“Biggest Victory for Patriots in the History of Brazil” Despite MASSIVE Fraud!

“Biggest Victory for Patriots in the History of Brazil” Despite MASSIVE Fraud!

The Gateway Pundit  /  Richard Abelson

Contrary to all polls, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made it into the runoff in ysesterday’s Brazilian elections, his Liberal Party became the strongest force in parliament. Massive irregularities seem to confirm Bolsonaro’s warning about the purely electronic voting system.

According to the final count, President Jair Bolsonaro received 43.2% of the votes, convicted criminal Communist  Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva 48.43%, sending them to  the runoff Oct. 30. The biggest losers in the election are the polling institutes, which saw Bolsonaro at 36% and Lula da Silva at 50%.

Massive rregularities seem to support  Jair Bolsonaro’s warnings against Brazil’s purely electronic voting system, which has no paper ballots all all. Mainstream media had discounted Bolsonaro’s warnings with no evidence ahead of time, comparing them to Donald Trump’s challenge to the 2020 election and even calling them “The Big Lie”, a term coined by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels

On Sunday, October 2nd, contrary to all predictions, Bolsonaro was leading at 7:22 pm local time, with 47.01% of the votes (22,028,936 votes) and 44.16% for Lula da Silva (20,693,810 votes), with 41.19% of the votes  counted. At 7:55 pm local time, with 60.33%  counted, Bolsonaro lead with 32,049,235 votes (46.01%) and  Lula da Silva 31,484,583 votes (45.20%)

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Then the tide miraculously turned and Lula da Silva took the lead, with 50,181,166 votes (47.12%) versus 47,206,466 votes (44.32%) for Bolsonaro at 8:30 pm, with 90.26% of the votes counted.

Voters shared videos that appeared to show a voting machine no longer accepting a vote for Bolsonaro.

Remarkably, Bolsonaro  allegedly lost in the state of Minas Gerais, where he began his 2022 election campaign and was almost stabbed to death by an assassin in 2018. In the same state, his candidate for the Chamber of Deputies, Nicolas Ferreira,  won by a landslide, by 1,492,047 votes to 238,967 for the socialist opponent André Janones.

While Bolsonaro allegedly lost to Lula da Silva, his Liberal Party was the clear winner and largest party in Parliament, with 24.9% in the Senate and 16.5% in the Chamber of Deputies – another seeming anomaly.

Right in front of our eyes folks. This doesn’t happen in normal standard distributions of electoral data points. Wish my predictions this past week on WarRoom did not turn out so accurate but alas.

Gotta love almost 2.3:1 votes in Senate for JB party (PL) vs Lula party (PT) 🤔🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/TA3sAUkVPx

— Matthew Tyrmand (@MatthewTyrmand) October 3, 2022

Journalist Matthew Tyrmand pointed out the voting machines in Brazil are made by Smartmatic, originally from Venezuela. Smartmatic was headed by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown before he was appointed head of the Open Society Foundations by george Soros in 2021.

As predicted all these past weeks: they wouldn’t steal it in first round as that’s bridge too far for these commie criminals (they’re crooks but not stupid)…but they’d engineer a Lula lead to steal it in heads up second round on Oct 30th (“see Lula was up!” narrative). Rigged. pic.twitter.com/SOdfhudxjf

— Matthew Tyrmand (@MatthewTyrmand) October 2, 2022

Writing on Facebook, Jair Bolsonaro said:Against all odds and against everyone, we had a bigger win  in the 1st round of 2022 than we had in 2018 – almost 2 million more votes! We also elected the largest House and Senate caucuses, which was our top priority at this time.We won governors’ races in 8 states in the first election, & will win  8 more states in the runoffs. This is the biggest victory of the patriots in the history of Brazil: 60% of Brazil will be governed by people who defend our values and fight for a freer country.A lot of people got discouraged by the lies spread by pollsters, who completely failed in this election. They got all their predictions wrong and are the biggest losers of this election. We beat their lies and now we’re going to win the runoff election Oct. 30!

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