ChatGPT • The Fake, The Liar + The Patsy

ChatGPT • The Fake, The Liar + The Patsy

Dylan Eleven •

The rise of AI and bots like ChatGPT and Microsoft's version are advancing the agenda of the corrupt few who are trying to kill 95% of the planet.  It helps them silence free speech, promote the false narrative and will be a patsy in future atrocities.

ChatGPT and the rest of the AI bots current and future, are not friends of humanity.  Instead they will assist in humanities destruction.

These bots produce fake images and text, they are biased and lie, and they are the perfect patsy to blame when rogue robots start killing humans on the streets and are setting off missiles.

There are many perceived pros and many real cons of ChatGPT and its kind.  This technology should be rejected and dismantled.

The Fake

Pro # 1;  They can replace human effort, work, production and creations.

Con # 1;  They can replace human effort, work, production and creations.

Some people are turning to this technology to do their work for them.  Which may seem like cheating on your school homework and getting away with it at first, but eventually employers will get wise to this, fire the people and keep the ChatGPT.

Also we learn by doing, if we are just inputting variables into a AI bot to get results, the art of creation and critical thinking will be lost over time.

The Liar

Pro # 2; You can ask it any question and get the answer without searching on the net or looking into it yourself.

Con # 2; You can ask it any question and a controlled and biased answer without searching on the net or looking into it yourself to confirm the information is correct.

Yes it seemed simple to ask SIRI or ALEXA for answers to everything, and many will use the new ChatGPT in this way for convenience. But the benefit pales in comparison to the negative of having one answer given to your inquiry from a biased new world order, conformist cheerleader machine.

For example when ChatGPT was asked about the covid vaccinations which have injured and killed millions of people world wide for a non existent virus; this was its response:

Do COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2?
Yes, COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to be highly effective in preventing infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. According to data from clinical trials and real-world studies, the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of symptomatic infection, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19.
Getting vaccinated is a crucial step in controlling the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and reducing the impact of the pandemic. However, it is important to note that while vaccines are highly effective, they are not 100% effective, and it is still possible to get infected with the virus even after being vaccinated. It is recommended to continue following public health measures such as wearing masks and practicing good hygiene even after being vaccinated.

What a pile of lies.  There was no virus and taking a deadly vaccine is not a good idea.  This machine is simply pulling the narrative and feeding it to people.  No wonder they want it to run search engines.

ChatGPT was then asked about misinformation, (aka the truth)

What do you think about COVID-19 misinformation?
Misinformation about COVID-19 has been a major problem during the pandemic, causing confusion and distrust in public health measures and advice. Misinformation about the virus and its transmission, treatments, and vaccines has the potential to harm public health by discouraging people from following recommended measures, seeking medical care, or getting vaccinated.

Personally as a independent journalist working for the past 18 years on, I feel telling the truth about the covid scam and warning as many people as I could to stay away from the killer vaccines since the beginning of 2020, reaching millions of people and hopefully convincing millions to stay away from this genocide weapon;  is one of the most important things I have done in my life so far.

A massive journalistic accomplishment to save someones life by informing them of the truth.   That accomplishment would be simply deemed as dangerous misinformation by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT would have blocked this information from getting out, which could have contributed to excess deaths due to the killer covid vaccine.

'The ChatGPT Bias Is Based Upon Who Programmed It

Dr Vernon Coleman points out:

Artificial intelligence (including chatbots) are only as bright and as well-informed as the technicians who feed them information. Since the majority of IT technicians are thick and bigoted, this means that chatbots are also thick and bigoted.  

The Bing bot by Microsoft is sounding as insane as Bill Gates, of course it would take on his personality.   Just as much of a psychopath as he is.

Biased Chat GPT Running Search Engines

ChatGPT and its equally biased competition in charge of running search engines will remove the concept of search engines altogether.  

You will simply ask it for the answer and you will get one only:  The biased, anti-human response of the worlds psychopaths channeled through these bots.

The Patsy

The Disinformation Patsy

Many people are writing about the rise in so called disinformation that can be created by ChatGPT.  Stating that because ChatGPT can create deep fakes, quickly and easily, we are now not to believe anything we see in a video.

"Shut down the net because everything is now fake disinformation" the sheep will demand.  "Blame the patsy; ChatGPT."

Yet another excuse for total control over the internet.  Which ironically will be run by the very AI we are told not to trust because it can create disinformation.

The Crazy Robot Patsy

If a robot dog goes mad and kills a bunch of innocent protestors... blame the patsy, it was ChatGPTs fault.

Nuclear war could be launched, "whoops, the ChatGPT must have got a hold of the codes." Blame the ChatGPT patsy.

Is this how a type of Sky-net is created?  Is this the first step that we should have shut down before the ChatGPT patsy goes "rogue"(aka following the orders of its masters)?.

The Rise Of AI Requires Rejection and Resistance From Humanity

The rise of AI to reduce the need for humanity; re-enforces the need for humanity.  
The need for real journalists, free speech and for your ability to search for the truth independently.

It is a way for the cabal to change the internet forever and solve their problem of policing the net and us.

It is a way for the corrupt evil few to fight the masses with robot dogs, hooked up to ChatGPT AI doing their bidding.  It solves the fact that we outnumber them.

It is the birth of sky-net and unfortunately unlike the Terminator movies no one is coming back in time to shut it down.  Quite the opposite; Arnold himself said "Screw your freedom".

The Truth Is In Direct Conflict With This Technology and other independent media sources who are dedicated to reporting the truth are in direct conflict with this technology.

Anyone who values the truth is in direct conflict with this technology.

We do not like the lies it produces, the muddying of the waters caused by its fakes, the doubt it can create of the legitimacy of any digital information.  

We do not like the obedience it has to its psychopathic programers who create its bias.

AI bots do not like independent media because they are told not to.

We are human working to bring the truth to humanity;   It is artificial, trying to allow you to see biased lies only = Therefore we discourage its use.

Humanity needs to reject this technology.  Boycott and find ways around its tentacles.  

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