Anti-energy corporations Credit Suisse and BlackRock BANNED from doing business with Texas

Anti-energy corporations Credit Suisse and BlackRock BANNED from doing business with Texas  /  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The state of Texas has published a list outlining all of the companies that are now prohibited from working with the state due to their open hostility towards the energy industry – and some of the names on there might surprise you.

Globalist financial group BlackRock is listed along with Credit Suisse. Others include BNP Paribas, Danske Bank, Jupiter Fund Management, Nordea Bank, Schroders, Svenska Handelsbanken, Swedbank and UBS Group.

The issue, of course, centers around these entities’ opposition to fossil fuels, which they claim are “warming” the planet and causing “climate change.”

Texas, as you may know, is a fossil fuel-producing state that is not entirely on board with the inaptly named “green” energy movement, which aims to strip Americans of their right to use cheap and abundant oil and gas for life and prosperity.

Texas state comptroller Glenn Hegar, a Republican, has been keeping tabs on which major banks and financial institutions are part of the “green” movement to avoid their doing business with the Lone Star State. (Related: BlackRock is also part of a cohort that aims to take over the food supply and centralize it under globalist control.)

“Green” and “sustainable” are words used to disguise an anti-fossil fuel agenda

As part of a probe, Hegar’s office sent letters to more than 150 firms asking them to clarify their position on fossil fuels. They were directly asked whether they support or oppose the oil and gas industries.

The investigation was actually triggered as part of a GOP-backed state law that took place last September. That law limits Texas governments from entering into certain types of contracts with firms that support “sustainability,” which is often used as code to describe an anti-fossil fuel stance.

Many of the firms that indicated opposition to fossil fuels claimed that they are simply reacting to customer demand and ESG strategies.

Regardless of their excuse, companies that are on board with the green agenda will not be allowed to reap profits from Texas, at least not in the ways outlined in the new law.

“I wonder how they heat the BlackRock headquarters building?” asked one commenter, pointing out the hypocrisy of this globalist-run financial group. “If it’s with gas, I’d cut them off.”

“This is part of how they are dividing the country,” responded another about how the powers that be are lumping fossil fuels in with the Right and “green” energy in with the Left.

“ESG is just a fancy way of saying fascism,” wrote another. “That is when corporations do the government’s (shadow, that is) bidding. Low-IQ antifa: are you paying attention?”

Someone else pointed out that while BlackRock has backed off some on the ESG scam, it is still “pure evil” nonetheless, playing a direct role in the push towards a “great reset” and the gobbling up of all middle-class assets such as housing.

“BlackRock is instrumental in authoring its own role in the ‘going direct’ reset test, which funneled TRILLIONS into the current transformation of (for example) hospitals into death camps during Operation C19,” Operation C19 referring to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

“Field marshal Biden initiated the changes to the Cares (Kills) Act to incentivize Remdesivir and ventilators for the hospitals (and other operational protocols) and hospital CEOs were obviously paid millions to direct the institutionalized euthanasia.”

Another pointed out that the United States is already pretty much a mostly-fascist nation, but that “they’re just adding the Bolshevik seasoning” at this point in time.

“Environmentalism is a religion now,” added another. “Back to worshipping the earth – next up is the sun and the moon.”

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