Apocalypse Lunchtime

Apocalypse Lunchtime


Dr Naomi Wolf

Has our species been trained now not to react to catastrophic danger or even extra super weirdness?

And do we know what really happened on Wednesday in New York City?

Last Wednesday I was in Brooklyn, New York, at about ten am. I had stayed in the borough overnight, as I was preparing to meet a lawyer in Manhattan.

My stay had already become 21st Century-dystopian, as I had foolishly booked myself at the trendy/discounted hotel, Sonder the Industrialist. It turned out that the management has turned physical hotels into a dehumanized data harvesting operation. I arrived at night in an Uber to find myself alone in an industrialized area, with a dying phone, and all the restaurants closing; at which point the app informed me that there was to be no human being to receive me in the lobby, so I had to phone a call center in the Philippines in order to “set up my account,” and then that I must provide an array of invasive private information before I would be granted the code to enter the building.

I followed other exasperated tourists into the lobby, hoping to bypass the data harvesting, but was told by the sweet, sad “security person” at the front desk that he had no powers whatsoever, that there was no key to give me at all, and that I had to finish “completing my account” and “checking in online” before I could hope to get to my longed-for room.

This process included a full-on, turn-your-head-right-and-left, biometric facial scan, which in the Brave New World of digital coercion, it was too late for me to decline, if I was going to get anywhere safe to sleep. The “lockdown” model for forcibly extracting digital information and behavioral compliance before allowing anyone anything decently human had taken over yet another former civilized experience — checking into a hotel after a journey — in yet another formerly human space.

I could not manage to “update the settings on my camera” effectively to allow the app to data-harvest my driver’s license, so a tall, equally exhausted Swedish businessman loomed into my personal space in order to help me, thus inadvertently seeing not only all my biometric information and the purpose of my trip, but also my room entry access code and my room number. The app thus having entirely compromised my security as well as having harvested critical personal information against my will, I fled to my room at last, reminding myself uneasily to bolt the door.

The next morning, though, was cheery; cool and bright; partly sunny. There was a faint haze, and a distant smell of wood smoke, as when leaves are burning in autumn.

I got into an Uber to head into Manhattan.

Suddenly -- in the proverbial blink of an eye - the almost-clear day turned dead-grey all around us, with thickening grey-white smoke filling up the air bizarrely, though there was no fire visible. It was filling up the air around us humans and around pets and vehicles — in the street, in the crosswalks, around the Uber; not overhead. It was if someone producing a play had switched off a light above us, and turned on a dry ice machine.

“This seems weird,” I said. The driver, a young man, explained that “they say it’s the wildfires in Canada”, a buzz-phrase I’d heard all morning. The smoke continued to thicken at human levels as we drove, as if we had entered the midst of a massive, smoky cloud. I had never seen anything like that sudden change manifesting in the air, though I had grown up in California where there was wildfire season every year. “Or directed energy weapons” I said to myself under my breath.

Instead of laughing or ignoring me, the young man turned on a video on his dashboard screen for me to watch. It purported to be a meteorological video of the area in Canada where the wildfires were, that appeared to show multiple fires starting at once. It was from InfoWars, but other sites have shared similar videos: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/apocalyptic-haze-engulfs-new-york-city-as-canadian/. The driver agreed that the intensifying cloud around us was disturbing. With no prompting from me, he talked about the World Economic Forum and global treaties; he was a follower of alternative media. Though I could not assess the source of his video, and though had blurted out my worst fear rather than having any facts on which to base it, I thought that he was wise to quit work after he dropped me off, to go home and retrieve his child from school, and not hang out longer in this mysterious cloud; I decided as we drove to try to cancel my appointment in midtown; I would try to get out of the city as soon as I could.

The lawyer said there was no way to cancel the meeting, so against my instincts we kept driving toward Manhattan.

My family had been in the city on 9/11, and though I was in the UK that day, I had flown immediately to Toronto and then took a taxi, thanks to the kindness of my publisher, to New York City, where my baby and toddler and my then-husband were. As someone who had lived through the aftermath of that attack, in an apartment less than a mile from Ground Zero, I had been traumatized by the thick smoke, and by the lingering smell of chemicals and bodies that persisted in lower Manhattan. I was traumatized by the harm it did. Loved ones to this day suffer respiratory damage from that smoke, even though Christine Todd Whitman, then-head of the EPA, had declared famously, knowing that she was lying, that “the air in lower Manhattan is safe to breathe.” [https://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/03/nyregion/public-misled-on-air-quality-after-911-attack-judge-says.html]. Children across the city whose families had trusted the government sustained respiratory damage. First responders, of course, later developed illnesses, and many eventually died.

I did not want to head into that strange cloud. I did not know what chemicals were in it. I did not know whether whatever is used to fight fires today, assuming the official reports were true — is safe to breathe. You can see our journey across the Williamsburg Bridge here. You can see that as we drove, the cloud thickened so much that the buildings were no longer visible across the East River:Loading videoLoading videoLoading video

I got to midtown at about 1:15 and stopped for lunch at a little salad restaurant at Madison and 41st. As I ate, the sky started to darken. To my amazement, people kept walking almost normally outside as this happened: you can see them. At about 1:50 I looked up as the sky immediately turned light orange. “Orange skies all at once in NYC. Hard to breathe” I tweeted, sure at this point that I was witnessing something strange and anomalous and wishing more than ever that I could be elsewhere:Loading video

On the street, as I filmed the sky and air around us become more and more deeply orange, my lungs started to burn. They had not burned up until that point.

I entered the building where my appointment was to take place, and the doorman too said “Canada wildfires” but also, of the deep reddish-orange haze outside, “This is really strange. Be safe.” I went to my meeting, and as the air turned pumpkin orange and then traffic cone orange and then burnt red, my lawyer said calmly, “It’s the apocalypse out there.” A support staffer spat out, ‘It’s disgusting.” As with so much these days, I felt that there was much unsaid. I signed a series of documents, got out of there as quickly as I could, rushed to the train station, and got a train out of the city.

I headed North on the train - but that was weird too. I took a video of the sky.

It was far from reassuring to have stumbled upon Joel 2:30, while fleeing upstate on the train:

30And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. 31The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” [https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Joel-2-30/]

As soon as we pulled out of the city, the atmosphere shifted again at once and it was no longer orange. It turned grey, then to high cloud that was white, abruptly, as soon as we were North of Manhattan. Since the wildfires were to the North, why was the weird color less intense, until it vanished altogether, and not more so as we rode closer to the source?

I arrived home shaken, and trying to get my loved ones to leave the city.

Sure, I am called a “conspiracy theorist”, even though 90 per cent [probably higher] of that about which I have sought to warn people, has come to pass. My kind of work used to be called “analysis” or even “investigative reporting,” until the majick took place regarding Newspeak-language, that pathologized the asking of questions and the verifying of facts.

But there are questions to be asked — about the Apocalypse at lunchtime in midtown — before we should simply accept what we are being told. Maybe the “official narrative” is real, but there are other issues among many that we must all alone, as abandoned citizens, rule out.

First of all, I reported at length in 2017 on geoengineering. Sadly it is real. I was relentlessly hounded by bots and hired meteorologists in 2017 as I reported out on that story, which prepared me well for 2020-present. Nefarious people really are trying to mess with weather, and with the sky and the sun.

The usual suspects — Bill Gates and his lunatic friends, including those at the Rockefeller Foundation, at Harvard University, and at the UN — do indeed long to launch solar geoengineering — meaning sulphur dioxide spewed from planes — around the earth to block out the sun. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidrvetter/2022/01/20/solar-geoengineering-why-bill-gates-wants-it-but-these-experts-want-to-stop-it/?sh=23f2a0281842. They are already doing it in various programs.

Indeed I may have helped to derail Gates’ planned 2017 ScopEx — “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment” — launch to block the sun, a launch that would have been against US law (a loophole which the funders classily sidestepped by planning to launch from an Indian reservation) — via my reporting on this project, which I tweeted relentlessly to Harvard’s alumni Twitter feed. [https://www.boell.de/sites/default/files/etc-group_briefing_scopex.pdf] We are not out of the woods yet — the dates on this document show the experiment lasting from 2015 to 2024.

The geoengineers simply shifted the location of their experiments. Igor Chudov reported on the latest effort to deploy these plans. https://dailyclout.io/the-un-discusses-darkening-the-skies-to-combat-climate-change/. And apparently Gernot Wagner, the nasty evildoer/economist who has been pushing this with Gates money via Harvard and Columbia Universities since at least 2017, just launched another “experiment” of this kind in the UK last fall — lucky Britain: [https://gwagner.com/techreview-satan/] (Note the url! Some techie has a sense of humor).

These folks do not give up on their dastardly plans. Team Geoengineering has not given up its dream of a massive “white skies” goal. Out-of-control wildfires in Canada — or in Australia for that matter, see 2019-2020 — could be the perfect cover to launch such an experiment and to get particulate into the air. (Wagner is an economist. Think of the control of economies a few oligarchs can achieve, by holding the means of selectively blocking the sun.)

Directed Energy weapons, sadly, too, are real things. It is not crazy to wonder if they have been deployed when there is a dramatic eruption on earth. As I often note, the US Government does not spend hundreds of thousands or millions or billions to make things (or to draft legislation) that it has no plans to use. https://www.gao.gov/products/gao-23-106717#:~:text=Directed%20energy%20weapons%20(DEW)%20use,and%20high%20power%20microwave%20weapons.

Attacks from our enemies are also real things. Justin Trudeau is in the pocket of the CCP and then WEF, of course. [https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-trudeau-said-he-admired-chinas-dictatorship-believe-him]. Brian O’Shea and others have done excellent work explaining to us that we are already under attack via the CCP via WHO, and that their methods are unconventional. Why would an attack on our partner to the North via an environmental catastrophe not be an event to investigate further or else lay to rest in terms its having been potentially an act of war? And if there had been an attack of some other hostile kind from the sky - ours is an administration that allowed a CCP spy balloon traverse the entirety of our continent, potentially mapping it, remember? — then wildfires, or a story of wildfires, would be an ideal cover to prevent panic, or perhaps even to prevent mobilization.

Crisis theatre is a real thing too, as we have learned to our sorrow in the last three years. Australia and Canada are the Petri dishes for these bad actors to experiment on populations. That was true with “lockdowns” and with forced injections. Why should it not be the case with arson or with a theatrics of climate change catastrophe, leading (predictably) to calls to “mask up” again, to distance, to engage in remote learning? As soon as one crisis is laid to rest or debunked, another is ready right there with the same goals, the same desired outcomes: an atomized, suppressed humanity.

Letting wildfires burn for no reason but to wreak devastation— is a real thing. In the Summer of 2019 to Jan of 2020, there were devastating wildfires in Australia. These too were mysteriously started, via arson. They burned out many homes and destroyed thousands of animals, including endangered species. DailyClout reporters found that planned development happened to coincide with the previously-protected areas that were being burned out. No endangered species left, no need to protect it. [https://dailyclout.io/the-summer-of-2019-2020-australian-koalas-are-caught-between-a-firestorm-and-political-expediency/]. This is what the wildfires looked like in Australia: also that acute orange:

DailyClout was the only news outlet, too, to ask why then-Premier Scott Morrison was allowing the wildfires to burn: we discovered that Australia had a treaty of mutual firefighting aid with the US, such that our powerful firefighting planes/water bombers, called MAFFs, could be deployed from America to Australia if requested. [ https://dailyclout.io/opinion-renowned-australian-environmentalist-confirms-w-us-forestry-svc-australian-govt-had-not-sought-maffs-water-bomber-help-with-catastrophic-wildfires/]. This could have been achieved with a single call to the US Forest Service; a call which we confirmed, via the US Forest Service, that the Australian government never made.

In other words, this devastating negligence was intentional. https://dailyclout.io/bushfire-and-fury-calls-for-the-sending-of-additional-us-firefighting-resources-to-australia-cited-international-arrangement/

Why would a leader of a once-free nation simply allow destructive fires to rage? Well, there is that development pressure. But also, look at the timeline. Only three months later, “lockdown” began, with poor burned and traumatized Australia in its most savage cross-hairs. Might environmental catastrophes be being manipulated by WEF types now, in order to demoralize and traumatize populations ahead of major anti-democratic or other assaults against them? ”

Was the crisis not only in Canada but also in — New York? We have to ask questions. Wildfires did not turn the air orange in my childhood, when every year in California had wildfire season. That just began after about 2017.

This could be a reason: this image is of fire retardant chemicals.

It turns out that fire-retardant chemicals have colorants added to make them visible, so firefighters can target areas, according to the USDA:


So this brings me to wonder: did orange-tinted smoke from the fighting of distant fires happen to blow over New York City Wednesday at midday? Or — is it possible — that fire-retardant chemicals, or some other kind of chemicals that had colorants to show where they were going — were dropped on us?

Why did that colored smoke fall abruptly, as it seemed to someone who witnessed it firsthand, like a cone over Manhattan — being, it seemed, most intense in the geopolitically, strategically, theatrically very heart of midtown New York City?

Why did it not sweep across the city with the winds, as particulate should if it were behaving more organically?

Were we gassed with something, intentionally or not?

Why did my lungs burn, right when the orange colorants hit? Why was the most intense location of the colorant right over New York City?

Is it crazy to want to rule this out? Crazy to want independent air testing?

Crazy not to accept yet again “the narrative”?

Is it not crazy to worry that our own government, or a neighbor government, might take some damaging action via a narrative of fires, against an American or Canadian population?

Not reassuring, though hopefully completely unrelated, to learn that aerial chemical weapons, including one used famously in Vietnam, look exactly the same:

I think sadly we have long crossed over that bridge of trusting our government not to damage us. We are in an Age of Genocide, an Age of Depopulation. WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents volunteers have abundantly proven in their 74 reports — as have others with their own work — that the mRNA injections were a mass murder/mass sterilization/mass maiming event.

Now that these evildoers have been discovered, is it reasonable to assume that the same people who tried to injure, sterilize and kill us once, will rethink their deadly ways and return to the community of the decent and civilized?

We are in a time when we have to ask if anyone is planning to hurt us. We are in an era in which this funny but kind of dark video, “Toxic Forgiveness” — makes sense: “You tried to eat us!”

We are not crazy to wonder these days if an event has negative intent toward us, and to make sure it is not another genocidal attack.

We would be crazy to survive what we have, and not try to ensure that last Wednesday was not another attack.

I hope that weird reddish-orange smoke that engulfed the beating heart of our great nation — that suddenly burned my lungs and that did not lift to the North — was indeed just “smoke from wildfires.”

But we’ve been lied to before about the air in Manhattan and thousands of kids, who are now adults, have lungs scarred as a result. Some people died.

Forgive me if I want independent verification for what really happened down there.

Something has indeed been in the air in the last few years; genocidal intentions.

So this brings me to my deepest fear. Whatever may have caused that crazy smoke — whether it is organic, or climate change; or whether it is arson, or God forbid something worse and more intentional and more focused on America’s greatest city — the most serious injury to humanity, the greatest damage, is not physical; it is the fact that when the skies turned orange overhead and smoke surrounded them, almost all of the people you see in the images in midtown Manhattan just kept going about their business.

Jabbed, lied to, traumatized, locked down, mesmerized, they seem to have lost their animal instincts around rapidly changing conditions and lost their ability to scan and investigate the environment for themselves, for danger.

Most did not stop and look at the sky, or try to assess for themselves what was really happening.

Almost none — except for folks like my Uber driver and the doorman in the building, the silenced — asked questions. Almost everyone else I encountered, especially those of the profesisonal classes, were as if hypnotized with the single soundbite:

“It’s just the wildfires from Canada. The smoke will be bad today and tomorrow and then it will lighten up.”

This was exactly like the mass hypnosis in the face of danger, of the recent past.

“Don’t be silly.

Safe and effective.

Safe and effective.”

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Original Article: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/06/no_author/apocalypse-lunchtime/