Canada’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Athletes Ages 12+ Are a Serious Crime

Canada’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Athletes Ages 12+ Are a Serious Crime

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Dr. William Makis

Evan Lloyd Corson, a 10 year old hockey player from Hamilton, Ontario, died suddenly on March 11, 2023. Evan was in grade 5 at St. Eugene’s School.

“He loved playing ice hockey at Rosedale arena with his team the Kings. While he wasn’t a goal scorer, he played his hardest at every game.” (obituary here)

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How insane are COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Ontario?

The Hamilton, Ontario “Rosedale Arena” he played hockey in, had two sets of COVID-19 vaccine requirements: (click here)

  1. By the City of Hamilton
  2. By the Hockey Governing Bodies

COVID-19 Vaccine mandates were for ages 12+ but look at the pressure they put every citizen of Hamilton, Ontario under. Just to get into the Arena: “a city official will be present at the door to check for vaccination certificate and ID”.

What is the City of Hamilton, Ontario pushing today?

When you go on the City of Hamilton webpage, you will see how aggressively they are still pushing COVID-19 vaccines on kids. (click here).

“COVID-19 Bivalent boosters for anyone 5 years of age and older are now available”

“Anyone aged 6 months or older can start or complete their primary series at a Public Health Clinic without an appointment”

“Public Health Mobile Vaccine Clinics (age 6 months & up)

My Take

Imagine the pressure that the Ontario Hockey Governing Bodies and the City of Hamilton put families of young hockey players under. You can’t even enter the Arena if you’re age 12+ unless you’re fully vaccinated and a city employee won’t let you in unless you show your vaccine certificate and Driver’s License.

And if Hockey Governing Bodies were forcing COVID-19 mRNA vaccination on every hockey player in Canada age 12+, imagine the pressure on 11 year olds, 10 year olds, 9 year olds. I would guess most families would simply have had those kids vaccinated also, without question.

Especially when they were promised by Public Health Authorities and Ontario politicians these COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were safe and effective for use in kids 5-11 years old. Only they never were.

Latest data shows 52% of Canadian kids ages 5-11 had one COVID-19 vaccine dose, that’s 1.5 million kids.

40.6% of Canadian kids ages 5-11 had two COVID-19 vaccine doses, or 1.18 million kids.

9.5% of Canadian kids ages 5-11 had an additional booster dose in the last 6 months, or 275,806 kids.

The rollout of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in children 5-11 years old was a very serious crime that will one day require criminal charges for all involved.

Rosedale Minor Hockey has made a $1000 donation to the family’s GoFundMe to cover funeral costs.

Perhaps instead, they should have said something when it mattered and stood up for their young hockey players when experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccines with an unknown long term side effect profile were being rolled out in kids who didn’t need them.

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