Biden Regime Extends Invented Public Health Emergency When No Real One Exists

Biden Regime Extends Invented Public Health Emergency When No Real One Exists

Stephen Lendman  

What dominant US dark forces and their MSM press agents call a public health emergency doesn’t exist — not now or at any time since seasonal flu was renamed covid with diabolical aims in mind.

Since the scheme was rolled out in late 2019, the public has been consistently lied to and mass deceived to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

Count the ways.

Unrelated to protecting public health, 2020 lockdowns caused economic chaos, greatly harmed the development of children and made people fearful of publicly interacting together.

Administered at high cycles — rendering them invalid — PCR tests are all about creating large-scale numbers of false positive results.

Masks provide zero protection and risk respiratory harm from longterm use.

Social distancing adversely affects normal interactions.

Providing no protection, kill shots were designed to destroy public health and shorten lifespans.

Jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations, and adverse reactions, including deaths.

The indisputable conclusion from all of the above, and what relates to it, is that kill shots and all else flu/covid related is the mother of all state-sponsored scams — with mass-extermination and elimination of what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms in mind.

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators are mortal enemies of public health, the rule of law and what just societies hold most dear.

They’re hellbent on harming unwanted billions of people they want eliminated.

No flu/covid pandemic exists — nor a public health emergency — not now or any anytime since seasonal flu got a scary new name.

Yet on October 13, the illegitimate Biden regime’s Pharma-linked HHS director, Xavier Becerra, extended a nonexistent public health emergency through January 11.

Since first declared in January 2020, then renewed every 90 days, it’s been all about fear-mongering maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm from experimental, rushed to market, health-destroying jabs — in flagrant breach of the Nuremberg Code and international law.

Officials throughout the US/West and elsewhere involved in pushing toxic jabs are guilty of intent to destroy public health with genocide in mind.

Commenting all things flu/covid since rolled out at a time of US-dominated NATO war on Russia by use of proxy Ukrainian foot soldiers, noted scholar-physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, minced no words with the following candid assessment of things, saying:

“These are the darkest, most difficult days in human history.”

“We are facing the end of freedom and the end of the awesome wonder of the independent, human spirit” — based on the current trend, what no evidence suggests is abating.

When will most people throughout the US/West and elsewhere awaken to the reality that they’ve been scammed?

Coleman called the go-along crowd “moronic mask wearers, lockdown-lovers and witless, (flu)/covid jabbed collaborators.”

What’s gone on since late 2019 was a long-planned in advance “global coup,” he stressed.

Dominant dark forces highjacked the rule of law and what little remained of societies safe and fit to live in.

Based on an unofficial estimate cited by Coleman, toxic jabs “killed 20 million and injured many (millions) more.”

Now “mysteriously returned” after disappearing earlier, kill shot proponents want everyone jabbed for alleged protection not gotten against contracting flu, and “to stop them getting the other flu” — the one renamed covid.

And after nearly three years of all things flu/covid related, it’s known — but not publicly reported — that lockdowns, social distancing and masks greatly harmed the development of young children.

Things are perilously close to a “point of no return,” Coleman warned.

Instead of responsible leadership throughout the US/West, a criminal cabal runs things.

The new abnormal is far removed from governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law.

If kill shots don’t eliminate billions of unwanted people worldwide, perhaps US/Western dark forces will wage nuclear war in trying to achieve their diabolical aims.

And what’s going on is at a time of double-digit inflation, making essentials increasingly unaffordable, combined with hard times getting harder — heading toward protracted Main Street economic Depression.

What may not end during remaining years of the elderly may fast-forward their end time from deprivation.

And make no mistake.

Nothing is happening by accident.

Everything going on was planned to benefit the privileged few at the expense or all others.

America was never beautiful during my developmental years long ago.

But it was worlds apart different from today’s dismal state of things — the most perilous, humanly destructive time in world history.

And instead of easing, the worst of times lies ahead — because a US/Western criminal cabal planned it this way.

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