ChatGPT • 100 Million Users • Will The Fake Content Flood The Internet And Drown The Truth

ChatGPT • 100 Million Users • Will The Fake Content Flood The Internet And Drown The Truth

Dylan Eleven •

They may drown the truth in a sea of AI generated crap.

They have vaccine genocide to cover up and are focused on silencing the truth to avoid swinging from the gallows.

They silence first hand reports of vaccine injury on social media.  They try to discredit the truth movement and independent media. They suspend accounts, censor tweets, articles and posts. They de-platform, shadow ban, blacklist, and other forms of memory holing.  Most recently they call the truth, "misinformation".

A seemingly laughable tactic at first, as anyone with a brain can see they are just trying to cover up their lies by calling the truth, "misinformation".

But what if this tactic has the ability to actually work against the truth movement.

By luck or strategic design, this concept of misinformation may been escalated by ChatGPT to become a real issue for the ability for the truth to be heard over a tsunami of fake content.

Feb 1 (Reuters) - ChatGPT, the popular chatbot from OpenAI, is estimated to have reached 100 million monthly active users in January, just two months after launch, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history, according to a UBS study on Wednesday.
“In 20 years following the internet space, we cannot recall a faster ramp in a consumer internet app,” UBS analysts wrote in the note, reported by Reuters.
The Guardian - By comparison it took TikTok about nine months after its global launch to reach 100 million users and Instagram more than two years, according to data from Sensor Tower, an app analysis firm.

The volume of fake content that can be quickly created by this technology has the ability for anyone with good intentions, or bad, bot farms and paid trolls to flood the internet with fake content.

It was bad enough with deep fakes, masked actors and old school photoshop. But now with fast AI generated content the ability for actual misinformation to become the majority on the internet is a reality.   If the sheer volume becomes unmanageable, the truth may be silenced by the fake noise generated by AI.

We in independent media do a great job working full time to go through all the propaganda, read volumes of articles and research reports, watch videos, find images and report the truth to you, our readers.

On any given day I read through 200-400 articles, reports, papers, etc.  If I get behind in my reading my inbox can climb to 1500 articles in a couple of days.

This takes hours of reading to identify articles to publish on

What happens when the volume of articles, images, photos and videos goes up drastically due to this quick and easily AI generated content?.

This makes trusted independent media sites and journalists even more important to keeping the truth in focus.  It also makes our job much harder.

Here is an example of a video created by AI.   You can make the songs lyrics say anything you want. I did not make this video and do not agree with the lyrics. The comment posted under the video on Telegram where I found it was, "Elvis always had good lyrics".  It was meant to mislead the reader that this was actually Elvis singing.

If someone works on a video, meme, article or an image, it takes time and effort.  This balance keeps the volume to a certain level.   Now in the same time and less effort, someone can create 10 articles, 20 images, and 10 memes, etc.

Adobe Photoshop has a new AI function that you can easily change the image in seconds.  This kind of instant accurate manipulation may seem great, but the content generated has the potential due to its speed in creation, to become a dominant presence on the net.

Look how easy it is to create an image.

Adobe added their first Generative AI tool to Photoshop

This will muddy the waters of the internet, so much that it has the potential to achieve the goal of the elite, of silencing the truth and true journalism.

The majority of content will be AI generated and found by AI search engines.

Whoever programs the AI, will drive the narrative.

Trusting what you see on the internet has just become even more difficult, and the need for independent analysis of this new volume of content even more necessary.

Independent media must grow to combat this new weapon for the cabal.

I will report on this as it develops.