Cash Is Freedom

Cash Is Freedom

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What is a CBDC?

Central Bank Digital Currency is programmable digital money, which will be fully monitored, and can be controlled and restricted in any number of ways.

CBDC will mean the end of privacy, freedom and autonomy for everyone, and total reliance on the whims of the political wind of the day.

There is no valid reason to bring it in, other than total control over everyone’s finances, and should be resisted by everyone who values freedom.

Why is CBDC different from what we have already?

Although you might pay electronically now with your card or phone, you currently have full control over what, where, when, how and who you spend your money with, and you also have the option of going to a branch or ATM and withdrawing cash which is fully private and flexible.

Privacy – CBDC’s are blockchain technology – a digital ledger of every single transaction, recorded permanently. Anyone with access, at any time in the future, will be able to look at everything you have bought and sold, every bill and tax you’ve paid or not, and use anything they find against you.

Savings – Money with an expiry date means you will never be able to save and create financial stability for yourself or your family. Everyone will be living hand-to-mouth and not able to plan anything.

Freedom – Programmable money means banks will be able to limit where and when you can spend, as well as what items you can buy. It could easily be linked to a personal carbon allowance, allowing you only so much fuel or meat each month. Your wallet could be frozen, or limited to how far from your registered address you can use it.

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