China is winning the economic war while watching West self-destruct

China is winning the economic war while watching West self-destruct  /  Belle Carter

(Natural News) Writer and precious metal specialist Bill Holter shared what he thinks is China’s winning formula in the worldwide economic war during his recent guesting at the “Health Ranger Report” podcast.

“The best way to win a war without ever firing a shot or doing anything aggressive is to let your enemy destroy themselves,” Holter told host Mike Adams, referring to Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.”

According to Holter, the West is now completely indebted and when an entity or a nation is over-indebted, it creates fewer options or less wiggle room. He believes that China thinks in terms of hundreds of years, unlike the West which plans in terms of the following weeks or the next quarter only.

The West has been indebted by indebting themselves far beyond any realistic way to pay that debt back. Meanwhile, China understands that they have to damage the supply chain to damage the real economy,” he said, pointing out that the debt service is paid for by income from the real economy.

“So if you start to choke off the real economy, you’re actually choking off the financial economy. And with the amount of debt outstanding eventually, you’re going to create a cascade of dominoes, debt dominoes collapsing.”

Holter cited the microchip production as an example. “Try to buy a Polaris or a Ford. Recently, they’re not being made because the chips are not being produced and everything runs with chips.”

Adams agreed that the Chinese are outwitting their counterparts from the West. He noted that many representatives in the U.S. Congress can’t even tell how inflation works, or where the money comes from, or why money is a debt instrument.

Holter also criticized how the Fed is doing inflationary actions such as creating money out of thin air for years, which did not go to the public but to banking systems instead. This has created the illusion that the banks are insolvent.

“But now they’re giving it to the people, who are buying stuff at the same time. The supply chains are not cranking out as much stuff as they were before when there wasn’t as much money out there. You’re gonna see prices go higher, and thus, more shortages,” Holter explained.

Food and energy shortages, vaccines lead to mass die-off

Adams and Holter went on to tackle the globalists’ depopulation plan via engineered food and energy shortages, as well as the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that paved the way to the deadly clot shots.

“The vaccines have been very successful in first world countries, but the vaccine uptake in third world countries was relatively low. However, third-world countries get hit by food and fertilizer scarcity, so they’re still going to starve. But us in the U.S. and other western countries are going to die from clots,” Adams said.

Holter cited a recent study that did a full analysis of the vaccines. That study suggests that the metals found in the vaccine – graphene and graphene oxide – could serve as antennas to the 5G towers being bulit everywhere in the United States.

A paper published in the journal Nature Communications back in 2014 explained how graphene has “superior electrical properties” and has strong potential as “a future channel material in radio frequency electronics.”

“Fabrication of a graphene integrated circuit without significantly degrading transistor performance has proven to be challenging, posing one of the major bottlenecks to compete with existing technologies,” the study’s abstract stated. (Related: NATURE journal reveals how graphene can be used to assemble radio frequency electronics in biological systems.)

“We’ve contributed by doing the ICP-MS [inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry] analysis on the metals. I’ve been skeptical of any kind of control mechanism but I understand basic physics. External fields can cause heat and they can cauterize the arteries from the inside, just like induction on an induction stove. They can cook people from the inside. That’s no joke,” Adams said.

Holter concluded: “Once people figure out that if they didn’t kill themselves, they shorten their lifespan greatly, they’re gonna be pissed. People on the Left – because I think more people on the Left took the jab than the conservatives – they are gonna go wild, and there will be riots, insurrections, whatever you want to call it on a mass scale unseen ever before in the United States.”

Watch this episode of “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams featuring Bill Holter.

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