Back To The Wild West For An Upgrade In Conditions + Morality

Back To The Wild West For An Upgrade In Conditions + Morality

Dylan Eleven •

The wild west was a time of the pioneer spirited individual and the comunity building a country.  The dark ages a time of destroying truth, knowlege, reality and society.  

It would be better to adopt to the ways of the wild west, compared to the dark ages we are being herded into again.

If someone stole a horse, they hanged him.  Now our polititians can perform vacccine genocide and prance down the street. If police overstepped their bounds, the town got rid of the sheriff by vote. Or they directly resisted and fought off corrupt police.

It was considered low down to shoot someone in the back.  Now people shoot un-armed innocent people for no reason.

Everyone carried a gun, and if you had an issue with someone, you fairly fought it out.  If you didn't do it fairly, you were hung. If you fucked around you would find out.

Now low down, one sided, degeneracy it is applauded.  

We are being driven into the dark ages on purpose to destroy the structures of the world so they can be rebuilt to suit the few at the expense of the many.  Out of the rubble they will proclaim themselves as the saviour.

Total Crap.

The many are enabling this doom though willful ignorance and apathy.  

A truth warrior reader of, Lady L., a wonderful lady who goes to great efforts to keep her community informed, summarized what many of us are experiencing:

...analyzing the dynamic of mass psychosis which happened to us in 2020/21. Even now if I am chatting with a server at a restaurant, or a auto-repair guy, or even a church-pew sitter, and I say that we are in the midst of an Agenda for depopulating the world by 80%, they look at me blankly, and then they shrug, and walk away.  It is truly a bizarre situation that we are in, ... we who are still clear thinkers (by the grace of FATHER God), we can at least move some knowledge along, praying that it will find fertile ground. ("My people perish for lack of knowledge."--Hosea 4). - Lady L.

I think the masses don't want to to know the truth.  If they admit there is an issue they have to deal with that realization in every interaction in their life moving forward.   They would have to admit they were duped by the Covid flu renaming scam and tricked into blindly taking a deadly vaccine.   They would also have to face the fact they were a Nazi conformist cheerleader, many to the point of demanding the unvaccinated be put into camps or executed.

So they decide to continue to live in a bubble.  Telling themselves that we are crazy, so they can feel comfort in the lie they live.  But that is not living. That is living in a lie and deep down knowing it.

The truth hurts but it is the truth and it needs to be told. But because it hurts they will avoid it even to their deaths. They should be seeking medical help for the deadly vaccines they have poisoned themselves with, but the masses wont admit there is a problem, and or can't be bothered to look into it for one minute.  

The moral courage, critical thinking and lack of tolerance for bullshit in the wild west days is far superior than the masses can muster today.  

The wild west, people tamed the landscape on horseback.  They traveled on dangerous month long wagon trains, built homes out of logs they cut down.  These pioneers laid railroad tracks by hand across the country.   Now the masses can get across town without doubling up on a e-scooter; pathetic.

Carrying a gun, and taking shit from no one, with a high moral ethic, and positive code to live by, low government intervention, one sheriff and a few deputies, local town meetings where those in office are directly accountable to the townsfolk; the way the west was won, sounds a whole lot better than this dystopian throw back to the dark ages they are shoving down everyones throat.

Get some old school off-grid ways to prep food, grown your own food, defend your own property, work together with those in your area.  Adopt the critical thinking, self defence, self sufficiency, pioneer and co-operative spirit of those who tamed the wild west.  

A strategy employed when we were building a nation.  

In contrast to the destructive dark ages the masses are being pushed into now, as the nation is being destroyed.

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