Common Sense In Great Disrepute

Common Sense In Great Disrepute

Dr. Emanuel Garcia |

Common sense seems to have come into great disrepute these days.

Academics of the liberal so-called intelligentsia might be inclined to dismiss it as yet another example of a ‘deplorable’ deficit of nuanced thought.

Nonetheless, as a Philadelphian I recall that Tom Paine’s famous pamphlet of 1776 helped to sustain the American revolution and to ring the bells of idealism for the occasion. Paine wrote:

“ … we have every opportunity and every encouragement before us, to form the noblest purest constitution on the face of the earth. We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

I am fond of saying that the real world is an idealist’s nightmare, and so, despite its unique political foundation, the trajectory of the United States has shown a destructive declension from the ideals embodied by its beautiful founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — documents whose principles contain within themselves the means to transcend the societal and cultural contexts and prejudices in which they were forged.

It is with ‘common sense’ in mind that I cast my mind over these past four years and gather the threads of a comprehension that has emerged from this unavoidable experience. I regard myself principally as an essayist rather than a news aggregator or civilian journalist, though at times I may communicate in those fashions; as a result I have deterred myself from analyzing and commenting upon issues about which I have knowledge at second or third hand — perhaps to some detriment.

In this excursion I will therefore be going further afield because, at this time and at this juncture, I believe it is imperative to use our perspective to achieve a clarifying vision and understanding of what we have had foisted upon us, and how we may rescue ourselves by — echoing Paine — beginning the world over again, for the better, and in better alignment with the ideals set forth during American independence — of unalienable rights, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, of freedom of speech and freedom to bear arms and freedom to assemble and freedom from unwarranted search and seizure and privacy-destroying surveillance.

I will begin with, of all things, a medical anecdote.

Some dozen years ago, when I was working as the clinical director of a mental health service in New Zealand, and in the capacity of psychiatrist on an inpatient ward, a patient was transferred from the medical hospital. She was billed, ominously, as being at death’s door, having recently developed mental problems while being treated for a plethora of serious physical ailments.

For patients in crisis it is critically important that the treating staff retain a measure of calm. This patient’s admission occasioned a flurry of concern and pessimism, and it was generally felt that she had been unloaded on our unit so that we would assume the burden of her demise.

Despite the dour prognosis I instructed my staff to begin with the basics for her medical and psychiatric care, and by basics I meant basics: breathing, circulation, cardiac function, blood studies, etc. Slowly over the next several weeks we were able to stabilize the patient medically and, cautiously, address the residual psychiatric issues. I am happy to report that she not only did she not die on our watch, but she recovered well, to the surprise of those who had referred her.

I mention this because so often I have observed that basic functions and processes, when corrected, may lead to the stabilization of a ghastly general malaise, even in politics and society.

Voting Integrity

Any country aspiring to democratic principles of government must ensure voting integrity. There is a long and sordid history of vote tampering in American politics — JFK himself owed his victory of Richard Nixon to vote manipulation, a fact that his admirers are not keen to admit.

With the introduction of machine tabulation and computers, voting fraud has been brought to new heights.

I remember the concerns about the Diebold voting apparatuses and irregularities in Ohio, a swing state, during the Bush II election against John Kerry — irregularities which candidate Kerry did not protest.

I also remember the Florida problems that marred the Gore-Bush election previously. Being a political naif I hadn’t yet, at that time, recognized that both Gore and Kerry were card-carrying members of the uniparty that had dominated American politics for decades masquerading as Democrats and Republicans. I have come to the conclusion that the 2020 election was marred by massive fraud and that one of the chief goals of the covid psyops was the elimination of the populist candidate Donald Trump.

First among my recommendations would be the requirement of voter identification and paper balloting. Yes, it will still be possible to cheat, but the possibility will be exponentially diminished by these measures.


Robert Frost wrote a very famous poem, “Mending Wall,” which ended with the phrase ‘Good fences make good neighbors’.

One of the principal reasons I left the country of my birth for the shores of New Zealand was to remove myself from the unconscionable invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, and the expansion of Middle East war that led to the deaths of masses of innocents, their engulfment into misery and poverty, and their migration across Europe and into countries whose history and identity were irrelevant to those seeking fundamentally to survive. I read and learn now, more recently, of an extraordinary flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border of the United States. I conclude that these migrations are designed to destroy and subvert national entities. I am well aware of the dangers of nationalism and the destructive historical wars fought between nation-states, but I reserve a place for what I call ‘healthy nationalism’ — pride in one’s locality and roots and differences and legacy.

I note that New Zealand, which counts itself among the most liberal globalist nations on the planet, and whose citizens shake their heads at the notion of a ‘border wall’ in the United States, is an impregnable fortress when it comes to immigration. I well remember the many months of arduous preparation I made for myself and family when I prepared to relocate. The idea that illegal immigrants are being encouraged to cross into the United States, and are being supported with federal monies and accommodation, is beyond belief; it is not only an insult to those who have applied for legal entry, but it bespeaks agendas in support of the subversion of the integrity of America.

Population Reduction

A year before covid — B.C.E. (Before the Covid Era) — I chanced to attend a presentation by a wildlife photographer here in Wellington. Near the end of his show-and-tell he made some offhand remarks about the terrors of African fertility and population explosion on that continent — remarks tinged with ominous disapproval. I didn’t think much of them, or him, for that matter, until recently.

When I consider the neglect of any early treatment recommendations for covid, when I reflect upon the active suppression of treatment by restricting prescriptions for helpful agents like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and when I think about the active and ongoing and relentless harassment and persecution of doctors who — in accordance with hard-earned and long-established principles of Medicine — attempted to treat their suffering patients; when I consider the imposition of an unnecessary and inadequately tested ‘vaccine’; when I reflect upon the disinterest in morbidity and mortality associated with the ‘vaccine’ (where were the autopsies for those who died suddenly?’); when I muse upon the widespread economic devastation that resulted from the global lockdown, along with a massive transfer of wealth from the ‘little people’ of small businesses to those at the top; when I calculate the staggering amounts of money earned by Big Pharma; and when I see the ongoing and relentless push of governments to encourage us to accept more jabs, I can conclude that there is and has been an active attempt to kill. Yes, kill, as in murder, in a way that may seem soft but which, to the deceased, is as hard and decisive as a bullet.

They tried, and are trying, to kill a good portion of us off.

And all this besides the hot conflicts in the Ukraine and Gaza.

Total Surveillance

During 2021 New Zealand introduced a covid vaccination identification system. Without proof of vaccination, one could not enter a cafe, restaurant, gym, theater, cinema, hairdresser or barber, nor could one participate in school or team sports. It was ‘vax apartheid’, detestable as it sounds, but no less real. It was a national identification system, harbinger of the State’s dream of total control. Measures to punish misinformation or ‘hate’ speech in social media, and measures to suppress the intelligent opinions of doctors and other health professionals who don’t toe the line are all in play. These are direct attacks upon our freedoms, yet just as the majority accepted vax apartheid, so do the majority accept, unthinkingly, these constraints.

Merchants of Fear

As early as March 2020 it was clear, thanks to the work of renowned epidemiologist John Ioannidis, that the covid pathogen was no more lethal than a bad seasonal flu, the mainstream media merchants of fear convinced virtually everyone that we were in the midst of a raging pandemic the likes of which had never been experienced in human history. Case counts — no matter that they were fraudulently ‘determined’ by dubious tests — and death counts were hammered into mass consciousness like a macabre and relentless drumbeat, over and over and over, to instill terror and purvey the sickening scent of the waiting grave. Such fear ‘justified’ every conceivable imposition: distancing, masks, a warp-speed gene-altering jab, the doing away with informed consent, the insane restrictions against visiting loved ones or attending funerals — everything fell prey to acceptance and fostered further submission.

Institutional Betrayal and Malfeasance

As an eager medical student I revered the great institutions established to safeguard health: the CDC, the FDA, the NIAID, et al. And I accepted the reasonability of professional organizations such as the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, which promoted a certain standard of care. When I was a member of the Medical Council of New Zealand I assumed that this organization had a role to play in ensuring good medical practice. I need not explain why I regard these institutions as total frauds, exposed by the covid agenda.

As I have written many times, the Medical Council here continues to hound good doctors who stayed faithful to the foundations of their profession. They are hauling them before Tribunals and threatening licenses and subjecting them to kangaroo court hearings simply because these doctors refused to swallow the deadly party lines about covid measures and jabs. While watching the superb documentary film Epidemic of Fraud, I was reminded of the forest of lies, deceptions and deliberate harm that has characterized the covid world, emanating from institutions whose role is ostensibly the protection of the public.


Censorship, surveillance, the demolition of human autonomy and national integrity, the fostering of fear associated with still further ‘pandemics’ and/or a phony climate crisis, the centralization of global authority with far-reaching trans-national powers to curtail our activities — these speak very clearly of a coordinated global group. It is an abiding disgrace that so many of the Left-leaning friends of my pre-covid past so willingly embrace submission to the perverted ideals of this global group.

But the solutions, despite the massive threat, are relatively simple.

  1. ensure the integrity of our vote via paper ballots and, in America, on one election day
  2. respect national boundaries and histories and cultivate a diversity of nations like the diversity of flowers in a blooming and well-tended garden — the age of abysmal national warfare is over, and the answer is not in the demolition of nations, but in the easy coexistence of same. A real and generous love of country — patriotism — is not the refuge of a scoundrel.
  3. Do not allow fear to cower us. Accept the reality of death, which will come no matter what.
  4. Fight against any and every attempt to impose medical or other treatments upon us — in the here and now, on the street, as well as in the Parliaments and Congresses of the world. Refuse to wear a mask. Refuse to get a jab if you wish.
  5. Ignore, defund and dismantle those institutions that have betrayed our trust. I have counselled doctors here who are in the cross-hairs of the Medical Council that now is the time to speak out, clearly, bravely, simply, about the illegitimate witch hunt against them, rather than believe that silence will earn them a pat on the head for their day in court — guess what, it won’t.

I believe that as America goes so goes the world. If that great but flawed country is allowed to be undone by a treasonous Deep State — itself part of the global group of sinister war-mongering power-mad sociopaths — then our road will be much, much rougher.

I am however rather optimistic. Had it not been for these last four years I would never have known the limitless depth and breadth of the corruption that has corroded virtually every aspect of our created societies and governments. Many of us are now enlightened, and with this enlightenment and knowledge, and with the true spirit of the demos — the people — we will indeed create a better world than the rank one which we have, somewhat complacently perhaps, inhabited.

I believe firmly that we have all the technological prowess necessary to solve every significant problem facing our global population: hunger, sustenance, healthcare, cooperation. The only thing standing in the way of a truly ‘good earth’ is something bred in the bone of mankind, a lurking evil which, when magnified and solidified in the construction of institutions, assumes an oppressive and dictatorial hegemony.

Now that we have been granted a glimpse of this, so utterly clear and irrefutable, we can counter it.


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