Baby boomers ignore their kids and are led to the slaughter

Baby boomers ignore their kids and are led to the slaughter

Dylan Eleven |

Many baby boomers have an issue listening to their children.

There is some sort of arrogance that they could not learn something from the next generation.

The concept of generational co-operation was removed from their parental instincts.

Their sixties rebellion was a revolution against the concepts of family and working with family.  Surname and sons used to be a tradition.  You pass on your business to your sons.  This concept became uncool and the concept of creating wealth over generations was favoured for a BMW and craft-less careers far from the family unit.

The generational concept of cooperation was lost.

This is a detriment to the next generations and to the baby boomers.

They did not trust the wisdom of their offspring as the baby boomers thought so highly of their own generation and could never understand why it was not so easy for our generation to do the same things they did with ease.

Inflation has made the comparison of the two times like comparing apples to a rock.

This psychological disconnect is not by accident.

We are supposed to learn from our elders.  Then learn new stuff and teach our kids all we know.  They then assimilate all we know and add to it.  As they learn we should be updated.   And it goes on.

But instead the baby boomers were told not to trust their kids because their kids had not accomplished as much as they had as easily.   So therefore they must not be trusted.

This disconnect of trust from the baby boomers to their kids, is part of the genocidal vaccine plot.  Combined with the physical separation of social distancing, lockdowns, propaganda hiding a global vaccine genocide and advice from murderous doctors, it has been a successful genocidal plot.

We research and report the truth.  We plead with our families to read.  To understand. But some of the baby boomers wont listen.

We tried.

I tried.

My father listened to all of my information, my pleads for him not to get the vaccine.  Since March 2020 I worked on him to not get the vax.  He said he would not.   Then like many others, he wanted to go back to work.  At age 80.  And he wanted to get into the hospital for check ups as he was in cancer remission for years.

Without telling me he got the clot shot. I found out and pleaded with him not to get any more.  He said the medical staff told him to tell me I was lying and the vaccine is safe and they recommended he not speak to me any more.

He told me this on the phone and asked me to never speak to him again.

3 shots later he died today.  5 months after his 3rd clot shot booster.

He died of aggressive cancer that defied all reason and a stroke.  Both symptoms of the vaccine.

Before he died I spoke to him despite his ban, and he said to me that he should have listened and he understood I tried to warn him.

We are supposed to cooperate and strategize with our families to help each other from making mistakes.

Listen to each other, listen to your family.  Not the government.

I hope with my 18 years of working as a journalist exposing the truth I have helped some people avoid this fate.   It is a shame my father was not one of them.

Rest In Peace my wonderful father.  You are loved.