CDC & FDA Admit Stroke Risk Signal From Bivalent Covid Shots

CDC & FDA Admit Stroke Risk Signal From Bivalent Covid Shots

The narrative has collapsed… COVID19 vaccine not only doesn’t work, it is KILLING PEOPLE.
Main Stream Media can no longer maintain willful ignorance.
I predict even the captured and CORRUPT US regulatory agencies FDA and CDC will be forced to pull the experimental gene therapy!

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) January 13, 2023

They can’t ignore it any longer…
We are now 45 to 90 days from this experiment being canceled. And then the CDC will claim they acted responsibly.
Sorry, but I can’t forget that the @CDCDirector mocked us for curing our COVID-19 with Ivermectin, saying we were taking horse meds

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) January 14, 2023

IT CAME OUT ON FRIDAY NIGHT OF A 3 DAY WEEKEND which is proof they wanted to bury it


This is huge news, because the VSD database that produced the red flag for ischemic strokes (which comprise 80% of all strokes and are due to blood clots) has been analyzed by CDC in a manner that prevented it from showing red flags in the past.

No red flag for myocarditis, heart attacks, sudden deaths, Bell’s palsy, etc. In other words, they are using a bum algorithm or method that is designed to miss adverse event signals. Eventually CDC stumbled on a myocarditis signal in this database, but missed all the other obvious diagnoses. So if they are using the same crude technique and found strokes, that means there were a great deal of strokes, many more than would have been expected as the baseline rate.

Furthermore, the VSD is considered an active surveillance database of high reliability, which includes the medical records of 12 million Americans.

This announcement probably means that not only are the bivalent vaccines worthless, but they are also considerably more harmful than the earlier, monovalent vaccines, which is something I warned about on September 6 when they were rushed out. There was something very spooky about the CDC and FDA hiding of safety data on them, back then. Here is the story from totally pro-narrative MedPage Today:

One surveillance system detects potential link in seniors, yet multiple others show none

Ian Ingram, Managing Editor, MedPage Today January 13, 2023

An early signal of stroke risk was detected in older adults who received Pfizer-BioNTech’s bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA and CDC announced in a joint statement late on Friday, yet the agencies found no link in further analyses and are not recommending a change in COVID-19 vaccination practice.

According to the agencies, incidence of ischemic stroke in CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) among individuals 65 and up in the 21 days following vaccination with Pfizer’s bivalent booster “met the statistical criteria to prompt additional investigation” when compared with the 22-44 days thereafter.

However, subsequent analyses of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services database, and a preliminary study of the Veterans Affairs database turned up no signal for an increased risk with either Pfizer or Moderna’s bivalent vaccines, both of which were first authorized in late August.

Furthermore, Pfizer-BioNTech’s global safety database detected no signal for ischemic stroke with their updated vaccine, nor have surveillance systems from other nations.

“Often these safety systems detect signals that could be due to factors other than the vaccine itself,” the agencies stated. “All signals require further investigation and confirmation from formal epidemiologic studies. When one system detects a signal, the other safety monitoring systems are checked to validate whether the signal represents an actual concern with the vaccine or if it can be determined to be of no clinical relevance.”

The CDC and FDA noted that confounding factors may have contributed to the signal identified.

“Although the totality of the data currently suggests that it is very unlikely that the signal in VSD represents a true clinical risk, we believe it is important to share this information with the public, as we have in the past, when one of our safety monitoring systems detects a signal,” they noted.

These and other data from vaccine safety systems will be presented at an already-scheduled January 26 meeting of FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, according to the statement.



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Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

VSD is one of the top databases the CDC uses to monitor for safety signals.

The CDC was forced to admit a safety signal triggered in VSD for stroke.

On a Friday night, they said “It’s only in VSD, not anywhere else; nothing to worry about.”

They are lying to the American people and we can absolutely prove it.

This is a very corrupt agency that is killing hundreds of thousands of people with these shots.

In this article, I’ll show you what they said, and what they should have said if they were being perfectly honest.

This article is a bit long, but once you read it, you’ll get a very good sense for how deep the corruption is at the CDC.

They literally have a license to kill and they aren’t shy about using it.


Here’s the Reuters article.

Now let’s unpack it. Here are the two key paragraphs:

The FDA and CDC said that other large studies, the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, other countries' databases and Pfizer-BioNTech's databases had not flagged this safety issue, adding that it requires more investigation.

"Although the totality of the data currently suggests that it is very unlikely that the signal in VSD (Vaccine Safety Datalink) represents a true clinical risk, we believe it is important to share this information with the public," the health authorities said.

The CDC wants you to take away these messages

  1. There’s a safety signal, but it’s only in one database we monitor (VSD). It’s not in VAERS or anything else.
  2. Since we are super honest, we’re letting the public know about it
  3. There’s nothing to fear. If it were a real signal, it would be in all the databases, so this is just a glitch in the matrix.
  4. Go get your booster, just like we tell you in our new Martha Stewart TV commercial.

What an “honest CDC” would have said

But the truth is just the opposite of those four points.

Here’s what the CDC response would look like if they were being honest with the American people. This is a long read, but worth it:

OK, to be perfectly honest, we KNOW that the shot is causing strokes. In fact, there’s a safety signal for stroke in all the databases, but we’re just too darn corrupt to admit that and the mainstream press is too ignorant to ask us about it. So we lied. And we get away with it. Always.

In fact, we just admitted in a FOIA request that ischemic stroke triggered a safety signal in VAERS, but only Kirsch and a few other of his misinformation spreader friends read the FOIA, so NOBODY’s ever going to figure out we are lying. NOBODY. EVER. It’s in front of their faces in full public view and the press is so controlled by us that they NEVER CALL US ON our lies. Even when people will die. They are loyal to us.

You can trust that we’ll get away with this because we’ve been getting away with murder for decades, and nobody is the wiser (except for RFK Jr., Andy Wakefield, and a few others). But we’ve discredited all of them, and then when people see what happens to people who oppose us, they back off. We are so certain we won’t be caught in a lie that here’s the proof we were lying that the signal was ONLY happening in VSD:

This spreadsheet obtained from the CDC under FOIA proves that CDC knows damn well that ischemic stroke triggered a safety signal in VAERS, but they think nobody else knows, so they are lying about it to Reuters saying that it’s only in VSD and not in any other database. The CDC lies with impunity because nobody is going to hold them accountable for their lies, no matter how many people they kill.

Overall, we admitted that there were 770 safety signals triggered in VAERSincluding things like death, ischemic stroke, cardiac arrest, pulmonary thrombosis, Bell’s palsy, acute left ventricular failure, acute respiratory failure, chronic left ventricular failure, acute myocardial infarction (i.e., heart attack), deep vein thrombosis, etc. but nobody cares about the FOIAs. They only pay attention to what we tell the press. And we’ve kept this hidden from the press because we don’t want people to know we are lying to them. That would upset the whole operation.

For the VSD signal, we needed to make it appear that we are honest because some important third party researcher nailed us on this safety signal so we have to give the appearance we are doing the right thing by informing the public and acknowledging the signal, otherwise we might get busted. But we’re lying about that statement as well. If there is a safety signal, we never admit it unless we are FORCED to admit it. We are never going to admit it out of caution. We don’t give a rat’s ass about saving people’s lives. Are you kidding me? For example, did you notice we NEVER admitted any of the safety signals to the public when they triggered in VAERS? Not a single one! If we cared about lives, we’d have published all the VAERS signals on month 1. It’s only the signals we are FORCED to admit that we admit publicly. Get it?

We never admitted the VAERS signals because nobody reads Josh Guetzkow’s substack (especially this article that exposes how corrupt we are) except for Kirsch and his misinformation spreader friends, so nobody’s going to rat on us who has any credibility.

See that orange checkbox?

Josh has only got a few hundred paid subscribers. That’s nothing! He’s a nobody. He’s never going to get any traction with the mainstream press. Look, we control the mainstream press. They do what we say and they do not ask questions. Ever. We pay them too much for them to do any real journalism. For example, Reuters never asked us to produce the data from VAERS or challenged us on it even though it was released in the FOIA. They know the drill. They only ask what we tell them to ask. It’s like a Fauci interview… They only ask pre-approved questions. That’s why Kim Iversen wasn’t allowed to interview Fauci: because she’s an honest journalist who wouldn’t put up with that shit. That’s why she’s no longer working for The Hill.

Look, if we were HONEST about our statement about “we’re notifying you out of an abundance of caution,” we’d have told everyone about all the safety signals (like death) in VAERS in month 1 of the death shot rollout!

In summary, we only made this safety signal admission because someone important was calling us out on it so we have to make it look like we are doing the right thing. Get it?

If it was someone less important bringing this up, like Senator Ron Johnson, we’d simply blow him off. To be honest, we do this all the time with him. Senator Johnson is in the minority in the Senate, so it’s so easy to do.

In fact, since we are being perfectly honest with you, we’ll let you in on a trade secret: we don’t even READ Senator Johnson’s letters anymore, it’s such a waste of our time. We don’t even bother to open the envelope. We just get the letter, see that it is from him, and trash it.

He’s 100% right of course (he’s the smartest guy in the Senate regarding all the vaccine issues), but everyone else thinks he’s a fruitcake for “questioning the science,” so we can easily get away with this and nobody questions us about it. It’s the perfect crime. We lie, people die.

What’s important is that the drug companies get rich. It’s so corrupt, people have NO IDEA. Take Patricia Cavazzoni, for example. She’s head of CDER at the FDA. Check out her FDA resume. It’s never mentioned she was making millions as a top Pfizer executive before assuming her new role at the FDA as director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). We don’t even use the word “Pfizer” in her resume. We just say “pharmaceutical industry.”

You’re smart. Use your brain… Why would someone making millions at Pfizer move over to a public sector gig that pays peanuts?? Because she wants to “give back” to the world?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! No way!

For example, when former Yale University School of Medicine Professor David Gortler (#3 at the FDA) started asking her nosey questions about drug safety, she completely stonewalled him. Next, Gortler was forced to resign. Basically, anyone who doesn’t play by the rules of corruption gets axed from the agency. That’s the way the game is played. Gortler can’t even write for Forbes anymore… check out the “former contributor” designation.

We make it clear to others: if you try to rock the boat at the CDC or FDA, you’ll lose your job and we will destroy your reputation so bad that you won’t even be able to get a job as a dog catcher. That’s why nobody speaks up. Hundreds of safety signals and not one word from anyone at the CDC about it. They are all sheep who do what they are told. We are SOOOOOOOOOO good at the fear and intimidation tactics. We could write a book about it. Something like “License to kill: How we got away with killing 1M Americans without anyone holding us accountable.”

  1. It’s a real safety signal of course. These shots are a disaster and nobody in the mainstream medical community has time to check out the data directly. We control the journals and we make sure that nothing gets published that goes against the narrative, so the medical community gets fooled. Those who actually check out the data or talk to large geriatric practices or nursing homes and find out the truth are too afraid to speak out because they know they will lose their job, their hospital privileges, their NIH funding, and their license to practice medicine. But most never get that far since we train them in medical school that vaccines are always safe and to always trust authority. That’s why most of the physicians think the vaccines are on the level. They do what they are told.
  2. Only a fool would get a booster. Paul Offit is no dummy; he’s not getting any more boosters. Neither should you. The data is CRYSTAL CLEAR: the more boosters you get, the more LIKELY you are to get COVID and DIE from COVID. It’s so obvious to anyone who does any amount of checking. Even people now are realizing that it’s their vaccinated friends getting COVID and dying from COVID today. Do your own surveys like this one. 99 out of 100 would validate that the more boosters, the worse the medical outcomes. But the press never does the survey because they are too lazy to do so and because the nursing homes know that if they speak out, there will be a heavy price to pay. So the nursing homes won’t even respond to press inquiries. We’re going to keep this going for decades, just like we did with vaccines and autism. They are never going to find out. And if we ever get close to being busted, we just drop the mandates and refuse to talk about it. We just say it’s irrelevant.

A word from Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo

Ladapo and Troy Ross (public health official in Lander County Nevada) are the only two honest public health officials in America as far as I know. Here’s what Joe just tweeted:

There are no success stories for these jabs

I asked for success stories on the Nextdoor platform. This platform is FILLED with blue-pill takers. 90% of my posts there get removed as violating community standards.

So I cleverly worded my post to avoid violating community standards:

See? No responses! They can’t come up with a single success story where mortality dropped after the shot. Interesting, isn’t it? Nobody else could either when I asked a larger audience for their experience (pro and con). The death rate always goes up, usually by a factor of 3X after the shots are rolled out to the very people that it is supposed to be most beneficial to.


They are lying when they claim ischemic stroke is showing up only in VSD. They only admit what they are forced to admit. They know they are lying. This is a very corrupt organization as I pointed out in my article “The CDC has been ignoring the DEATH safety signal in VAERS for more than two years now.”

In any sane world, Rochelle Walensky would be fired and replaced with someone who will clean up the agency. But this is not a sane world. Congress completely trusts the CDC and looks the other way. If you claim the CDC is corrupt, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and they stop returning your calls.

Only Senator Ron Johnson is holding them accountable, but they completely ignore him. That will cost them when the Republicans take the Senate. Then it will be payback time. I can’t wait.

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