Death Rate 15-20% Higher In Highly COIVD "Vaccinated" Canada • Canceled Doctors Advice For Their Colleagues

Death Rate 15-20% Higher In Highly COIVD "Vaccinated" Canada • Canceled Doctors Advice For Their Colleagues

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More Canadians Dying in 2023. Canadian Press and Health Experts are Baffled but Avoid Mentioning COVID Vaccines.

Unfortunate news from highly COVID-vaccinated Canada. In 2023, deaths are 15-20% higher than usual, reports the Globe and Mail. The authors and health experts are baffled and cannot find the reason.… the latest 2023 figures indicate it is about 15 percent to 20 per cent higher than it was in 2020 and 2021, according to Tara Moriarty, an infectious-disease researcher and co-founder of the grassroots group COVID-19 Resources Canada. That’s considerably lower than in 2022, “which was a horrific, really, really bad year in Canada, but it’s still higher than the first few years of the pandemic,” she said.

Canada is one of the most highly COVID-vaccinated countries in the world. Consider the booster rate of the population of Canada, the UK, the United States, and Bulgaria.

A reminder of a recent piece we ran via Dr. Paul Alexander from Canadian doctor, William Makis. The death count among Canadian doctors is now around 180

Canceled doctors have message for their colleagues: ‘You have failed Canadians’

Dorothy Cummings McLean | LifeSite News

Three physicians and an immunologist have challenged Canadian doctors to find out—and then tell—the truth about COVID and the COVID jabs. - MARKHAM, Ontario

In an interview with LifeSiteNews at their annual general meeting this July near Toronto, Doctors Mary O’Connor, Mark Trozzi, Chris Shoemaker, and Byram Bridle were asked to state their messages to the medical community.

Family physician Dr. Mary O’Connor reflected that she had never said a word when she was in medical school, and now she has spoken up countless times. Her message to doctors is to tell the truth about “what’s going on.” She also wants to persuade people not to follow harmful COVID mandates. Above all,

“please don’t get these injections,” she said. “They’re life-threatening.”

Emergency medicine expert Dr. Mark Trozzi revealed that a university had fired him for encouraging his students to look at “both sides” of the COVID information presented to them. He told them there were scientists, doctors and others who were “saying things about these injections that were concerning. “

“And I told them, ‘It’s because I really love you guys, and I want you to have a life’,” he recalled. “‘What you’re coming to is not normal medicine. This is a very weird time.’ And I was fired.”

Trozzi told LifeSiteNews that his message to the medical community was the same:

“You’ve got to look at this. You cannot continue to say, ‘It’s not my job to question this.’ You can’t continue to say, ‘The top experts in the country are telling us what to do. It’s the right thing.’ You’ve got to look at the science.”
“If you have only two minutes…go back to the Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer and Moderna and look at the ingredients,” Trozzi continued.

“Or, better yet, go to the first 3-month clinical trial data, released March of 2021, which showed a much higher death rate within 3 months than the [alleged] SARS-CoV-2 virus [flu renamed] with the mortality of less than 0.15, that caused no death among young people, and that, if we had been allowed to treat it, would have had a mortality rate that (was) unnoticeable and made flu’s look bad.” [because is the flu]

Trozzi intimated that physicians, like other specialists, often think that they know more than they do. Being an expert on emergency medicine does not, for example, make him an expert on geopolitics and the other subjects he listed. Trozzi believes doctors need to develop humility and take an honest look at the science of COVID-19.

“The science will lead you to many things, and you will realize that COVID is part of a war,” he declared. “It’s part of a bigger agenda, and this agenda will kill your own grandchildren.”

Trozzi believes that the endpoint is a global dictatorship with a

“dramatic reduction in the human population and the remaining humans essentially enslaved to a small group of global predators.”

For the sake of future generations, he was willing to give up his prized possessions, and he wants his colleagues also to take a stand.

“I think this is a time when doctors have to stop being used by megalomaniacs and start returning to your [Hippocratic] Oath,” he said. “You need to stand up together against the College [of Physicians and Surgeons]. When you’re receiving your lawsuits for the injections that have harmed and killed people, you need to remember who coerced you: the medical regulators and, above all, the Ministry of Health.”

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