Canadian Fires • Missing Ammonium Nitrate • Reddish Orange Gas When Burned • New York City In Orange Haze

Canadian Fires • Missing Ammonium Nitrate • Reddish Orange Gas When Burned • New York City In Orange Haze

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So did they use the missing tons of Ammonium Nitrate to start the fires? It burns and give of an orange smoke when it does so. Forest fires are not orange in color by the way.

What this poor guy [in the video below] does not understand is that the politicians are the ones doing this for their satanic masters. They don't want to fix this. The are not inept, incompetent or stupid. Quite the opposite. They are criminals doing this for an evil reason for purposes most do not understand. They don't want to put the fires out THAT THEY STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Those in charge wanted this to happen and made it so. They have no intention of trying to fix it.

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A Retired Canadian Fire Fighter blows the whistle about the current fires.

The government wants this  “They want to move people out of the countryside, into cities, then they want to lock ’em down in 15 minutes cities. How do you do that? Contaminate the air, contaminate the water, and so on.”There are Now 250 “Out-of-Control” Fires in Canada, Some Say It’s All ‘Planned’

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New York City Orange Air 2

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