Canadian Fires Smell Like Burning Chemicals Not Burning Wood

Canadian Fires Smell Like Burning Chemicals Not Burning Wood

Dylan Eleven •

My personal experiance with the fire smoke was it felt more like a bug bomb than forest fire smoke.  And we are the bugs.   A strong distinctive chemical / medical smell that filled the foggy air, not a wood burning scent.    Eyes burn and it is hard to breathe.  

I was in town getting groceries and I was surprised how blatent a chemical smell it was, so much so I was saying to people, that does not smell like wood, but chemicals.  Most just shrugged and said Canadian Wildfires, what can you do.

Coincidentally this bug bomb chemical smell smoke has filled the air at the time where both Canada (July 1st) and the US (July 4th) celebrate outdoor festivities.  

Smoke From Canadian Fires Leads to Speculation in U.S. as Air Quality Plummets Ahead of Independence Day Weekend

The Gateway Pundit | Shawn Bradley Witzemann

Toxic smoke from Canadian wildfires is spreading across America, raising questions about how they started as well as what the United States Government intends to do about it.

According to CNN, more than 120 million Americans are currently suffering as air quality continues to plummet across the nation.

CNN further reports, “Canada has officially marked its worst wildfire seasonon record, with smoke from the blazes crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching western Europe on Monday.”

Millions of acres have already burned, leading to what Forbes describesas “a relentless summer of smoke that won’t end anytime soon.”

Although wildfire smoke commonly includes chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, residents of the Eastern United States are relatively unaccustomed to the realities of what is more commonly understood in the West.

Numerous Americans took to citizen journalism on social media — documenting air toxicity in attempts to ascertain what the hell is going on.

In the aftermath of the East Palestine Disaster and so many other recent occurrences, the U.S. Government’s track record of transparency is trash.

Many remain confused with what they perceive as inadequate explanation.

Radio Host Lou Dobbs and others demand action from the federal government and ask how the fires started.

Admittedly, it’s strange to be inundated with yet another environmental problem while the climate change agenda ramps up.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the numerous fires in Canada are anomalous.

But while Americans prepare for 1776 celebrations and wait for answers from a consistently failing government, it’s probably not the best idea for anyone to start holding their breath.

Ironically, it’s also not advised to be breathing the toxic, smoke-filled air.

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Reader 1 Comment 1 "I'm in Windsor Canada, which borders Detroit Michigan and the air quality here is horrible and we've had air quality advisories the last 3 days. Sadly our media is quite silent due to all the censorship but I can say that in all my years we have never been affected by wildfires like this. The smell is horrible, like chemical or plastic and you can taste it if you're outside for more than a few minutes. My dad was saying that in all his 60+ years, he doesn't remember fires like this or the smoke or smell. Interesting though that the US and Europe are talking about our fires and here in Chinada, all is quiet."

Reader 2 Comment "Living in Toronto, the entire city is covered in an orange fog. Causing random projectile vomiting while I'm walking (I even saw someone in front of me start puking while sober during the day), eye irritation, scratchy throat and regularly coughing up grey matter, nose constantly plugged throughout the day and night, anxiety and depression, brain fog and confusion, exhaustion, no appetite, difficulty breathing, fingers and hands trembling, mild hallucinations seeing black spots and vibrating objects, and I regularly see random people on the street acting insane and deranged. Roommate randomly had about 2 psychotic breakdowns within weeks of each other, and conveniently the weather app said the air quality warning was a 9/10 each time that happened. These warnings also state "significant threat to life possible", and yet the streets are packed with people and families constantly. Every day is a different number, ranging from a 4 to a 10 usually. Also, my girlfriend's friend witnessed someone randomly die on the subway, from seemingly unknown causes. Terrifying is an understatement. It's much much worse than you could possibly imagine. Funny enough it's very concentrated in the downtown core but surrounding cities and suburbs are much less or not at all affected. Even some areas within Toronto on the subway line are totally fine."

Formaldehyde and Benzene are 2 chemicals that can cause symptoms of "Ebola" which is haemorrhage and overbleeding. So take note of any FF in the near future for "Ebola Virus" scare. Don't be fooled for what they may disperse in the air. It's not a "virus". Stefan Stanford | All News Pipeline