Canada’s  Health  Minister  Says  “UP TO DATE” VACCINATION IS A JAB EVERY 9 MONTHS

Dylan Eleven •

They recalled lettuce after 3 people died of salmonella poisioning.  

With millions dead and injured from the covid vaccines, they still push these killer shots.

The Canadian government changed the term "fully vaccinated" to "up to date" for vaccine status and now have declared "up to date" is a deadly, destructive, injection every 9 months until you are dead.

These people are genocidal maniacs and need to be arrested not listend to.  

At what point does a police officer sitting on his high horse, trampling old ladys with walkers who are rightfully and lawfully standing up for their rights; realize the promotion of the vaccine is complicity in genocide and by allowing it, they are part of this genocide.

This question was asked to a police officer on duty at a Ontario police station. His response was; he could not do anything  about it, it would have to be done by the police in Ottawa.

So a cop can’t  arrest a murderer becasue another cop is supposed to do so?

The crazy thing is the police are also being murdered by these deadly shots.  And the  top police brass have passed the liability for the covid scam onto the police personally.  

So police who face life in prison and are personally financially liable for violating human rights by enforcing covid restrictions, who are being murdered by deadly vaccine and who are legally capable of investigating  and arresting  those responsible are not doing so.


Do we have to join the police force ourselves and make our first arrests be those responsible for this genocide?  Or is there anyone in the police force that are willing to arrrest people for genocide?

At what point can we arrest the police for not doing their jobs and allowing genocide?.