The Deterioration And Alteration Of The Blood | No one can hide this now; all one has to do is look on a lab grade industrial scope

The Deterioration And Alteration Of The Blood | No one can hide this now; all one has to do is look on a lab grade industrial scope

It has been challenging and exciting seeing the work and research involved in this post as Karl has put this together. Karl and I have reflected on the deterioration in the blood over the last 6 months. It has steadily got worse and the appearance and complexity of what we are faced with now is obviously of great concern. Dr. David Nixon,

Blood reaches new catastrophic levels of alteration. DOD Erythromer like tech in full swing. Coacervates, Proteinosomes, and more.

No one can hide this now. All one has to do is look on a good lab grade industrial scope.


The last 6 bloods I have looked at are very quick to reveal what is now happening inside the blood cells. I had seen this 4 or 5 months ago after a few hours viewing my own blood. But now this is suddenly becoming the new norm.

I don’t have to wait anymore, a large part of the slide will have some of these altered cells forming and it will worsen as the other blood cells continue to progress or transition on the slide.

We already have tonnes of literature and have found candidates for these varying cell types which are now taking over the role of our traditional and god-given blood form.

Each of the cells show complex variation in the internal structures and are a view of what we strongly believe as being the result of altered blood, which can now produce whatever the people who made it want it to, just as some of the papers on the Erythromer describe it as being able to.

My opinion still stands that the research into these technologies indicates further alteration of human biologyuse or production of Electro-chemical structures such as Proteinosomes (Electro-chemical logic gates/circuitry), and much more.

You will find info on Proteinosomes and other structures in following posts, as well as a vague example below. At this point precision is not needed as much as concern since we can clearly see that it would take a complete fool not to realize what is going on in these very clear images.

The direction of research and the voices of the people should be very clear after seeing this visual phenomenon alone. Stop the spraying, stop the shots of any kind, stop all the poisoning, and clean our water of it without any haste. The method of distribution are known to many of us now and we just need it to stop !

The research is performed on a Leica Dm2000 with high end optics and industrial 1” full size CCD. The average LBA microscope does not have the ability to show the colour or outline definition as clearly as can be seen here. What they will mostly see is blob like nodules, faded green or other single tone colours which will not allow enough resolution and clarity to exploit such detail. Time to upgrade your scopes, I urge those with higher end scopes to share their images of this mess online too! We might soon offer sale of a camera like I use for very little cost compared to any of its high-end branded industry competitors.

The dehydration discs in the center of the cell seem to have possibly been a myth put there to answer the curious minds in previous times. Now it is extremely evident that in these cases those traditional indicators of dehydration have a gel like appearance and are part of creative stages. It is after this whirling gel stage we see the revealing of the internal complexities it later forms.

For these posts I’d like to keep it simple. It is to be considered that 5G is possibly able to have an influence on the stages we have seen unfolding, which have changed every 4-5 months over the last few years. The 5G also sounds locked in to serve other purposes down the line when the tech has fully reached satisfactory formation.

The literature that many have posted is known to be accurate where suggesting that complex products can scaffold pathways to the creation of wireless controlled bio-electronics. Many have done the reading and found this to no longer be a joke and furthermore found it has been achievable in many levels for longer than newer literature would try fooling you in to believing. There is absolute evidence of this in older scientific papers, the communities have done a great job in researching there, and it really throws of [off?] the science timeline as we know it.

Aspergillis and fibrous fallous are also now a question in my mind and have been for a long time following lacking science behind the claims, particularly since they show resemblance to the appearance of what is now seen in all blood more recently of course.

Let’s keep this short since it is all headed towards getting more complex soon, but here are a few examples of the kind of products which would match these kinds of Protocell technology. As able as these structures are to read or detect detailed info about a person, animal, or plant, they can also be used in reverse to cause disease systems, other complex interference, and death. You obviously would not consent to it.

Liquid computing via coacervate/protecell based technology.

Membrane-confined liquid-liquid phase separation toward artificial organelles

An image shown from a paper on computing proteinosomes.

Spatial Positioning and Chemical Coupling in Coacervate-in-Proteinosome Protocells

If you want to know why coacervates, microcapsules, protocells, or other name terms are all extremely similar or the same to some degree and why this is what’s being used then listen to Jack Szostack’s presentation on Youtube explaining how these cells can almost deal out the whole solution when complex design pathways are required. It’s all about making selective membrane structures which can differentiate themselves and then join together and mix when it is of benefit. In other words, using them as cooking vesicles and mixers or making constructive cells and functional cells like proteinosomes. Obviously, we know the understanding of these cell structures is earlier than suggested in these presentations. RNA is able to be used inside cells and just makes the whole situation much more super advanced in terms of selective and complex programming using these techniques. The link below.

matt. j.a.o.b

also posted after sitting in on a meeting where


and I discussed all these findings and many others with a large group of researchers. So hopefully people will begin to wake up soon.

Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 2: Protocell Membranes

A clip above to get you going, The Oleate vesicles refers to Oleic acid found in Canola oil (rapeseed) and many other sources which can help form cell membranes. Ever wonder why nearly every store product now has to contain rapeseed oil even when you may think the product doesn’t need oil in it anyway? I do.

I feel rushed and a little overwhelmed from all the work and info regarding the explosion of data that applies to much of the latest findings. I am writing up ordered papers explaining and comparing the research with David at Nixonlab, so hang tight. Lots to come. The cells we have traced right back to the injectables and other sources, their processes are also now understood to a large degree as well. It won’t disappoint except for the fact that this is all a rather horrible issue to overcome.


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