Canada: Former Employees Sue WestJet for Failing to Protect Their Rights and Freedoms

Canada: Former Employees Sue WestJet for Failing to Protect Their Rights and Freedoms

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A group of 176 active and non-active WestJet employees seeking “justice” over Covid injection mandates have successfully filed its Statement of Claim against the airline and government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a federal court.

“Collaborating with airlines and corporate stakeholders, the Canadian Government implemented punitive and divisive Covid-19 vaccination mandates, creating a two-tier society stoked only by fear,” said the group Cause For Action, Justice for WestJetters, in a press release sent to LifeSiteNews.

Its “objection” to the Covid mandates “lies with the coercion, discipline, and denial of informed consent used to achieve mass vaccination,” the group said. “Forcing consent under duress is unethical, unconstitutional, illegal and by no means Canadian.”

Cause For Action is suing the WestJet Group, WestJet Airlines, Encore, Swoop, and WestJet Vacations along with the federal government.  Their legal counsel is Alberta-based civil liberties lawyer Leighton Grey. He has led counsel in a variety of high-profile lawsuits fighting Covid vaccine mandates, such as cases involving the Calgary Firefighters, Canadian National Railway, and Canadian Pacific Railway.

According to Cause For Action, they are suing WestJet because the airline forwent its “responsibility to provide a safe work environment and to protect its employees from such egregious assaults on their rights and freedoms in the workplace.”

“Instead of pushing back against the Government’s unlawful orders, WestJet embraced and marketed the narrative with fervour. Their aggressive enforcement resulted in unconstitutional abuse of thousands of people,” the group says.

Cause For Action added that “simply following orders has not historically been, nor will it be, an excuse to violate human rights and informed consent.”

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Re-hiring Those Who Were Fired

Last year, all Canadian airlines put in place mandatory injection policies for all staff, even before the government made it mandatory. Many lost their jobs as a result.  Then, effective 1 October 2022, Canada ended all remaining Covid travel mandates, including a jab mandate for foreigners entering the county.  And WestJet dropped its “no jab, no job” policy.

In a tweet, the Canadian group Free to Fly – made up of pilots and airline workers, including many WestJet pilots, who lost their jobs for not complying with airline Covid vaccine mandates – blasted WestJet’s rehiring process for the vaccine-free as unethical, hypocritical, and a violation of one’s rights.

In another tweet, Free to Fly included an image of WestJet’s demands in the rehiring of those who lost their jobs and highlighted serious concerns over the company’s rehiring process for the vaccine free.

“Anyone fired from WestJet for not disclosing vax status must agree,” the document reads, to “settle all outstanding grievances related to the vaccine mandate you have against the Company.”

Rehiring demands include that to be given one’s job back, an employee must agree to “forgo a claim for back pay during your absence,” as well as agreeing, “that in the event that the vaccine mandate is re­implemented by the Federal Government, that you will agree to being placed on unpaid leave.”

The list of WestJet’s demands continues, with a fourth demand stating that one must complete an “attestation indicating whether you are or are not fully vaccinated (meaning two doses of an approved vaccine).”

A fifth demand says that a returning employee must also agree to “conform to Transport Canada’s requirement to be masked while in the airport and onboard an aircraft.”

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These re-hiring demands seem to echo those of Corrective Services New South Wales (“CSNSW”) that an Australian The Exposé reader highlighted in a letter yesterday. Isn’t it strange how different countries, once again seem to be moving in “lockstep”?

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