An Apocalyptic Warning • Based analysis of under-reporting by Dr. Jessica Rose, the true human toll of the Covid Vaccines • 7.5 million deaths and 593 million adverse reactions

An Apocalyptic Warning • Based analysis of under-reporting by Dr. Jessica Rose, the true human toll of the Covid Vaccines • 7.5 million deaths and 593 million adverse reactions

Stephen Lendman

Days earlier, epidemiologist Paul Alexander warned of the following, saying:

If flu/covid mass-jabbing damages “our immune response (by) repeat(ed) boosting, we run the risk of (a) pandemic (of the jabbed) going on for a100 years with infectious variant after infectious variant, and potentially a lethal virulent one that could devastate humanity.”

Will what’s going on continue in perpetuity with no end of it in prospect?

Mass-jabbing with kill shots transformed seasonal flu into something “devastatingly worse.”

We warned the powers that be in the US/West.

“We told them to stop, over and over.”

“We devastatingly underestimated the evolutionary capacity of (flu/covid) to evolve and adapt to the sub-optimal immune pressure on the spike.”

“We underestimated the viral-host immune ecosystem, the complex interplay.”

“One cannot study or debate or assess the devastation of these fraudulent (kill shots) without considering the ecosystem.”

What’s going on creates and spreads disease instead of protecting against it.

Separately according to Dr. Vernon Coleman, doctors practicing traditional Western medicine and Pharma “have done more harm than good.”

They’re “one of the three biggest killers – alongside cancer and circulatory disease.”

Yet they and MSM pretend “that they and they alone are responsible for improving life expectation.”

All things flu/covid promoted is Exhibit A.

Since seasonal flu got a scary new name, we’ve been lied to daily about all things flu/covid related — notably by state-sponsored rubbish, Pharma and MSM assurances of safe and effective kill shots.

“This, of course, is a blatant lie,” Coleman stressed, adding:

“Any doctor who tells a patient that no side effects are known (from flu/covid jabs) should be reported to the authorities and should have their license permanently removed.”

“Indeed, I would go further.”

“Since we know that (jabs) not stop anyone getting (flu/covid nor) spreading it” to others…any doctor (urging jabs) and not warning patients about very real known dangers should be arrested for fraud and assault.”

“Giving a drug is always an experiment – even when used for many years.”

“Giving a new drug increases the risk because there are more unknown dangers.”

“It is well known that some drug problems only become apparent after the drug has been used for years.”

When taking drugs, especially new ones, of concern are issues like the following:

“Will there be any longterm (adverse) neurological…cardiac…fertility effects?”

Will the human immune system be harmed?

Will flu/covid jabs or other drugs make patients more vulnerable to infections, contracting cancer and/or other serious diseases?

Will offspring of jabbed parents be harmed?

Will flu/covid jabbed individuals experience endocrine or hematological problems?

It’ll take years to know the extent of harm caused to jabbed and multi-jabbed individuals.

Plenty is already known from VAERS and European Medicines Agency data.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of under-reporting by Dr. Jessica Rose, the true human toll is on the order of about 7.5 million deaths and over 593 million adverse reaction throughout the West through around midyear 2022.

Everyone jabbed was harmed. It’ll show up in one form or other sooner or later.

Toxins in jabs destroy health — quickly for most individuals with weak immune systems, later for others with stronger systems.

One of Coleman’s over 100 books is titled:

“Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof.”

On Thursday, Coleman stressed that throughout the West and elsewhere, we’re “governed by psychopathic morons.”

It’s reality in Britain where Coleman lives, in the USA and elsewhere because ruling regimes exploit ordinary people they regard as enemies to be used and abused.

Governments and complicit agencies like the UN, WHO, WEF and others are enemies of ordinary people everywhere.

In Britain, France, Germany and the US most of all, what passes for leadership worsens with newly empowered regimes.

Committed to serve privileged interest exclusively by exploiting and otherwise harming most others, they’re humanity’s greatest threat.

With BoJo defrocked in Britain, Coleman asked:

“(W)ho the devil are we going to get next?”

Another devil, likely worse than the one stepping down.

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