Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Doctors Received Instructions Not To Report Serious Vaccine Injuries Among The Troops

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Doctors Received Instructions Not To Report Serious Vaccine Injuries Among The Troops  |  Ethan Huff

Canadian military blocked doctors from reporting covid jab injuries, lawyer reveals.

(Natural News) It has come to light that the reason Canadian doctors were not allowed to report serious injuries caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” is because the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) ordered them not to.

According to Catherine Christensen, an attorney and founder of Valour Law and the Valour Legal Action Centre for military law, evidence has emerged to prove that the Canadian military, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, conspired to withhold the truth about covid jab injuries and deaths from the public.

“I have military doctors who provided sworn evidence that they were told not to report vaccine injuries, or if they asked how [to report], they were told, ‘just be quiet,'” Christensen revealed at an April 26 National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) hearing in Red Deer, Alberta.

One Canadian military medical doctor and captain was told directly to NOT report covid jab injuries.

The NCI is currently in the process of evaluating Canada’s response to the covid “pandemic” and its effect on the health of Canadian citizens, as well as their freedom and social and economic well-being.

At the conference in question, Christensen represented 360 soldiers in the CAF who were directly and negatively impacted by the Canadian military’s covid jab mandate, which is similar to the one the Biden regime forced on American soldiers.

Christensen revealed at the conference that the CAF chose to ignore all covid jab injuries while purposely not tracking the health issues that emerged among soldiers who were forced to get injected.

Many of these soldiers have since developed serious health issues like Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or GBS, a relatively rare neurological disease that causes damage to nerve cells.

“They were told to diagnose them as other things, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome [GBS], when young men were collapsing in the shower after injections,” Christensen stated, adding and clarifying that these soldiers “were vaccine injured.”

Furthermore, the CAF miscategorized soldiers’ medical records by failing – more like refusing – to categorize all covid jab injuries. Christensen says she has “more people in [her] files with vaccine injuries that are officially listed as vaccine injured.”

After speaking with and receiving sworn testimony from numerous Canadian military servicemembers who reported covid “vaccine “injuries, Christensen is convinced that this was a deliberate coverup of the truth, ultimately tracing back to the Trudeau regime.

“I believe the CAF was not tracking the number and type of vaccine-related injuries for the Covid-19 vaccine,” Christensen stated.

The CAF did release data on April 17 showing that a total of 375,000 covid jabs were administered to members of the CAF. Of this number, 0.09 percent, officially, reported “an adverse effect of some kind following their first, second or booster dose(s),” the data report states.

“The majority of these reported adverse effects were minor and self-resolving in nature,” the CAF claims.

Of those injuries officially reported between Jan. 7, 2021, and Feb. 1, 2023, the CAF says that 316 were considered “non-serious” with only 26 being categorized as “serious.” Of these 316 injury cases, nine were officially recorded as myocarditis or pericarditis.

These figures are far too low, according to Christensen, who maintains that there are thousands of CAF members who have been left seriously injured by Trudeau’s mandatory covid injection scheme – though the vast majority of these injuries are being ignored by the government.

“And what happens to those who followed the orders and took the injections and are now permanently disabled? Veterans Affairs Canada [VAC] is telling them no, not service-related,” Christensen added in her testimony.

“Once again, veterans will face a procedural system that fails them or forces them to go to court for deserved compensation.”

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