Another Athlete Collapses On The Field • Damar Hamlin Of The 100% Vaccinated Buffalo Bills

Another Athlete Collapses On The Field • Damar Hamlin Of The 100% Vaccinated Buffalo Bills

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Could this sad event be a defining moment in the American public finding their voice against the wall of silence surrounding the Covid ‘vaccines’? What are the ripple effects for the rest of us?

This report gives some basic facts of the situation from Hamlin’s Monday night (Jan. 2) collapse, studiously avoiding any mention of the Covid vaccine (the vast majority of NFL players have apparently been vaccinated): Bills’ Hamlin in critical condition after collapse on field | AP News

This short tweeted video gives us the actual moment of his collapse, which seems to be edited out of many reports:

The General – Compilation of athletes having suddenly died and suddenly collapsing. #BuffaloBills #DamarHamlin

— Torres Richard (@TorresUSAArmy) January 4, 2023

See #damarhamlin trending on Twitter.

Steve Kirsch tells us that the Buffalo Bills team was 100% vaccinated:

Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and will not make a full recovery

Also by Kirsch: ‘The most likely scenario is that Damar Hamlin was brain dead on the fieldBased on talking to a number of medical experts, the very sad news is that it is likely that Damar Hamlin died on the field. The COVID vaccine should be investigated as contributing to his death.’

Dr. Peter McCullough & Tucker Carlson tonight on the tragic collapse of Buffalo’s NFL player Damar Hamlin & “on the disturbing trend of more young athletes collapsing on the field with heart issues”

“The leading concern here is vaccine-induced myocarditis, if indeed he’s taken the vaccine.” Our research shows COVID-19 can cause heart damage, vaccine-induced myocarditis heart damage, SILENT!

Dr. Paul Alexander

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough discusses his findings with Tucker Carlson on the disturbing trend of more young athletes collapsing on the field with heart issues than ever before.

“The leading concern here is vaccine-induced myocarditis, if indeed he’s taken the vaccine.”

— Scott Morefield (@SKMorefield) January 4, 2023

There is a public health obligation to tell us if he took the vaccine’.

The initial presentation of vaccine-induced myocarditis can be cardiac arrest.

By now, millions of Americans (who can still find somewhere to practice free speech) have commented on the apparent heart attack of Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin, which occurred last night on “Monday Night Football.”

The extreme interest in this case further confirms that millions of Americans understand a giant elephant has been sitting in our family rooms for more than two years.

A few of thoughts on this potentially very important (if tragic) news event.

  1. We don’t know if Hamlin’s cardiac event was related to him getting a vaccine, which he almost certainly has received as probably 99 percent of NFL players have been vaccinated.
  2. But this life-threatening cardiac event could be related to the vaccine. This is the “elephant in the room.
  3. People began receiving Covid “vaccines” in December 2020 – more than two years ago. In those two years, I have not heard one American announcer broach the subject that vaccines could be dangerous to young, healthy athletes. No announcer has mentioned the thousands of possible vaccine-related injuries and fatalities that have now happened to people around the world (whether these people were playing organized sports, weekend sports, running in a 5k or rock-climbing).
  4. This “radio silence” is strange as every time a current or recently-retired athlete “dies suddenly” throngs of people comment on this (again, at the sites that still allow uncensored comments).
  5. For two years, I’ve been saying that the only thing that might change the “safe and effective” vaccine narrative is if some U.S. athlete died on national television … probably in a game with tens of millions of viewers … a game like “Monday Night Football.”
  6. But even if, God forbid, such a tragedy occurred, I’m no longer certain this would be enough to change the narrative enough to cease all future vaccinations.
  7. Too many groups are now “stakeholders” in the vaccine narrative for these people and organizations to admit they were wrong.
  8. For example, the NFL Players Association could probably go a long way towards challenging the “safe” narrative by simply voting to not play football again until these vaccine demands are stopped. However, this union – created to look out for the well-being of its members (today and in the future) – actually supports Covid vaccines … and supported masking requirements and mandatory testing of non-sick players.
  9. If this union belatedly decided the vaccines might be dangerous to its members, it would be admitting it was wrong (on a life-or-death matter) for three years, something the Union’s leadership will NOT do.
  10. Nor will any announcer or journalist covering sports leagues admit one incredibly-relevant Covid fact: No college or pro athlete in the world has died from Covid in the past three years. This means there has been zero mortality risk to these athletes from Covid, according to three years of observable data. This means there was no reason any of these athletes should have been vaccinated in the first place.
  11. Everyone in the world also now knows that the vaccines neither prevent infection nor spread so there is absolutely no evidence that vaccines produce any important benefit for these athletes.
  12. Aaron Rodgers, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving and tennis superstar Novak Djokovik were right and smart to refuse vaccination.
  13. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and every other sports league commissioner was wrong to mandate these vaccines (or to bully, penalize and coerce athletes into doing this). So too was every college sports league and all their member colleges and all the esteemed science department faculty members who comprised these leagues’ “expert” safety panels.
  14. Every fine that commissioners have levied against athletes and coaches who didn’t wear masks, or salaries that were withheld because non-vaxxed athletes couldn’t play in certain games, should be returned with interest and punitive damages for discrimination.
  15. Every journalist or TV talking head who refused to acknowledge the above facts are cowards who refused to do their jobs and present any of these facts. This, or they are simply obtuse and the public should know our “watchdog” journalists are too ignorant to add two and two together.
  16. We’ll never definitively know if the vaccines killed or harmed young athletes because the autopsies that might determine this will either never be performed or the autopsies that are performed won’t look for the right clinical markers. And/or the cause of death will be listed as a medical issue which the vaccines might have caused.
  17. Still, a tiny chance (maybe 0 to 1 percent) exists that some officials will rule a high-profile death as being vaccine-caused. If, by some miracle, such an official determination was made, many more people would then have to acknowledge that, at least for pro athletes, Covid vaccines are more deadly than Covid-19 (a disease the vaccines don’t prevent). Such a finding would perhaps qualify as a narrative-changer.
  18. … Which, alas, is why this can’t happen.
  19. Pfizer is actually a corporate sponsor of the SEC and pays the league untold millions of dollars. In a recent media campaign, the SEC and Pfizer joined forces to “encourage everyone to get their boosters.” The NFL, NBA, MLB, Big-10, Pac-12, etc. are also firmly on the record of endorsing vaccines … just like all the networks that televise the sporting events of these leagues.
  20. Question: Are any of these institutions now going to admit they were wrong and were putting the health and lives of athletes at risk all along?

At one time I thought if one prominent American athlete died on national TV in front of 20 million people such a tragedy might save many lives … so such a death would actually have a silver lining. But now I doubt this would even be the case.

When you’ve reached the conclusion that one death might need to happen to save many more lives, something’s gone terribly wrong with our society.


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