be tried in court for pushing harmful propaganda with malicious intent. This is not a political issue, but rather a worldwide medical tragedy of epic proportions. Take a stance and help these people.

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