Cancer Is Caused By Parasites

Cancer Is Caused By Parasites

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Dr. Lee Merritt

Another lie about a health problem that doesn’t even need to exist.
Stew Peters does a brief interview with the (in our opinion) amazing Dr. Lee Merritt. We recommend following her on Telegram. One of the most evidence-based, open-minded, research-oriented docs we know who is never afraid to go against the grain. And she does. It’s a general discussion covering a few points, bulleted below.

  • Dr. Alfons Weber theorized (ER: back in 1962, check this link) that cancer is due to infection by micro-parasites and their eggs. Which explains, says Peters, why our cancer treatments are totally ineffective.
  • Merritt notes that the ‘cancer’ cells have parasites inside them, which break out. Her own biopsies of cancer cells in spinal tissue over the years would show ‘motion’ in the cells. They believed it was part of the accepted paradigm of cancer without asking what was really going on.
  • Cancer, acne rosacea, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis – what if these four different diseases in four different areas of medicine could be treated with anti-parasite medication? For these diseases it turns out to be true. (see her explanation) We never bothered to ask what those ‘plaques’ are for MS, for example. We have 70,000 disease diagnoses listed, but what if these are really 70,000 DISEASE PRESENTATIONS of a few ROOT causes?
  • Peters: these parasites defecate and vomit inside of us, take as food what we need to be healthy, and then leave behind toxins that are bad for us. It’s like an alien invasion of our bodies. (Peters ironically suggests the possibility of some parasites being artificially created to infect us.)
  • Merritt: We live in the Truman Show (see featured image). It’s a great metaphor for where we are right now. (The Jim Carrey character is born into a false TV-type reality, from which he finally escapes after 30 years once he realizes what’s going on around him.) This is also TRUE OF SCIENCE. After WWII, the intelligence services (MI6, Mossad, etc.) became owners of all MEDICAL PUBLISHING. (she explains how this came about) MI6 owned Buttersworth, the biggest medical publisher in the world. See what she says about ROBERT MAXWELL the Mossad agent and Ghislaine’s father. Publishing has to be controlled if the Truman Show of science is to happen. Merritt discovered that the PCR test (which she likens to the light that drops on Carrey’s head, waking him up to the reality of his situation) actually tests for the human genome, so each PCR test Merritt ran produced different human genetic results (Peters: so how could a test not be ‘positive’?!). Everything they’ve been telling us sounds ‘sciencey’, but when you look into it all, it just can’t work that way. They made it up.
  • When Peters goes into the Covid vaccine fakery, Merritt brings up the point about mRNA: IS IT REALLY IN THE SHOTS given its very short half-life of several minutes to 16.5 hours? How could the mRNA survive from the manufacturing to get inside a human body within the necessarily short span of time to be active? Is it really mRNA, she asks.During lockdown, they put up 5G towers. ‘We have absolute proof of electromagnetic transmission of disease.’ All the health problems we’re seeing from the shots can be explained by the lipid nanoparticles in the injections; you don’t need mRNA to explain this. So Peters could be right, that they’re changing our genome. They’re doing what they’ve done for thousands of years – ‘they’re poisoning us, they’re irradiating us, and they’re convincing us we have an infectious disease’ so we run away from each other. Standing 6 feet in a circle is a ‘Satanic ritual thing’ but it doesn’t make any scientific sense.
  • Fear was the key in engineering all this. Human behaviour can be radically changed through fear. And part of this is believing in viruses THAT YOU CAN’T PROVE EXIST. The ‘virus’ spreading around Wuhan wasn’t untrue, but ‘virus’ in Latin means ‘poison’. (ER interjection: 5G was turned on around Wuhan; the ‘viral’ problem didn’t exist much in China outside of this area.) The Hippocratic Oath expressly forbids poisoning people because back then they knew that doctors were the most able to do this to people. If it weren’t a problem, it wouldn’t be in the Oath.  We’re at the point in The Truman Show where we have to realize that we can just leave this set-up they’ve created for us.Merritt herself believes in nothing her medical training has taught her. She introduces herself at presentations with the phrase below …
  • Detoxification is key: medical textbooks in the ’70s never talked about viruses. ‘Transmission of disease’ back then talked about PARASITES. So root causes of disease involve toxicity, including EMF(electromagnetic frequency) toxicity, parasites, and also nutritional deficiency. Merritt believes a lot of illness could be accounted for by looking at these things as root causes (she also mentions ‘getting right with God’). All this flitting between this disease or that disease (Covid, monkeypox, then Marburg, etc.) is all nonsense, based on fear.

We know we’re winning because now they have to roll out wars on us. The Truman Show had one person to control; here we are billions.

Cancer is supposed to be the uncontrolled growth of certain cells in the body, producing masses or tumours that kill us. But what if that’s all BS?

Merritt:  “I’m a recovering doctor”


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