Canadians Determined to Remain Vaccine Free Outmanoeuvre Trudeau’s Absurd Vaccine Mandates

Canadians Determined to Remain Vaccine Free Outmanoeuvre Trudeau’s Absurd Vaccine Mandates

Rhoda Wilson | The Exposé

Trish Wood

Many trapped Canadians make a run for the American border in their cars. Once there, they circumvent Joe Biden’s own Covid mania the old-fashioned way — through human connection with sympathetic US immigration staff willing to wave them through. This is often accompanied by a friendly but embarrassed shoulder shrug and a have a nice trip! to relieved travellers who then step on the gas. Oddly, America’s southern border has at times been a festival of jab-free migrants from who-knows-where because — hey! science.

This is from a listener:

Decided to pack the car and see if we can get through. Had several houses we could rent through a rental agency on XXX Island. Got to the border in XXX and they asked a few questions about what we were bringing in but no vax questions. Then they cordially wished us a happy, wonderful time in Florida. Early on in our crossing Covid theatre seemed to disappear. Truck stops, rest areas restaurants etc.

A recent vote in Canada’s parliament on a motion to scrap the mandates failed just as resoundingly as the vaccines themselves. We are now a medical outlier. Even spike-happy Israel has thrown in the towel and does not require vaccination. But JT, our petulant, globalist prince is dug in and serves only his higher power – the one who sounds like Colonel Klink and dresses like Darth Vader.

Most of Canada’s lefty political elite, which is to say two of three political parties and virtually all media — headed for the hills on this issue because it is sorta, kinda, connected to the freedom truckers who they hate. Freedom protestors are still digging out from under a dumpster of garbage propaganda spread by media and MPs who support mandates and who are protected from libel and slander claims if their smears are invoked in our sacred halls of our parliament.

In a sad new parlour game, exit points for drivers are bandied about like hockey cards by C-19 heretics exchanging information about friendly border guards. I’ll trade you two FXXX for three SXXX and one BXXX. (Ontario small town crossings)

Meanwhile, JT refuses to provide the (non-existent) underpinning science that keeps us trapped in our strung out, colder version of Hotel California – you can never leave. And if you do, getting back in could be hell. The question right now is, why would anyone want to? The couple above returned to what they deemed Leviathan bureaucratic punishment and quarantine despite offering negative tests.

“Such a shock after seeing how life is south of the border. It was a sick feeling coming back to our own country as if we were coming back to east Berlin voluntarily.

Checkpoint Sign at the Berlin Wall

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