COVID-19 Vaccinated: Minor Surgeries Turned Deadly

COVID-19 Vaccinated: Minor Surgeries Turned Deadly

Dr. William Makis |

COVID-19 Vaccinated do extremely poorly with even the most minor surgeries – they tend to develop blood clots either during or shortly after the operation and these clots can be devastating and in many cases, FATAL.

This is happening with all COVID-19 Vaccines, not just the original “clot shots” which were AstraZeneca and J&J (and the reason they were pulled off the market).

I wrote an article about this on Sep. 15, 2023: “Minor surgeries turn deadly for the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated – 16 tragic stories” (click here)

According to WHO VigiAccess, 65% of COVID-19 Vaccine injured are WOMEN.

COVID-19 Vaccinated women are suffering blood clots after minor surgeries, which are commonly cosmetic surgeries, like the following example of a 21 year old London, UK resident Dellie Isla, who had a labiaplasty in April 2023 and within hours developed blood clots which required 3 emergency surgeries.

It’s one thing for a 70+ year old COVID-19 Vaccinated woman to die from blood clots after a shoulder surgery, like Nancy Crookston who died on Nov. 17, 2023. No one will think twice about such a case.

It’s an entirely different case for 21 year olds to die the same way.

Brazilian Musician MC Katia a Fiel had a minor surgery in July 2023 to remove a 5cm fibroid. She ended up with two leg amputations.

MC Katia was COVID-19 Vaccinated with one dose J&J Janssen:

On July 3, 2021 she wrote on Twitter: “For the love of God just stop talking about Vaccine side effects and go get vaccinated!!!!”

She had been very enthusiastic about the COVID-19 Vaccine for months.

A brief explanation of what happened in July 2023:


Sometimes you die at the start of a surgery like Carolyn Dixon from Charlotte, NC, did on Nov. 7, 2023.

(Note: The “Disinformation is Deadly” facebook badges in all 3 cases)

Of course, it’s happening to men as well. Here is a very routine surgery in a 20 year old baseball player for George Mason University (Fairfax, VA), Sang Ho Baek, which was fatal.

46 year old football coach Radford Dudoit, at Kalani High School, Hawaii had complications after heart surgery, losing both feet and his left hand. He died Feb. 1, 2024.


“May have been a blood clot from a surgery he had recently” – Constantino Frangos died Nov. 2023.


Where can we find evidence? UK government data.

522% increase in hematological disabilities in 2022 in the UK.

  • Blood clotting disorders +162%
  • platelet disorders +221%
  • Blood disorders +137%

This isn’t “Long COVID” which barely registers a small blip in 2020.

These are COVID-19 Vaccine Induced hematological disorders.

So what do you do if you’re COVID-19 Vaccinated and you need a surgery?

Avoid elective surgeries where possible.

Otherwise, inform your doctor of the significantly elevated risk of blood clots due to COVID-19 Vaccines.

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