Canadian Government KNEW • Privy Council Advocated Downplaying COVID Vaccine Injuries Or Deaths

Canadian Government KNEW • Privy Council Advocated Downplaying COVID Vaccine Injuries Or Deaths

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They KNEW and KNOWNGLY lied to the unsuspected public. This applies to ALL the puppet governments who pushed the CV19 Nanoparticle Bioweapon on their citizens disguising it as a “safe and effective” vaccine.

Privy Council advocated downplaying COVID vaccine injuries or deaths

The Privy Council memo was obtained under Access to Information

Postmedia News

A secret Privy Council office memo recommended that any COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake public confidence,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

The May 2021 memo released through access-to-Information legislation came five months after the Department of Health licensed the first Pfizer-BioNTech pandemic vaccine.

“Events related to a COVID-19 vaccine may be minor or severe,”

said the memo called “Testing Behaviourally-Informed Messaging In Response To Severe Adverse Events Following Immunization.” (psychological manipulation)

“News reports of adverse events following immunization and the government’s response to them have strong potential to influence public confidence in vaccines and their safety.”

The memo also suggested skewing stats to minimize the impact of vaccine-related deaths or injuries, such as stating the “chance of it happening to me is one in a million” rather than “it has happened five times.”

The Public Health Agency said of the 97.6 million vaccine doses administered at the time of the report, there were 20,428 “serious adverse event reports.”

The reports included laboured breathing and heart attacks (55 reports), kidney damage (78), spontaneous abortions (87), facial paralysis (187), strokes (281), deaths (427), blood clots (848) and incidents of heart inflammation (1,153).

A federal compensation fund to date has paid out millions on injury and death claims.

“Of the 427 death reports, it was not possible to assess causality for 112 reports due to missing information,” said the agency in a statement.

A separate $75 million Vaccine Injury Support Program received 1,299 claims due to vaccine-related deaths and injuries with a total 50 claims paid to date, totalling nearly $2.8 million.


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